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Bring On The Season!


I’ve forgotten about  preseason already. Was only mildly interested. Didn’t even care about the final scores.

I guess I’m a pretty bad Habs fan.

I realize that RDS Habs games were blacked out in parts of the country, but they were shown here in good old isolated Powell River, and if I’m allowed to bitch about one thing because it’s my birthday and I’m old and cranky, I have to say once again that RDS places their cameras way too high at the rinks.

It’s like sitting in the nosebleeds.

That’s my bitch, and not much of one either. Maybe it’s my eyes.

I’ve been paying attention to those wild and crazy Toronto Blue Jays, though. Love this team. A bonafide Murderers’ Row with Donaldson, Bautista, and Encarnacion and a more-than-impressive supporting cast. A team that just might win it all. Them and the Canadiens.

Love the Jays and love Montreal’s new/old laced-neck sweaters. Also love that no one got hurt in preseason and Max is healed and ready to wear the C in games where you get two points.

Nice to see 10-year NHL veteran left winger Tomas Fleischmann sign a one-year contract with the club, and not great to see that Zack Kassian was injured in an early morning car accident when he was in a truck driven by a 20-year old woman and they ran into a tree. In cases like this, the tree pretty well always wins.

Just thankful Kassian appears to be fine. And yes, when I was 24, like Kassian, I was often up all night on Saturday nights too. But my boss wasn’t paying me two million dollars a year. The team doesn’t need the big fellow running into trees.

Guy Lafleur hit a telephone post or two during his career, but anyway.

Now we wait for Wednesday when the boys suit up in Toronto. Then it’s on to Boston on Saturday, Ottawa Sunday, and Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Four road games to kick off the 2015-16 season. Early trips are good for bonding, but teams opening at home will be hoping to impress their fans. So the Canadiens have their work cut out for them.

But it’s only Toronto, Boston, Ottawa and Pittsburgh, so I don’t see the problem.

(Photo sent from my friend Don McIsaac and cartoon from my friend Jez Golbez)

Cam Cardow; Editorial Cartoon; Leafs fan; bridge; suicide; jumping;
Cam Cardow; Editorial Cartoon; Leafs fan; bridge; suicide; jumping;

Signing The Rogers/RDS Petition

Habs fans have been able to watch the team for all 82 games over the past years, thanks to French-language RDS covering them.

It’s been fantastic, something folks are used to, and a great way to learn some French at the same time.

“Et le but!!!”

Now it seems that because of a Rogers executive decision, RDS will be blacked out in homes west of Quebec, which is a catastrophe of epic proportions. It’s like a cruel joke. Heartless and cold.

So it’s time to sign a petition, which you can do by clicking here No Habs Blackout.

Thanks to Christopher van Dyke in Surrey, B.C. for taking the bull by the horns on this. Habs fans are getting the shaft and the problem needs to be fixed. It’s not too late.


Only 5.2 Billion

The big news of course is Rogers (Sportsnet) buying the TV rights for hockey games across Canada for the next twelve years, including four years and beyond of Hockey Night in Canada. For 5.2 billion dollars.

CBC will still do the games, but Rogers collects money other ways. Whether or not Don Cherry and Ron MacLean continue remains to be seen. It’ll be up to the Rogers people but I’m guessing they will be. Love ’em or hate ’em, people still watch.

If Cherry stays, I’m hoping Hazel Mae replaces MacLean.

As they were saying on Prime Time Sports, this is a great thing, this massive deal. Hockey Night in Canada could have died if Rogers didn’t do this. CBC’s taxpayer dollars can’t handle 5.2 billion.

The big question is, will Habs fans see every Habs game like now? What about RDS? Can I get TVA? Where will certain broadcasters go? Will PJ Stock and Glenn Healy have to send their wives back to work?

I grew up with Hockey Night in Canada. It’s important to me.






Habs 2012-13 Schedule

RDS seems to have come up with the Habs schedule. An English version from anywhere doesn’t seem to be out just yet.

