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Continuing Along That Path…….

It began again yesterday – Battered and Bruised – after a two year absence, and it continues today.

My Habs scrapbook, put together by my dad and I when I was young.

And again, the photos enlarge when clicked on.


Dandy Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremonies have wrapped up in London without rain and other more serious party-poopers we don’t need to talk about, and it was a dazzling extravaganza indeed. So much to see and absorb. I just think it would have been even better if Ozzy Osbourne had shown up and faked biting the head off a peace dove.

From Shakespeare through the Industrial Revolution, to Mary Poppins, Peter Pan and teen love and texting. From Mr. Bean being silly with the London Symphony Orchestra to James Bond (Daniel Craig) making his way to the Palace to take Queen Elizabeth parachuting (sort of) from a helicopter. With the whole massive spectacle wrapping up with Paul McCartney warbling Hey Jude.

Paul McCartney still has as much hair as he did in 1964.

The British should be proud. It was terrific. Forget the fact that it’s only going to cost a hundred thousand gazillion dollars. Just borrow it from Simon Cowell.

Maybe I’m just a sentimental fool, but I felt warm and fuzzy many times during this marathon. When the Irish strolled out, dressed in green and looking every inch the happy, crazy souls they can be. When small countries I’ve never heard of, boasting just a couple of lonely but proud athletes, came marching out, joining those having females participating for the first time (Brunei, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia).

And the Canadians, looking terrific as usual in their red and white. Almost as terrific as the female athletes, from, was it Belgium?, who wore slightly low-cut numbers.

And I could’ve sworn I saw Maria Sharapova, the gorgeous Russian flag-bearer, mouth the words “Dennis, I want you” as she led her contingent onto the field.

It was also said that the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) have come up with 150,000 condoms for participants, most of which will probably be used by performers Arctic Monkeys and the guys from McCartney’s band. And the Irish of course.

Way to go, British folks, you gave us a big-time show. Now the running, jumping, and condom-using begins.

Denis Brel Sends Another

Aother wizardly creation from my terrific stepson in St. Petersburg, Russia – Denis Brel. This guy has so much talent that if he lived in North America or Western Europe he’d be so successful I’d almost certainly be borrowing money from him right now.

He’s sent me stuff before – the Queen and Barack Obama wearing Habs sweaters, Obama behind the Montreal bench, Jacques Martin lounging shirtless on a couch, Bobby Orr wishing he was a Hab, and the photo for my site over on the right-hand side of the page – the one with the Jacques Plante mask. He sent great pictures of a KHL game he was at, a scouting report on Alexei Emelin, and also created an amazing comic book years ago that I think he continues to update.

It’s great. I say, hey Denis, can you please put Bobby Orr in a Habs uniform for me, and soon after it shows up. Perfect!

Denis, his wife Natasha, daughter Anastasia, and Denis’ brother Maksim have just finished the process of doing the endless paperwork to visit us for a month next April for my wife’s birthday. It’s all in the hands of the Canadian government now, who have to the power to say yes or no to this important visit.

This is a fine fellow with a beautiful family, with a mom who misses them very much. We need the government to say yes.



As The Scrapbook Turns – Part Three

Part three of the old scrapbook deals with newspaper clippings about the Rocket, plus Bernie Geoffrion and wife Marlene, and all the usual suspects – Toe Blake, Charlie Hodge, Pocket Rocket, Jean Beliveau, Tom Johnson, Habs in baseball uniforms, Rocket and son Normand, (who I’ve been eternally envious of), the Rocket meeting the Queen, him in a convertible in Czechoslovakia, and all the other little things that you can enlarge by double-clicking on the photos.

Parts 1 and 2 can be found by either scrolling down or going over to “Categories” on the right side and finding “The Old Scrapbook.”


The Continuing Saga Of Lizzie The Hockey Chick

Yes indeed, more evidence that the Queen is a hockey groupie. Forget polo and fox hunting, she wants big goals and hard hitting. In this photo, Elizabeth, still a princess at the time, tells Leafs’ Teeder Kennedy he’s got to get the puck out of his zone faster and use the boards more. The great Hall of Famer and Leafs captain Ted ‘Teeder’ Kennedy passed away just recently, on August 14, 2009.

You can see all the puck bunny Queen stuff right here;
Rocket And Mrs. Rocket Greet The Queen
The Queen Loves Hockey
The Queen’s a Habs’ Fan


Forget Polo and Fox Hunting. The Queen Loves Hockey

After seeing in my previous post the photo of the Queen as a Habs fan, Kevin at Ya! The Habs Rule.com sent me this. Maybe I have some kind of sixth sense.

The queen? A puckhead? Who knew!
Burnside By Scott Burnside

LONDON — So, Erik Janssen was at Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth II came up to him started talking about hockey and the NHL. In fact, the queen got so wound up talking about the game, she touched Janssen on the wrist — twice. Seriously. The queen of England, a puckhead. Who knew?

 When Janssen, a local sports TV producer for a network in London that broadcasts live NHL, Major League Baseball, NFL and NBA games, tells this story, there is generally one response.

 “Usually people say, ‘Yeah, right. You were talking to the queen about hockey. Right,'” Janssen told ESPN.com on Friday as the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings prepared for Saturday’s seminal regular-season opener at O2 Arena.


