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Bring On The Fall Classic


Often I hear folks say they hate baseball and that’s fine. I couldn’t care less about NFL football, including the Super Bowl.

Since I was a kid I’ve loved baseball. Loved to play it, loved to watch it, loved to read about it. I was a big Dodgers fan during the Sandy Koufax, Don Drydale, Maury Wills days. Later on it became the Expos, and now it’s no team in particular.

Of course, loving baseball means loving World Series time, which is now. I can remember in grade 5 when my teacher let me bring my transistor radio to school when the Series was played during the day, and my job was to sit at the back of the class, quietly listen to the game, and as the score changed throughout, write it on the blackboard.

I’m cheering for the Giants over the Royals, even though the Giants were the enemy when I was a Dodgers fan. Kansas City might be a fine place, but San Francisco is my kind of town.

(25 years ago, 63 people died during a massive San Francisco earthquake, and it’s assumed a great deal more would have perished had it not been for Candlestick Park being full of baseball fans for game 3 of the ’89 World Series).

Have a look at  Mr. Ed (the talking horse) give hitting pointers to those L.A. Dodgers from my youth. Quite a horse, that Ed.

Darth Does A Devil

Darth has sent over a legendary Devil to join his super cool and ever-growing library.

This one is of a guy Darth says should’ve been a Hab. A Montreal boy whose dad was the Canadiens official photographer for many years.

Definitely, Martin Brodeur would have been a sensational fit for the Canadiens. He’s been playing since 1993 and so for the first three years he’d have to be elsewhere until Patrick Roy left in ’96, and then in a perfect world, the team would have had the future Hall of Famer all those years until young Carey Price  grew up and arrived on the scene.

Here’s Darth’s Martin Brodeur, along with his other Dartharians.



Old Habs fan




PK Subban 2





Binder Power

Baseball has its dog days of summer, but so does hockey. The Canadiens haven’t played a game since losing 6-1 to the Ottawa Senators on May 9 in the opening round of the playoffs, bowing out four games to one in the process.  If my math is right, that’s 64 days ago.

It’s been a long time, and it’ll be a while yet before the puck is dropped for real again. And I’ve never come to grips with losing the Expos. It still hurts, and I’ve tried to revert to my childhood team, the L.A. Dodgers, but without Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, it just hasn’t been the same.

So I go to my binders and start pulling stuff out.

My brother used to be the bass player in country singer Michelle Wright’s band. He and Michelle ended up living together and had a place in Nashville, although things, as they tend to do, came to an abrupt end and my brother now has a wife and daughter and moved on a long time ago from those days.

Michelle would sometimes send me things, and today I found this as I was going through old binders.





Darth’s Done Another!

Darth isn’t happy with his new piece of art, but I think it’s fantastic. If I wanted a picture of Carey Price that looked exactly like him, I’d buy a photograph.

I like this much better. And I love what he did with the crest in the background.

What a Darth library we have here!





Darth Serves Up Some DD

Darth’s newest masterpiece is David Desharnais, which now joins his ever-growing gallery of exceptional works of art. Darth is a very talented dude, and it’s always my pleasure to post his remarkable creations.

Desharnais’s a player who needs to pick things up a notch in this postseason. We need all hands on deck.




Game Day – And Darth Sends A Flyer

I really admire Darth. For the sake of his art, he’s strayed from Habs players (and Sandy Koufax), and ventured into enemy territory, with his latest being Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers.

I think it’s a tremendous job Darth has done of this talented Flyers power forward, and it’s a real nice library we’re building of Darth creations here.

It’s Habs and Flyers, tonight at the Bell.



Darth’s Newest!

Darth sends his newest creation, an image he describes as almost cartoony, of our great young rookie Alex Galchenyuk, and it fits in wonderfully with his previous works of art below it.

It’s always a good day when a Darth piece shows up, and of course his latest is just beautiful. The portfolio is growing nicely.