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Habs Senatized


I downloaded a free app called Fresh Paint and the picture above is my first stab at it after being confused for several days.

I painted the cross, not the Sens logo of course, plus that little red blob over on the right which was an accident.

I feel the red blob somehow represents Mark Stone, on the outside looking in, currently sitting out a two-game suspension for a hit to the head of Detroit’s Landon Ferraro, and who is probably still recovering from his near-death experience when the evil PK Subban tapped him on the wrist last year.

A trooper, that’s what he is.

I’ll bet Landon’s pop Ray Ferraro  wouldn’t mind tapping this trooper.

Canadiens fell 2-1 in overtime to the visiting Ottawa Senators, although they carried most of the play and outshot the obnoxious pricks 37-27.

But it wasn’t to be as Max and Tomas Plekanec were caught during the newly installed three on three overtime, leaving Jeff Petry to fend off three oncoming Sens, and that was that. Bam. Kyle Turris ended it just 34 seconds in.

This loss is just the Canadiens third of the season, Michael Condon’s first in his five starts, and the first game to go beyond regulation time for the boys. It’s a loss but not something to lose sleep over. They played well, but Craig Anderson, between the pipes for the Sens, did too.

Now it’s time to focus on the N.Y. Islanders, who check into the Bell on Thursday.

In my world, a loss isn’t a disaster, but another after that is getting there, and another after that sucks to kingdom come.

So we need a win on Thursday to avoid all that.

Random Notes:

Dale Weise, with his seventh of the year, scored Montreal’s lone goal. Weise is now tied with Max for goals scored.

Montreal’s power play went 1/3. They also gave up a shorthanded goal to J-G Pageau in the second frame which opened the scoring.

Lars Eller, I felt, played a fine game.

A Habs goal was called back in the first period when referee (and Habs nemesis) Chris Lee ruled that Brendan Gallagher interfered with Anderson in the crease. It was looked at, and the call stood.

I, however, disagree.

Habs Cheerleading

I’m sick of hearing about Henrik Lundqvist and I agree with P.K. Subban when he says Lundqvist has been good but also lucky.

We need a few breaks around this guy’s crease. He’s not superman. A goal here and there, the odd very weak one, and the attitude changes drastically. The Canadiens would realize he can be solved, and the Rangers would become not quite as comfortable when the puck is in their end.

And then there’s his hair and fashion sense people go on about. Stop talking about that. I’ve got a truly cool part on the back of my head where’s there’s room to paint or tattoo a CH on. Having great hair is overrated.

Donald Trump has lots of groomed hair and look how hideous he is.

How hard is it to be a zillionaire living in Manhattan and dress nice? I’d have an incredible collection of plaid shirts, I can assure you.

Even TSN analyst Ray Ferraro was saying yesterday that his wife was drooling over the guy when she saw him on TV. Hell, earlier this year when Lundqvist was on I pointed him out to Lucy and told her this was the guy all the ladies like. She said she didn’t know why and I was more handsome!

I’m sick of hearing about this guy. Light the lamp behind him. Crash into him. Hurt and embarrass him. Have a shot break his mask, smash his face, and turn him into a Brad Marchand look-alike.

It’s all about this so-called “King” freaking Henrik and there’s only one way the madness can stop. Start bulging the twine behind him.  C’mon Vanek and gang. Shoot and plunder.

And while your at it, get nastier. This isn’t Woodstock. Butt end Kreider in the gonads. Smash Brad Richards through the boards and out onto 7th Avenue.

Win tonight and the series can be yours. Send this “King” and his overachieving subjects to the gallows. Off with his groomed head.



Amazing Canadiens Find A Way

It’s hard to know how to begin. I’m still in a big of a daze after seeing how the latest Habs and Bruins affair transpired. It’s all quite unbelievable, and because I’ve now turned the dial to the blues channel, I can’t hear the many excuses Bruins coach Claude Julien will come up with as to why his team blew a game to a resilient and crazy bunch of boys from the north country.

Habs 6, Bruins 5 in a shootout, a gunfight at the O.K. Corral, with the Canadiens coming from behind in dramatic fashion and finally, after the sixth round of the shootout, giving themselves two big points and leaving the Bruins muttering and cursing and eating ticks or whatever they do. Not a picture-perfect win, but one of the most satisfying of the season.

Montreal had jumped out to a two-goal lead thanks to Michael Ryder and P.K. Subban, but the Bruins began to dominate the second period and scored four times. I was ready to begin a dismal and depressing obituary. Throw in the towel. Talk about how Bob’s your uncle. But then the puck was dropped for the third period.

