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Darth Comes Through Again

Darth (Wade Alexander) has been creating cool pieces of computer art for several years and it’s always a good day when another shows up that I can post.

Some of his other stuff can be seen right here

And now, without further ado, Darth’s newest.


Darth Does A Devil

Darth has sent over a legendary Devil to join his super cool and ever-growing library.

This one is of a guy Darth says should’ve been a Hab. A Montreal boy whose dad was the Canadiens official photographer for many years.

Definitely, Martin Brodeur would have been a sensational fit for the Canadiens. He’s been playing since 1993 and so for the first three years he’d have to be elsewhere until Patrick Roy left in ’96, and then in a perfect world, the team would have had the future Hall of Famer all those years until young Carey Price  grew up and arrived on the scene.

Here’s Darth’s Martin Brodeur, along with his other Dartharians.



Old Habs fan




PK Subban 2





Habs Hurt Leafs

Canadiens top the Leafs 4-3 at the ACC that should have fans leaving the building feeling they got their money’s worth, and which keeps the Habs train rolling and the Leaf apple cart tottering on the edge of the cliff.

It was a back and forth affair, a bunch of posts behind Carey Price were hit, just two penalties were called for each team on the night, and it was tense going in the final minutes when the Leafs pulled James Reimer and the Habs were holding on.

Montreal looked like they were going to burst it wide open in the first when Max and Rene Bourque both beat Reimer on his glove hand, and maybe a third goal would have really got the ball rolling considering Reimer’s fragile confidence.

But credit to Reimer. He came up with some great saves after those two goals, the game never got out of hand, and the Leafs battled back to tie it until a late first period goal by Brian Gionta made it 3-2 Habs.

Scoreless in the second, and then the obnoxious Nazem Kadri was left open at the side of the net and banged it home to tie things at three.

It was nerve wracking to be sure, and heart-stopping when sniper Phil Kessel waltzed in on Carey Price. But Price would stop Kessel, and soon after Tomas Plekanec converted some nice passing from Markov and P.K. and the boys held on and got it done.

Rene Bourque contributed a goal and assist on this night after being a healthy scratch for the last five games, and he played with rare passion. So much so that HNIC named him the game’s first star.

Imagine that. Rene Bourque. Can he do it again two nights from now?

Speaking of HNIC, the intermissions were all Leafs, all the time. Leafs, Leafs, Leafs. This is one of the main reasons I grew up hating the white and blue. Rarely a mention of the Canadiens.

And at the end of the game, Glenn Healy proclaimed that the Leafs were the much better team on the night, even though Montreal outshot Toronto in the first two periods, the shots overall were even at 36 each, and the Habs won the game.

What the Leafs did win was in the hits department, with 37 to Montreal’s 18.

Dion Phaneuf tried to get rough with little David Desharnais, and considering the way Phaneuf fights, this was a fair matchup.

A great win, the screws are tightening on the Leafs, and the Canadiens are jockeying for a nice playoff seeding. It’s also Toronto’s fourth straight loss which adds to the festivities!

Now it’s Monday in Boston for Les Glorieux when they meet a Bruins team that’s racked up 12 straight wins. But all streaks must eventually come to an end. Like on Monday.


Habs Edged In L.A.

I was up slightly earlier today so I could see on the scoreboard and PVR how the Habs did in L.A., after a 10:30 pm ET start that was way past my bedtime.

I see that the boys dropped a 2-1 decision to the Kings after Jeff Carter scored the go-ahead goal with Ryan White in the box for holding.

I was curious to see if it was a dumb penalty so I had a quick look. White hauled down Trevor Lewis in a race to the puck and it could’ve been avoided, as most White penalties can.

P.K. Subban’s goal in the first period that evened things at one wasn’t a hard blast, just a wrist shot from the point that banked in off Jarret Stoll’s skate.

Random Notes:

The Kings outshot the Canadiens 22-18.

