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With The New Hartley Rumour……..

With the latest rumour being Bob Hartley coming in to coach the Habs, here’s a look at him in a Quebec televison series getting angry with Patrice Brisebois. A big thanks to Danno for giving us this glimpse, albeit acting, of Hartley, who won a Stanley Cup in Colorado with Patrick Roy as his goalie.

You can read about this TV series, which involves Montreal and Quebec and the rivaly the two teams had until the Nordiques left town, here – La serie Montreal-Quebec. Guy Carbonneau is the coach of the Canadiens in this series.


Max Could Be Back! Plus…..We’re Number 11!

Two great pieces of news!

Jacques Martin says Max Pacioretty could be back in time for the playoffs!

And the upcoming April edition of GQ magazine lists Montreal Canadiens fans as the 11th worst fans in America!

1: Philadelphia Phillies
2: Philadelphia Eagles
3: West Virginia University Mountaineers

4: Oakland Raiders
5: University of Maryland Basketball
6: Boston Red Sox
7: Penn State University Football

8: Duke University Basketball
9: New York Yankees
10: Louisiana State University Football
11: Montreal Canadiens
12: Dallas Cowboys
13: University of Wisconsin Football

14: University of Oregon Basketball
15: Los Angeles Lakers


11. Montreal Canadiens
Frostbitten Hooligans

Forget the riots that erupted last May after the Canadiens made it to the Eastern Conference final; they were nothing compared with the hordes of looters who set fire to five police cars during the 2008 playoffs simply because Montreal advanced past the first round. Meanwhile, inside the Bell Centre, the only things people boo more frequently than the U.S. national anthem are their own players. In 2003, team veteran Patrice “Breeze-by” Brisebois was heckled almost every time he touched the puck; the jeering was so intense it likely induced a stress-related irregular heartbeat. How did then GM Bob Gainey feel about his bloodthirsty fan base? “I think they’re a bunch of gutless bastards, to be honest,” he said.

Read More http://www.gq.com/sports/lists/201104/worst-sports-fans-in-america#ixzz1GtO4BlQF

Habs Say Hi To The Kids

Last Sunday during the Battle of the Blades wrap-up special, former Hab Patrice Brisebois broke down as he described his visits to little kids in hospital, and I don’t mind admitting that the segment left a lump in my throat and blurry eyes.

Now, CTV gives us a glimpse of this year’s team paying a visit to the kids, the 46th year the Canadiens have done this, and suddenly and without warning, that lump in my throat and the blurry eyes are back.

There’s nothing more I can say. Just click CTV Habs visit, see the photo of Brian Gionta saying hi to a little baby, and watch the video.

Battle of the Blades Has All Skaters Looking Good

Battle of the Blades went well tonight, with all skaters and their partners getting it done in fine fashion. Judge Jeremy Roenick noted that Georges Laraque has the biggest butt he’s ever seen in figure skating and what a big son of a gun BGL is when you see him in normal clothes. Georges threw his little partner around like she was about ten pounds.

Other ex-Habs in figure skates – Patrice Brisebois, Russ Courtnall, PJ Stock (20 games with Habs), and Valeri Bure all performed well, as did Todd Warriner, Theo Fleury in eye liner, and Kelly Chase, but frankly, I was too busy noticing their beautiful and curvy partners to really focus too much on them.

One thing’s for sure – these ex-players have a lot of balls to be doing this.

The Devil Made Me Write It

It began just fine, except for the mention from the broadcasters that the Canadiens haven’t won a game in the west in almost six years. The team killed penalties, got chances, skated hard. Then Edmonton’s Mike Comrie scored late in the first period, and it was the beginning of the end.

Yes, Comrie broke in hard, but Montreal’s Jaroslav Spacek was beside him every step of the way. And instead of diving and letting his stick throw Comrie off, Spacek did nothing except skate alongside him, and Comrie rifled a nice shot past Carey Price. A great defenceman would’ve made that play. And once again, the Habs began to look flustered, and visions of Vancouver danced through my head.

And even when it was two-nothing for the Oilers it seemed possible the Canadiens could still make a game of it. But Andrei Kostitsyn then decided to pull a Mike Komisarek/Patrice Brisebois, a ‘Komibois’, and threw the puck through the middle, which of course was intercepted and voila, it became 3-0.

Lacklustre play by Spacek and a boneheaded play by Kostitsyn basically did them in.

And who decided to put teams in western Canada?

Blame it on John Ziegler. He was the NHL president when the Flames, Canucks and Oilers entered the league. He’s responsible. And maybe we should also blame the schedule makers. They were the ones who decided to send the Canadiens to western Canada. Blame it also on the weather, horoscopes, wives, pets, kids, mother-in-laws, beer, zamboni drivers, bloggers, western cuisine, the smell of the Pacific and the stench of oil.

Can’t be the team, can it?