It began with Carey Price on the bench and Peter Budaj in goal, and early on, Ryder, with his second of the game, made it 4-3. But Boston once again stuck daggers in by scoring to bring it to 5-3. It seemed over. The Bruins were playing well and getting big chances, but wouldn’t you know it, Peter Budaj came up big time after time, and suddenly, Brendan Gallagher bulged the twine, it was a 5-4 game, and there was hope.

There sure was. Andrei Markov tied the game with nine seconds remaining and a Bruin in the penalty box, and the boys ended up doing what many surely hadn’t expected. They had rebounded in surprising fashion, had tied the game, taken it to overtime, and won it in the shootout when Brendan Gallagher came through again.

In a warm and fuzzy way, it reminds me of the Don Cherry/too many men penalty when the Canadiens came back from almost sure-defeat to beat the Beantowners. They hate us down there and tonight gives them yet another reason to do so. It’s just such a feel-good moment.

We can only imagine the crying from Bruins fans near and far. I wish I had a big stogie I could light up to celebrate their anguish.

What a night. And to think I’d almost given up on these wild and wacky Montreal Canadiens.

Random Notes:

Boston outshot Montreal 41-28.

Peter Budaj was sensational after coming in from the bullpen for the third period and beyond. He stopped 14 of 15 shots, and looked cool as can be in the shootout. There’s not a better example of a backup goalie earning his money as what we saw from Budaj tonight.

P.K. Subban, especially in the first half, was in full control and showed why he’s one of the best, if not THE best. It was nice that he was booed whenever he touched the puck, so I’d like to give a big shout out to Bruins fans for doing this. And I found it funny when TSN announcer Ray Ferraro said Subban COULD be an all-star. What, he’s not there yet?

The Canadiens were solid in Pittsburgh, although they lost 1-0, and grabbed two points the next night in Boston. It’s all just good for the soul.

Rangers in town on Saturday.

The message is sent loud and clear to other teams and the media. The Canadiens need to be mentioned in the same breath as any other serious contender.

Following the shootout, Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask had a bit of a meltdown which is really funny. We love Bruins meltdowns.
Here it is, via Danno. Poor Rask!




A Blanking Of The Canes

So many good things on a night when the Habs win a convincing 4-0 game over the Carolina Hurricanes. I just need to list them while the giddiness lingers.

Montreal took advantage of a flat and disoriented Carolina team and scored four big ones.

Carey Price notched his first shutout of the season, and Montreal scored a rare power play goal as Yannick Weber fired one home.

Frederic St-Denis, in his very first NHL game, played well and even managed to get himself on the stats sheet, albeit for two penalties. He carried himself well and his family must be very proud.

PK Subban scored his first of the year and came through as a blueline leader, just when we needed him to.

Travis Moen added his sixth of the season, and if he keeps this up, I’m going to start saying I told you so.

And finally, and I want you to take a deep breath – Scott Gomez had an assist. And you know what that means? It means Gomez manages to stay ahead of Carey Price in the points department. Gomez has two points, Price, with an assist on Mike Cammalleri’s goal which opened the scoring, remains one behind Gomez.

What a race. Can Price catch Gomez? Or can Gomez continue this torrid pace and leave Price in the dust?

Yes, Carolina is out-of-sorts presently, but we don’t care. Imagine if this out-of-sorts team had won the game? It could have been as low as Montreal could sink. But instead, the Canadiens were solid, and they were so without backenders Jaraslav Spacek, Hal Gill, Chris Campoli, and of course Andrei Markov.

TSN colour guy Ray Ferraro called PK a veteran, and I suppose on this night he was, even though he was a fresh-faced rookie just a year ago. It was PK and Josh Gorges as the mainstays on defence, with St-Denis and Raphael Diaz, Yannick Weber, and especially Alexei Emelin, who bumped and thumped and definitely adds a nice, new dimension to the Canadiens. Old-time bodychecks. A Russian Bobby Baun. And like Baun, he hurts people in mostly a clean way.

If Jacques Martin sees fit to give this Russian regular minutes on a regular basis, I see an important guy in the lineup. Because there’s nothing like a heavy hitter on a smallish team.

Now it’s off to Long Island for a Thursday night tilt against the Islanders. Such a roller coaster ride we’re on with this Habs team. And such drama with the Price/Gomez points race.

Random notes:

Habs outshot the visitors 36-25.

The boys are a hair from a playoff spot, tied with New Jersey who hold down 8th, but Montreal has played one more game so they sit in 9th. For a few minutes at least, they owned that 8th spot.