Les 24 parties locales

Samedi 19 janvier: contre les Maple Leafs de Toronto
Mardi 22 janvier: contre les Panthers de la Floride
Dimanche 27 janvier: contre les Devils du New Jersey
Mardi 29 janvier: contre les Jets de Winnipeg
Samedi 2 février: contre les Sabres de Buffalo
Dimanche 3 février: contre les Sénateurs d’Ottawa
Mercredi 6 février: contre les Bruins de Boston
Samedi 9 février: contre les Maple Leafs de Toronto
Samedi 16 février: contre les Flyers de Philadelphie
Lundi 18 février: contre les Hurricanes de la Caroline
Jeudi 21 février: contre les Islanders de New York
Samedi 23 février: contre les Rangers de New York
Samedi 2 mars: contre les Penguins de Pittsburgh
Mercredi 13 mars: contre les Sénateurs d’Ottawa
Mardi 19 mars: contre les Sabres de Buffalo
Samedi 23 mars: contre les Sabres de Buffalo
Samedi 30 mars: contre les Rangers de New York
Lundi 1er avril: contre les Hurricanes de la Caroline
Jeudi 4 avril: contre les Jets de Winnipeg
Samedi 6 avril: contre les Bruins de Boston
Mardi 9 avril: contre les Capitals de Washington
Lundi 15 avril: contre les Flyers de Philadelphie
Jeudi 18 avril: contre le Lightning de Tampa Bay
Samedi 20 avril: contre les Capitals de Washington

Les 24 parties à l’étranger

Jeudi 24 janvier: à Washington
Mercredi 30 janvier: à Ottawa
Jeudi 7 février: à Buffalo
Mardi 12 février: à Tampa Bay
Jeudi 14 février : en Floride
Mercredi 20 février: À NY Rangers
Lundi 25 février: à Ottawa
Mercredi 27 février: à Toronto
Dimanche 3 mars: à Boston
Mardi 5 mars: à NY Islanders
Jeudi 7 mars: en Caroline
Samedi 9 mars: à Tampa Bay
Dimanche 10 mars : en Floride
Samedi 16 mars: au New Jersey
Jeudi 21 mars: à NY Islanders
Mardi 26 mars: à Pittsburgh
Mercredi 27 mars: à Boston
Mercredi 3 avril: à Philadelphie
Jeudi 11 avril: à Buffalo
Samedi 13 avril: à Toronto
Mercredi 17 avril: à Pittsburgh
Mardi 23 avril: à New Jersey
Jeudi 25 avril: à Winnipeg
Samei 27 avril: à Toronto

Only The Beginning

Hockey fans need to be more than a little concerned about the state of things. Will we have hockey this fall? There’s a good chance we won’t.

The Canadian Press is reporting this:

The NHL has made the first move in labour negotiations with its union.

Two media outlets reported Friday night that the league has made an initial offer to the NHL Players’ Association with several major changes to the current collective bargaining agreement.

RDS.ca posted details of the proposal, including a reduction of players’ hockey-related revenues from 57 per cent to 46 per cent.

Renaud Lavoie, a journalist with RDS, also reports that players would need to wait 10 seasons before becoming unrestricted free agents and that contracts would be limited to a maximum of five years.

The RDS story also says that the NHL’s proposal would bring an end to salary arbitration and that entry-level contracts would be five years instead of three as they are under the current CBA.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post also tweeted that the NHL’s proposal would eliminate signing bonuses on future contracts and mandate that all future deals have an equal value for every year of the contract.

“NHL proposal amounts to Declaration of War against NHLPA,” added Brooks in a separate tweet.

Inexcusable Mess In Montreal

Dallas 3, Montreal 0. There you go. Not even a goal. The fat lady is gargling.

It just doesn’t get any more depressing, this whole season, and when you look at the words of the assistant coach, you see a problem that can’t be fixed with the flick of a switch.

It was Randy Ladouceur explaining in just a few sentences, exactly what’s wrong with the Montreal Canadiens. Ladouceur, in speaking with RDS’s Marc Denis, said the team was outworked by Dallas, and weren’t getting to pucks first.

Outworked – in a crucial game, when a loss cannot happen. Dallas needed the game to move closer to a playoff spot in the west. Montreal needed the game to move closer to a playoff spot in the east. And Dallas outworked them.

