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Stuff From Gary

Gary's gifts

Every ten years or so, my friend Gary in Ottawa sends me a box of gifts. Just out of the blue, and always quite fascinating.

One came the other day, and included:

A plastic alarm clock that looks like sticks of dynamite and which needs a battery.

A cassette that’s seen better days and might have Genesis on it.

A paragraph from a newspaper about how an underwater mountain in BC was destroyed in one of the largest non-nuclear controlled explosions.

A newspaper story from Jan. 16, 2012, after the Habs had just picked up Rene Bourque, and their recent success against the New York Rangers.

A clipping about the Habs drafting Dalton Thrower.

Two Montreal Canadiens 2011-12 pocket schedules.

A postcard of the old Ottawa tavern, the Elmdale House, along with a flyer listing the band lineup for July.

A 2012-13 Gatineau Olympiques pocket schedule.

Two beer receipts from a grocery store in Alymer, Que.

Four golf tees from Mountain Ridge golf course.

A hardcover book called Death of a Dissent, about the KGB, and which is quite interesting.

A pocket reading light.

A clipping about Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina, who was seen leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood dressed in a skimpy outfit.

A brochure about exotic spices.

A 2010 Journal de Montreal.

A tiny plastic Devils goalie stick from cereal.

A full page newspaper story about Paulina Gretzky sunbathing in a tropical location.

A 1997 Memorial Cup pocket schedule.

A Scotiabank hockey magazine.

An All-Star Weekend Ottawa Sun insert.

A 2005-06 Ottawa Senators Sun insert.

Beer prices advertisement from a grocery store.

Sidney Crosby Dempster’s Bakery card.

A Senators ad.

a Shania Twain photo of her  in her Habs outfit.

A Star Trek expired video card.





Be Strong, Shania

For future Habs bloggers out there, when you’re waiting for draft day to come and the next Gomez to go, when days are long and winds are warm, when you hear the Beach Boys on classic rock radio as you mow the lawn and think about beer but have to go to work soon, you can do this:

Put up a solid standby, like Shania Twain:

It’s quick, it’s easy, she wears nice clothes, she’s a Timmins girl, and she’s good lookin. Sadly and almost certainly though, she’d probably try and seduce me if we ever met but I’d have to tell her I’m a happily-married man and I’m sure she’d take it hard, like a Joe Frazier punch in the gut. It just wouldn’t be very good. So Shania, if you’re listening, we have to keep our distance although I know it would be practically impossible for you, as impossible as Bob Dylan singing La Boheme, or the Leafs kissing Lord Stanley’s mug.

Be strong, Shania. Forget about me. You’re better off with your husband. I can’t be tamed.

Great, Great Olympic Pictures. And Where I Work, Whether You Like It Or Not

I have to get these in because first of all, they’re amazingly beautiful. Secondly, they came out in the Boston Globe. And thirdly, the first picture is where I work, and I was working that morning when the torch went through.

Yes, yes, I know. This is a Habs blog. So I’ll just say this; almost everyone who works here – ticket agents, terminal attendants, deckhands, officers, catering crew, engineers, captains – are Vancouver Canucks fans. (Although a few hate hockey). I have no one to talk to about the Habs. That’s why you guys are so important.

The Boston Globe ran some incredibly beautiful pictures recently from the Olympics, including the one below which is where I work, at the Saltery Bay Ferry terminal. This picture was taken from the ferry.

They’re all right here, at Olympic photos. Have a look. Trust me, they’re unbelievable.