You probably didn’t miss much if you were sleeping, although I watched the third period and there were some close calls at both ends. But when you look at the shots, you’ll see -
1st. Habs 5  Kings 5
2nd. Habs 5  Kings 8
3rd. Habs 8  Kings 9

So not a barnburner to say the least.

Now it’s slightly east on a dreadful freeway to take on the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday at 10:00 pm ET.

The Ducks, featuring Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu etc. The number one team in the NHL with 91 points. (Montreal has 75).

Toronto lost 2-1 to Columbus.




Canada 2 Finland 1 In Overtime

Two goals by Drew Doughty, one in the first period and another in overtime, gave Team Canada a 2-1 win over the Finns, and now Canada plays the winner of Tuesday’s Switzerland and Latvia contest in a quarterfinals contest to be held on Wednesday.

The Swiss beat Latvia 1-0 in an Olympic opener last week.

What a fine player Doughty is. Drafted number 2 overall in 2008 behind Steven Stamkos, this is a great skater, is smart with a nice tough of flair, has a good shot, and is a big reason why the Los Angeles Kings are a threat.

A young hockey star living in Tinseltown. I’m sure life is good for Drew Doughty. I wonder if Justin Bieber has his autograph.

The Finns were outplayed for the most part, but they lined themselves up as the Canadians attacked, and it made for a close, tight checking, hardworking affair.

Definitely not the barnburner the U.S. – Russia game was the other day, but it still allowed Canada to go 3-0 in the tournament and keep momentum flowing the right way.

The boys could have easily lost, but a late save by Carey Price kept things at one apiece and set the stage for Doughty’s heroics. I hope the coaches keep that in mind.

Price came through when called upon and everyone should be satisfied with they saw from him. Although Habs haters will have found several chinks in his armour of course.

But two goals allowed in two starts is pretty darn decent in my book.

Tuukka Rask at the other end was also excellent, and if he didn’t play for the Bruins, I’d say more nice things about him.

Martin St. Louis and P.K. Subban were healthy scratches, and P.K. especially might have made a difference. Big shots getting through that wall of players. His skating that might have opened things up somewhat.

“Whatcha think of Canada’s win today, Elmer?”
Subban shudda been there, Red.”

Press box

What Was That?

I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around what we all just saw. Kind of at a loss for words.

One thing’s for sure, the Canadiens were pathetic.

They also won.

Carey Price was unreal, with 44 shots peppered at him, maybe 15 of which were ultra-tough, and he sprawled and dived and stuck gloves and pads out and looked like Vladislav Tretiak during the 1975 New Year’s Eve game.

P.K. Subban scored the winner in overtime, and the Canadiens grab two big points. Price (and PK’s goal) was the good part.

The rest of the night sucked rancid rats.

This was a game that folks will be talking about for awhile. It was nothing short of ridiculous, but you had to see it to know what I’m talking about.

I suppose I could give a brief rundown to those who decided to forgo the Habs-Senators tilt to grab a Gallagher at McDonalds. But it’s hard to type when I can’t stop shaking my head.

Montreal jumped into a 3-0 lead in the first period when Travis Moen sent Tomas Plekanec in on clear-cut breakaway when they were killing a penalty.

Max upped it to 2-0 shortly after on the powerplay, and then David Desharnais made a nice little move to make it 3-0.

Three goals on five shots. A glorious night to be a Habs fan. 3-0. Maybe it’ll be 6-0 at the end! Ole Ole!

But without warning, a puck that changed direction made it 3-1, still in the first. And then Erik Karlsson found himself with a wide open net and just like that, it was 3-2.

Shots on goal – Ottawa 19, Montreal 7. But the Canadiens were still winning, as weird as it was.

In the second frame, Carey Price was once again as good as he’s ever been, coming up big on Michalek, Ryan, Stone, and I stopped writing down the others after that.

And suddenly, and with lots of warning because it was so one-sided the boys should be ashamed of themselves, Bobby Ryan tied it at 2:44 and somebody else, and I don’t care who it was, put the home team ahead 4-3 with 1:20 left.