How is that the Montreal Canadiens allow other teams to outwork them? How can it be? With so much on the line, with points and pride at stake, they come out and play as they have on so many nights this year, without drive and passion. Outworked.

To me it’s more than a flawed system, or underachieving, or weaknesses on the blueline. It’s more than Scott Gomez doing nothing, although that’s what he does on most nights. It’s more than overpaid floaters and ill-timed penalties and a pathetic power play. If a team is outworked, it’s because of lack of leadership, lack of hunger, and lack of will. So it has to be the failure of the coach, and the alternate captains, and Brian Gionta in civvies being in the room with them. There’s no real leader, and if you dispute that, then tell me why they are outworked by others.

This team being outworked is probably the worst thing we can hear. It means they don’t care as much as they should, don’t want to bust their balls and play like they’ve never played before to give it one big shot to try and reach a playoff spot. But they’ve been outworked, and this word is an obscenity to me and should be to all good Habs fans.

We’ve invested our hearts and souls and dollar bills in them, and they can’t even outwork the other team.

What a disgrace to see this, what a reminder from the mouth of Ladouceur that this team should be ashamed of themselves, because along with letting us down, they’ve let themselves down. And there’s nothing worse than a team wearing the CH to give up, go through the motions, and play like pussies.

What a sorry lot. Outworked. Imagine.


Goon Coming Soon

From RDS comes the French trailer, and then from somewhere else, the English version, both via that helpful Hollywood hipster Danno, a preview of a new hockey movie set to be released in March of 2012..

It’s called “Goon,” which needs no explanation. (No, it’s not a documentary on the Boston Bruins).

Journal de Montreal calls it “The next Slapshot.”

I call it “Rock ’em, Sock ’em hockey.” Oh wait, that’s already taken.

Here’s the English trailer:

And here’s the dubbed French version, which shows different scenes than the English version:

A Couple Of Things

Last night in writing my game post, I made a couple of spelling errors which have since been corrected. I apologize for this, I hate when this happens, and all I can say is I’m suffering through another eye infection and my eyesight isn’t normal at the moment. I had hurried through it because I was feeling uncomfortable. But regardless, mistakes shouldn’t happen and it hurts me when I go back and notice.

I see once again CBC is going with the Leafs-Bruins game in most parts of the country, including where I live. So even though my first language is English and it would’ve been nice to see the Habs and Blueshirts in a language I understand, I’m still jumping for joy because I don’t have to listen to the talking heads that show up on CBC and spout their slanted stupidity. I’m perfectly fine and content with the excellent French RDS production, although I miss a lot of what they’re saying as they analyse. But at least I’m not swayed in any way.

Watching The Game

4:25 pm Pacific – Only a few silent swear words about the game not being on in English where I live. Then I remembered I don’t have to listen to people like Glenn Healy and Mike Milbury, and now I’m happy. Maybe even do a couple of handstands if I could. Plus, I like RDS’s Pierre Houde, who seems like a good guy. Reminds me of a French Ricardo Montalban.

4:29 pm – Explained to my wife that if the Habs win, Carey Price we’ll be one of the youngest goalies ever to hit the 100 wins mark. She smiled and her eyes glazed over. I think she has the hots for Carey.

4:35 pm – The Flames are in town and it should be interesting. Not to see the Flames, of course. They’re just another team in a long list of teams trying to beat my team. No, it’s about how the Habs will play against them. Will the special teams look good? Will anyone get injured? Will Scott Gomez score? Will RDS cameras show any cleavage in the stands?

4:37 pm – Big introduction as it’s opening night in Montreal. Perry Pearn was the only coach who smiled, and Jacques Martin got fair applause. And there’s the flag kids skating around. I was rejected for this job too.

4:40 pm – Players introduced. It warms my heart, as it does every year. Lucy thinks Raphael Diaz is handsome. PK, Max, and Carey get the loudest cheers from the Bell faithful, and I have a warm glow right now as I see the team. And there’s Mr. Beliveau at his seat, looking good.

4:51 pm – I find the overhead cameras at the Bell too high. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m high.

4:53 pm – 1-0 Habs!!! Max on a two on one looked to miss the net on purpose, and Andrei Kostitsyn buried it. Yea!!! We need another.

