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Briere A Hab

5’10”, 181 pound free agent Daniel Briere has signed a two-year deal with the Habs and I suppose it’s possible this could be fine as he’s been a bit of thorn in the Habs’ side over the years. Scored the odd big goal against my team. Made me curse at my T.V. screen several times.

Now he’s on our side. I hope I won’t be cursing him for completely different reasons.

He had a chance to become a Canadien a few years back but wasn’t interested, even though he’s a good Quebec boy. And since he was recently unemployed and hoping a team would have him, now he’s happy to be coming to Montreal. It kinds of burns my ass slightly.

Does he have much of a downside? Not really, other than he’s a shrimp and the team needs to get bigger, not smaller. And he’s almost 36 years old. And he’s not the player he once was.

But other than these few things, it’s all upside.

Prime Time Sports talk show host Bob McCown wrote in his book “100 Greatest Hockey Arguments” that hockey is probably the only sport where three fans can watch the same game at the same time and all three can disagree with what they saw. And the same holds true for speculation involving players coming to teams.

You can disagree with me completely on this, but I don’t like this signing. The same as I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of Vincent Lecavalier coming to Montreal. I don’t want guys on their way out, even if they did burn the Habs in a big way over the years. Because much of their former burning has been snuffed out with a wet blanket owned by Mother Nature’s old man, Father Time.

Of course I hope I’m wrong and you call me on it seven or eight months from now when Briere shows he’s the perfect fit and Marc Bergevin once again looks like Sam Pollock. But for now, I feel the Canadiens already have their quota of small forwards, and adding another, who happens to be almost 36 years old, isn’t going to make me run down the streets of St. Hubert whooping and hollering.

Hopefully Not Three In A Row

Whenever the Canadiens lose, like they have in their last two outings against Boston and Buffalo, I have to change my television viewing habits. I refuse to watch hockey highlights after the game, and the following day. Especially when the gang gets scored on with two seconds left.

Seeing some sportscaster talk about a Habs loss and how it happened isn’t my idea of a good time. Why do I need this again? It sucked the first time and surely it’ll suck the second time too. It’s been this way for me for many years.

I hate it when Montreal loses, and I definitely don’t want to watch others dwell on it.

I’m on days off now, and  instead of having sports on, I’ll watch a couple of cop shows, recycle, walk, do the dishes, read, pick my toenails, gargle, look in the fridge, swab my ears, vacuum, go to the store, and wait until they win again so I can watch some sports news.

Hopefully they’ll beat the Leafs on Saturday night, although there’s certainly no guarantee. Phil Kessel finally got his first of the year, and watch, he’ll play like Charlie Conacher when the Leafs and Habs connect that night.

When I first heard that Kessel had scored, I said good, I’ve got him in my pool. Then, when I checked my pool to see how I’m doing, I see I don’t have him after all. All along I thought I had the bugger, and disturbingly, it’s probably just another direct sign that I’m losing my mind. It goes along with when I was in Orillia recently and I was looking at a 1972 Ontario license plate for sale in a second-hand store. I went back the next day and somehow it had become a 1973 license plate.

The Leafs, although they’ve played eleven games to the Habs ten, are just one point behind Montreal and we can’t be having the Canadiens lose three in a row and the Leafs overtaking them. How that would suck. And once again there would be no sports on my television until at least after the next game.

Having no sports shows on is fine, I suppose, although I’m a fan of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. At least he doesn’t dwell on actual games. He’s into the bigger picture and I’m pretty confident he won’t bring up the latest Habs loss. Although the question lingers – why does he wear sunglasses indoors?

I hate it when Montreal loses. I take it hard. It’s always been this way, and I ask myself –  when am I gonna grow up? It’s only a game, isn’t it?