You bet it can. Blame it on a slow defence and forwards who don’t score. Throw in Guillaume Latendresse, Tomas Plekanec and of course Kostitsyn for good measure. And don’t forget coach Jacques Martin and GM Bob Gainey. And the trainers who didn’t convince Andrei Markov to wrap tape around his skates to protect his ankles and feet.

You could say they played better in the second half of the game, even scoring two goals. But of course it wasn’t enough.

To recap the five games, the Habs were completely outshot in both Toronto and Buffalo and squeaked in wins. They played well in Calgary and lost, and Martin’s decision to go with Jaroslav Halak there is questionable. Forget about the Vancouver game, and Edmonton wasn’t a whole lot better, although it was much closer.

Pretty dismal stuff.

And not winning in Western Canada in six years? It’s ridiculous and inexcusable. Maybe if it wasn’t such a love-in for the boys when they travel west they might perform better. They’re treated like gods in these western cities. Habs jerseys wherever you look. “Go Habs Go” drowns out the home team chants.

Maybe they’re believing they’re rock stars. How would they play if there were no Habs jerseys, no “Go Habs Go”, no big cheers. Just another enemy coming  to town. Maybe they’d play better.

Can’t be any worse.

Thursday, Habs home opener against Colorado. Go east young men.

Habs Don’t Get It Done

In the “glass is half full, not half empty” department, there were several nice things to see regarding this second-from-last pre-season game for the Canadiens that ended with, yecch, a loss once again to that team from down the eastern seaboard.

Patrice Brisebois accepting the Jean Beliveau trophy for for going above and beyond in the community; seeing Jean Beliveau on the ice, an image that never gets old; and Gregory Stewart finally showing some life by duking it out with a big left-handed lug named Guillaume Lefebvre.

And something else that’s nice to see;  Sergei Kostitsyn, who appears to be Jacques Martin’s special project judging from what’s been reported from practices,  finally getting a goal, something that will keep the hounds at bay for another little while.

And then there’s stellar work by Jaroslav Halak, Scott Gomez, and a few others.

Of course, for every good comes bad, and that would be the Bruins not only ruining Halak’s shutout but also winning 2-1 in the shootout. Then there was Halak getting run over by Vladimir Sobotka, and most disturbing, Andrei Kostitsyn taking a penalty with two minutes left in the game and Matt D’Agostini taking another in overtime. These ill-timed penalties, whether deserved or not, have been a Habs’ curse for a few seasons now, and absolutely have to stop. These are killers.

And almost as disturbing is the camera work. I don’t know if it’s new camermen this year, but I didn’t see one good shot of a beautiful woman in the stands. RDS used to be good at this. What’s going on?

Random Notes:

This has to stop. Tonight was the eleventh straight game, including pre-season and playoffs, that the Habs have lost to Boston.

Saturday night closes off the pre-season with the Sabres invading the Bell Centre. We need more goals and less ill-timed penalties, please.

So Long And Good Luck, Patrice


Patrice Brisebois has retired. Yes, the defenceman who heard boos on most nights at the Bell Centre has called it quits after a fine career that ran for more than 1000 games, from 1990 until 2009. He was also a solid member of the 1993 Stanley Cup champion Habs.

Brisebois had lots of things going for him. He was big, handsome, French-Canadian, a good skater and had a decent, low shot. Unfortunately, he was a lousy passer. His pucks up the middle that were intercepted by the enemy are legendary. It’s like he didn’t see the ice well. And his decisions deep in his own end with a couple of players attacking were questionable too. Often he would take the wrong player, leaving the other as open as open can be.

But I liked him and felt bad when the boos rained down on him. He’s a likeable sort, was proud to be a Canadien, and always seemed to be a hard worker. He tried to earn his money, which is something some others in the league could learn. And I’m sure he had legions of female fans, not only during hockey season but also on the race car circuit. A big, strapping, 6’2, 200 lb. super-rich famous athlete is just the kind of male to make women all dreamy and mushy.

Of course there was no room for Brisebois on this year’s edition of the Habs. Everyone knew it. It’s been coming for longer than just one year. But I say hooray for Patrice Brisebois because he was a proud Montreal Canadien for most parts of 16 years. And in my book, that means a lot.

Good luck, Patrice. Safe driving.

The times, they are a changing.

To Patrice And The Boys, Have I Got A Job For You!


To Robert Lang, Mathieu Schneider, Alex Tanguay, Patrice Brisebois, and Mathieu Dandenault:

The Powell River Regals, a respected and long-serving senior men’s hockey team that has won not one but three Allan Cups in the last 12 years, is going through a re-building stage. Many of the veterans just can’t keep up any more. Many of the younger whiz kids have decided to concentrate more on jobs and family than on hockey. And some players coming up from minor hockey simply aren’t showing the necessary skills to help the club take on the Bentley Generals and Brantford Blasts of the world.

