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Habs Lose Another

triple Crown

The Canadiens fired a season-high 45 shots at Kings’ goaltender Jonathan Quick, and not one of the little rubber bastards found the back of the net.

L.A. blanked the boys 3-0 at the Bell Centre, home of the first period Olé Olé song, which used to be sung near the end of things, when the team had the game under control

Now it’s sung near the start of things, when the guys hadn’t even scored a goal yet.

Why can’t a new song be found. What about Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over’? Or Nancy Sinatra’s (and Cher’s) ‘Bang Bang (you shot me down)’, with the lyrics changed to “we shot you down”.

Anything, actually. Anything but the tired old Olé.

Forty-five shots usually means a red light or two, but the Canadiens, now losers of seven of the last nine games, just couldn’t solve a tremendously quick Quick, although, without taking anything away from this fine Kings’ netminder, the Habs haven’t solved many goalies lately.

Eleven goals scored in seven games. Even the Canadian Armed Forces has more firepower.

Random Notes:

Maybe Steven Stamkos or Ryan Johansen will come riding in on a big white horse.

The boys now embark on a big honkin’ eight-game road trip that spans almost three weeks, although interrupted for Christmas in the middle of it.

This seriously difficult stretch against some mighty fine teams begins in Dallas on Saturday and Nashville Monday. I just don’t have the heart to list them all.

Aside from Thursday 45 shots, other big shot nights included 42 against Ottawa last Saturday, along with 40 against Colorado in November and 41 when Detroit visited back in October.

Also in October, Toronto peppered 52 at Carey Price, but the Habs beat the Buds 5-3 anyway.



It Was Fifty Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. The first time most kids and parents in North America had seen them.

How time flies. I was 13. A skinny kid who played hockey, went to church, listened to Roy Orbison and Elvis on my little red transistor radio, and dreamed of playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

Then the Beatles came along and pretty soon I was growing my hair, dancing and smoking, and wanting to do more than just holding hands.

I won’t blame them for killing my dream of playing for the Habs, although I should. It just never helped when I’d skate down the right side with the puck in an important game, singing Beatles songs under my breath as I went.

Didn’t help one bit. Lack of focus.

I was as impressionable as can be, and the Beatles left a lasting impression.

It was a big moment in my life. Fifty years ago today.



Head Hardening

Luci mailed a box of blankets and and other unimportant things so she wouldn’t have to carry them on the plane at the end of next month, and she included the only two things I asked for and which are far more important than blankets – my Bob Dylan “One Direction Home” DVD, and my 1950s Habs helmet, which, as you can see, wouldn’t prevent too many cracked skulls.

Heads were harder back then, not like the soft pussy heads kids have now. Kids in the ’50s had hard heads toughened up from teacher’s rulers being cracked over them, errant road hockey sticks, backhands from frustrated teacher nuns, blows from falling out of trees, attacks from wild animals who thought your coonskin hat was alive, and ramming into schoolyard walls when picking up “closest to the wall” hockey cards.

But this is all old talk. I’m a modern guy, not someone who lives in the past. Oops, my Beatles record has finished. Time to put on some Roy Orbison.

Only 35 more days. Leafs and Habs.

helmet 1

helmet 2

helmet 3

helmet 4

Roy, Robinson, Gretzky, Messier – In Ottawa

On Friday, September 19, 1986, the Montreal Canadiens played an exhibition game against the Edmonton Oilers at the Ottawa Civic Centre.  I lived in Ottawa at the time but sometimes, as was the case here, real life gets in the way and I had to work and couldn’t go. Just like the time I had a couple of front row seats for Roy Orbison at the National Arts Centre and was out on a truck run, got back late, and missed that too.

But my buddy Frank and his son Robin went to this Habs-Oilers clash, and brought me back a program.

This was a charity event for the Canadian Cystric Fibrosis Foundation, and two beauty teams went at it that night. Montreal had won the Stanley Cup that previous spring, and boasted Patrick Roy in nets, along with guys like Bobby Smith, Larry Robinson, Guy Carbonneau, Bob Gainey, Chris Chelios, and Stephane Richer.

The Oilers were pretty well in a class by themselves. They had won the two previous Cups, in 1984 and 1985, and the two after, in 1987 and `88, with a lineup of Wayne Gretzky, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey, Glenn Anderson, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri etc.

Edmonton won the game that night 8-3, so maybe it was good that I missed it.