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Tragic End For Ross Lowe

This is number two of the three Bee Hives I found on eBay recently, with only one left to go to complete the 73-player Group 2 set. The first of the trio, that I posted last week, was Doc Couture. And now today – Ross Lowe.

Ross Lowe was a defenceman who came over to the Habs from Boston in a 1951 trade which sent Hal Laycoe to Beantown. Laycoe would later become synonymous with the infamous Richard Riot in 1955 when he belted the Rocket over the head with his stick, which led to Richard punching linesman Cliff Thompson and getting the boot for the final three games of the season, plus all of the playoffs.

But that’s getting off the subject.

Lowe would play two playoff games with the Habs in the spring of ’51, and then 31 regular season games during the 1951-52 season when he would tally one goal and five assists.

After three years in the minors following his brief Montreal stint, Lowe would be offered a tryout with the New York Rangers, but it wasn’t to be. He drowned in Lake Haliburton, which is north-east of Orillia, in the summer of ’55 while vacationing with his family.

R. Lowe


Eddie Litzenberger Didn’t Dazzle In Montreal

This is Ed Litzenberger, a player I always associated with the Chicago Blackhawks and Toronto Maple Leafs. But here he is in a Bee Hive photo wearing a Habs uniform. Litzenberger was a Hab for 34 games between 1952 and 1955, scoring 8 goals and adding 4 assists during this time. He went on to play seven seasons in Chicago, one in Detroit, and three in Toronto after that.

Litzenberger also has a Bee Hive in both a Hawks and Leafs uniform.

As you may know, I collect Habs Bee Hive photos from group 2, which are those from 1944 to 1964. There are 77 in this set, and I’m missing just nine. These would be Tod Campeau, Murph Chamberlain, Gerry Couture, Eddie Dorohoy, John Hanna, Vern Kaiser, Ross Lowe, John McCormack, and George Robertson. They’re all tough to find.