The Regals are therefore looking for some hired guns and feel the five of you would put the team over the top and once again bring home the Allan Cup to the promised land, Powell River.

And you’d like it here. Unfortunately, the club is unable to provide you with a job at the paper mill as they did decades ago, because there just aren’t many jobs left there. But you could make a tidy sum picking mushrooms or working part-time on a fish farm. And anyway, you already have enough money.

Theoren Fleury suited up for the Bentley Generals a while back, so if senior hockey’s good enough for him, it should be good enough for you. And I’ve been to Bentley and you don’t want to go there.

Here’s how we’ll handle this. Just buy a ticket to Vancouver, and then just buy another ticket on Pacific Coastal for $150, fly north for 25 minutes, and I’ll pick you up at our little airport up Duncan Street. One of you can sleep on my couch, and I’m sure some of the Regals have comfortable couches for the rest of you. Real estate is fair here and you can get a house if you want, with an ocean view even. Your kids will love it.

If you’re feeling a little unwanted right now, don’t. The Powell River Regals want you.

Mike Komisarek Wants A Raise. Really


Reports are floating around that the Montreal Canadiens would like to re-sign defenceman Mike Komisarek for four million bucks a year but Komisarek wants six million instead. Now, I’m going to repeat the two key parts of the previous sentence – Mike Komisarek – 6 million.

Komisarek feels he’s worth much more than last year. So this is what I’m assuming. I’m assuming he didn’t go home after games and watch film of how he played that night. I’m assuming he forgets completely about all those head-scratching bad passes he sent up the middle that were intercepted and often resulted in goals for the other team. And I’m assuming he thinks he’s an elite NHL defenceman.

Mike Komisarek is not an elite NHL defenceman. He could be, but he’s not. Those previously-mentioned bad passes up the middle weren’t just from time to time. They were on a nightly basis. Except for maybe Patrice Brisebois, no defenceman on the Habs made such poor decisions with the puck. It was to the point of embarrassing. So like I said, I doubt he went home and looked at video of his game. Otherwise, he might be offering to give some of his salary back.

And then there’s the bad and poorly-timed penalty-taking. Komisarek’s a big boy – 6’4, 237 pounds, and likes to throw his weight around. But he hasn’t found that magical formula that allows you to be a heavy hitter without ending up in the penalty box. Scott Stevens he’s not.

Komisarek’s game went south after taking a beating from Boston’s Milan Lucic where he not only lost the fight but also injured his shoulder. I feel it was that one fight that gave the Habs an inferiority complex, and boosted Lucic to cult-status while showing his team, the Bruins, that they were a force to be reckoned with. That fight changed the seasons for both clubs.

Six million for Komisarek. Are you kidding? He was lucky he wasn’t on the bench more often.  He played like a $40,000 a year player, not a millionaire.  He hurt the team and added very little. And now he wants six million dollars.

Canadiens Lose To The Sabres. But Everything’s Fine.

A loss is never a good thing. It kind of goes without saying. So Montreal losing 4-3 to Buffalo in a shootout isn’t a good thing.

But fans at the Bell Centre sure got their money’s worth. There was on-ice nastiness, hard hits, chirping, and good goaltending, especially by Buffalo’s Ryan Miller. Montreal’s big line of Koivu, Kovalev, and Tanguay had lots of chances once again. There was a big scrap between ex-Hab Craig Rivet and Tom Kostopoulos. And there was lots of shots – 37 by the Sabres to 35 by the Habs. And for the rest of us watching on RDS, we also saw a lovely lady behind the net in a low-cut red dress, and a little boy about two years old having a moment with Youppi.

Carey Price also showed he can perform in a shootout, and this is just another big sign his confidence is returning.

So I’m not treating this as the end of the world. The team got a point at least. They managed 35 shots on Miller, which is nice to see. They showed grit and played well. In fact, for me anyway, they played as well as I’ve seen them in a long time.

Random Notes:

Patrice Brisebois has had a good, long career. Over a thousand games, with a Stanley Cup ring in 1993. You can’t ask for more than that. He’s been making good money for years and probably has a nice big nest egg. Now I think it’s time he retired and carry on racing cars and doing the other things he loves.

I think I finally became convinced about this when he and Roman Hamrlik both backed in with an incoming Sabre swooping down, and Breezer, for whatever reason, slid over to Hamrik’s side and the opposing player simply skated in free as a bird. Or maybe it’s been a combination of all those passes up the middle that get intercepted on a nightly basis. Or possibly, it’s those times when he gets outskated. I like the guy, he’s personable, and so I’m only saying quietly that maybe the end is near now.


Alex Kovalev had two goals, while linemates Alex Tanguay added two assists and Saku Koivu managed one helper. Chris Higgins had the other goal. Canadiens were down 2-0 but stormed back and took the lead. But in the end…..

Tuesday, Chicago’s in town.