4:57 pm – Flames hooking penalty. C’mon power play.

4:59 pm – Big shots from the point from PK and Weber. Then a penalty to Darche . %$#&^

5:02 pm – Flames score on the power play. &*%*$. I need beer.

5:09 – Another Habs penalty. Gionta for high sticking. Either the Canadiens have to get a little more disciplined, or the ref’s a commie bastard.

5:13  – Puck ricoched off a couple of players, picked up by the enemy, and it’s now 2-1 Cowtowners. Grrr.

5:18 – 3-1. I have no words. And shortly after, they almost scored again. What’s going on? (Insert several nasty swear words here).

5:22 – I’m expecting Scott Gomez to score any month now.

5:25 – Calgary almost scored again. It could be 5-1 now.  We need this period over with.

5:27 – Siren goes to end the first. Penalties, one by Darche and two by Gionta, gave the Flames life and sucked some life out of the gang. Lars Eller is back in the lineup for what it’s worth. And from what I see from my TV, there are too many Habs’names not being called by Pierre Houde. I’m waiting for Plekanec and Gomez to arrive. I saw them introduced and then they went away. Maybe they ate some bad shrimp and have been in the toilet for the last 45 minutes.

Intermission babble. Brent Sutter, coach of the Flames, is, of course, one of six brothers who played in the NHL. A seventh brother won a million bucks in a lottery.

Period Two: The “Don’t Take Too Many Penalties” period.

5:59 – Sorry for the delay. I had to re-boot my computer. I’d actually like to take the boots to it.  Habs on the power play and almost let the Flames walk in twice during. Kiprusoff just hasn’t had to work hard enough in my book and I’m really beginning to get pissed off about things.

6:04 – This game reminds me of the outdoor one in Calgary last year when the Habs made the Flames look like a true powerhouse, even though the Calgarians wouldn’t make the playoffs later on. And Rene Bourque, who helped kill the Habs in that game, has scored tonight.

6:07 – 4-1 Calgary. Montreal let them have their way and I need some drugs.

6:11 – Price almost shot it in his own net after playing with it for a second. Life sucks. Fire the coach. Blame Subban.

6:15 – Good pressure by the Habs and a penalty to Calgary. One goal and it all changes.

6:17 – Action around the net. Kill the bastards.

6:18 – Period over. Close but no cigar just yet. Okay, it wasn’t that close, but a few chances were had, which is better than normal.

Intermisson babble: If you wrap bacon around a pork roast while it’s in the oven, it’s really good but you’ll burn your hand.

The Final Frame:

6:37 – Of course. Hal Gill wraps his arms around somebody and hauls him down, thus deserving two minutes in the sin bin. I have no patience for this sort of thing.

6:41- Nice play by Eller with a little toe drag, but the reality is, most NHL goalies will stop a shot from far out like that with no problem whatsoever.

6:51 – PK hauled down in what is an obvious penalty. Oh. It’s not called. How come?

6:53 – Flames get a penalty and also a two-on-one break. Didn’t score though, if it’s any consolation.

6:57 – Fans starting to leave. Geez, they’re going to miss the big miracle comeback.

7:10 –  Game deodorant. That’s what we used to say when we were kids when a game was over. Game deodorant. I don’t know why. It’s kind of stupid. But somehow it seems fitting here.

Three Stars –

Calgary Flames, Flag kids, Jean Beliveau






Lacing Up For Tonight

When you play eight games in twelve nights as the Habs are doing, it’s a good thing you have lots of players ready to suit up.

It just means that sometimes, the lineup might not be the strongest you’ll ever see. Very soon though, things will begin to take shape.

From RDS’s Renaud Lavoie via Twitter, the starting lineup for Habs tonight vs Sens @ Bell Centre

Forwards: Cammalleri, Plekanek, Gionta, Moen, Dumont, Schultz, DeSimone, Trotter, Palushaj, Archambault, Massé, Lefebvre

Dmen: Spacek, Woywitka, Gorges, Mitera, Beaulieu, St-Denis

Goaltenders: Price & Budaj.

P.K. may or may not be in the lineup depending on how he feels after hurting himself slightly while lifting weights.

Game is televised on RDS at 7:00 PM Eastern