Wayne Gretzky
Kim Stallknect/Getty ImagesQueen Elizabeth II was greeted by none other than Wayne Gretzky during a pregame ceremony in Vancouver during Her Majesty’s Canadian tour in 2002.


But this is a true story. And with the NHL in town to play its first regular-season games in Europe on Saturday and Sunday, Janssen has had many chances to tell the tale.

 A Montreal native who has been in England for 17 years, Janssen was invited during the 2004-05 NHL lockout to a reception at Buckingham Palace with a large group of Canadian businesspeople and celebrities.

 Before they met the queen, the group was instructed by palace staff on how to behave. They were split into groups of about 10, and were told to stand in a horseshoe shape and await the queen’s approach. They were not to touch the queen under any circumstances, certainly no hugging, kissing or trying to snap off a few frames with a camera.

 “Protocol, protocol, protocol,” Janssen said. “And definitely, no touching the queen.”

 When the queen approached Janssen’s group, she asked one man what he did. Currency exchange. Yawn.

 When she asked Janssen what he did, however, she became quite animated upon discovering that he broadcasted NHL games on Channel 5 in London.

“She said, ‘Oh really,’ and takes one stride forward toward me,” Janssen recalled. “[Prince] Philip and I had to watch your show a few times,” the Queen said to Janssen, explaining they had been honing up on hockey before a trip to Canada. During that trip Her Majesty was asked to drop the puck at a Vancouver Canucks game at GM Place.

 “So, then she goes over and taps me on the wrist and says, ‘but listen to this …,'” Janssen said. And the queen went on to explain to Janssen that after the puck was dropped, it was carried away by someone from the team. She inquired about the puck and was told that it would be put in a glass display case somewhere in GM Place.

 “And she said, ‘Surely I should be entitled to keep the puck. I came all this way to do this honor, surely I should be entitled to this souvenir,'” Janssen recalled the queen telling him.

 “And then she taps me on the wrist again,” Janssen said. “And she says to me, ‘You don’t think I was too harsh and demanding, do you Erik?'”

 No, he told her, he’d have done the same thing.

 “She chuckled with laughter in a polite, royal way,” Janssen said. “Meanwhile, all these eyes are on me, everybody’s thinking, the queen is making body contact with somebody.”

 As they chatted, Janssen recalled an iconic picture of a bloodied Maurice “Rocket” Richard handing a puck to Her Royal Highness before her coronation back in the 1950s. And, sure enough, Queen Elizabeth II told Janssen this wasn’t the first puck she’d collected.

 “She turns to me and she says, ‘I actually have two pucks here at the palace. Not bad for an old woman like me,'” Janssen said.

 Finally, the Queen moved on and began chatting with an oil executive from the Orkney Islands. But she later returned to Janssen and asked him if he got a lot of viewers for his show, which is on late at night because the games are carried live from North America.

 “So she said to me, ‘Philip and I have one problem with your show, it’s just on too late,'” Janssen said.

 He told the queen that he would ask for earlier faceoffs back in North America and she chortled royally once more. She also told Janssen her grandson, Harry, watches hockey, too. Or was it baseball? She wasn’t sure. But she thought it was affecting his studies.

 “And off she went,” Janssen said. “And then I turned to the people in my group and said, ‘Did I just have a 10-minute conversation with the queen about hockey? Did that just happen?'”

 Scott Burnside is the NHL writer for ESPN.com.

Rambling Notes Regarding Habs-Minnesota and The NHL In Europe… And, THE QUEEN!

The Canadiens ended their pre-season games with a 3-0 loss to Jacques Lemaire’s quite boring Minnesota Wild. So the final tally for the Habs was six wins and three losses.


And if you think 6-3-0 is okay, you’re right. But it really doesn’t say much about the upcoming regular season. These games, of course, are all about seeing prospects, deciding on lines, and getting your act together before the going gets tough.


Don’t forget, the Vancouver Canucks now sit at six wins and no losses in pre-season play, and they’re not going to be hoisting the Stanley Cup any time soon.


Max Pacioretty and Kyle Chipchura didn’t dress, and although Pacioretty was impressive these last few weeks, he’s been sent down to Hamilton along with hard-shooting Yannick Weber. There’s just not a lot of empty spaces on the Habs roster right now.


Saku Koivu and the rest of the wounded regulars are back, except for Georges Laraque and Francis Bouillon.




I woke up after working a graveyard shift just in time for the second period to start in Stockholm between Ottawa and Pittsburgh. It was amazing. For about the first seven or eight minutes of play in this period, the building looked half-empty, with big chunks of seats sitting deserted.

Then finally, with almost half the period gone, everyone was back in their seats and it looked to be a sell-out. What if Sidney Crosby scored some kind of mind-blowing goal while all these people were still in the lobby eating their smelt sandwiches?


I guess in Sweden, fans aren’t in a big hurry to get to their seats and watch the game they paid about a hundred bucks for.


My son says it’s good to have NHL games played in Europe, if only so Europeans can see how real referees and linemen handle games. Officiating in Europe has been horrendous since Moses had peach fuzz. 




Apparently, four American teams are on the bubble as money-losing franchises that could move – Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville, and the Florida Panthers.

Why is the NHL so hesitant to bring a struggling team back to Canada?  Winnipeg in particular.




Remember the big picture of the Queen at one end of the rink in the old Winnipeg Arena?

For those of you too young to have seen it, here it is.