As pathetic as you’ll see from the Canadiens. I thought they were dead or seriously hungover in Philadelphia, but this one takes the cake. I could smell Sens fans’ smugness all the way from St. Hubert.

But as bad as it was, as one-sided and ridiculous as this game was, Tomas Plekanec tied it after being sent in on a nice pass from Brian Gionta, and although he didn’t score, I want to give a big shout out to Jared Cowan, who was chasing him and knocked the puck into his own net by accident.

To think of the Sens fans’ disappointment at that moment warmed the cockles of my heart. But it wasn’t over…………until overtime that is, when P.K. Subban got the puck to sneak by Anderson and the boys skate away with a 5-4 win!

It was like being on the receiving end of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, all the tommy gun bullets missed, and you walked out of the warehouse safe and sound.

Basically, it was a horrendous night. A truly stupid night that somehow ended with the Canadiens winning.

The only two excellent things were Carey Price standing on his head and showing once again how good he is, and the lovely vision of Sens fans grinding their teeth and throwing beer cans at the wall.

The Canadiens need some serious tweaking. That was as bad as it gets, and there’s been some serious stinkers this year. But this was unreal. They looked like a junior team. They floundered, they were outworked and outmuscled.

And they still won. After blowing a 3-0 lead. After having 44 shots peppered at them. WTF?

Random Notes:

Only two penalties on the entire night, one for each team. Just part of the overall weirdness.

Shots on goal – 44-23, including 19-7 for the Sens in the first, 19-10 in the second, and 6-5 in the third.

But Carey Price and P.K. Subban came through, and although it’s a win and two points and keeps the Senators from inching closer, it was still pathetic and unacceptable, and I can’t wait for some sort of change to occur.

I’m sure there’s a ton of teams that would dearly love to have Rene Bourque and Daniel Briere.

In the Austrian league.

Now it’s on to Toronto. Gawd, what’s next?





Just A Little Pep Talk

Hardly any difference between the Canadiens and the visiting Chicago Blackhawks, who face off tonight at the Bell Centre (7 pm ET).

The teams are so close it’s mind-boggling, as you can see from the top six point-getters on both teams.

Kane – 54
Sharp -47
Toews – 45
Keith – 43
Hossa – 35
Seabrook – 31

Subban – 33
Plekanec – 28
Max – 26
Gionta -23
Galchenyuk – 23
Markov – 21

Hardly any difference.

Can the Canadiens beat this team that has 67 points to Montreal’s 55, with five guys with more points than our top guy?

I’m saying of course they can, because I’m a optimist, always have been, a Habs fan through thick and thin, and although I get angry at them and want to send up the St. Lawrence and out to sea now and again, the only way I know how to be a fan is to stick with them, keep hoping, and on a night when they play the defending Stanley Cup champions, cross my fingers and hope the power play clicks and guys who’ve been in scoring funks put it together.

Making they’ll play great! Put three solid periods together. Turn the Bell Centre into a riproaring madhouse, with everyone whoopin’ and hollerin’.

C’mon Canadiens, give us one of those games. We know you can do it.


P.K. And Gang Do Dallas

Those wild and wacky Montreal Canadiens. Just when we were mad at them, they go out and play a cool game (for the most part), find the back of the net a bunch of times, and skate away with a truly entertaining 6-4 win deep in the heart of Texas.

Of course we can’t forget that they almost blew it in the third period to the pesky Dallas Stars, giving up two quick ones after leading 4-2, and visions of a Carolina-like meltdown danced in our heads. Or mine at least. I shouldn’t speak for anyone else.

But Lars Eller soon after restored the lead, Max salted it away with an empty netter, and frankly, except for the brief coming apart at the seams in the third, I think the boys played their best game in over a month, even though they allowed four goals.

It makes my heart soar like a Chinese Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler.

P.K. Subban enjoyed some mighty fine moments, weaving and stickhandling, passing well and sometimes using his feet, capping it all with a goal and two assists and looking like the Norris Trophy winner we know and love.

Max tallied twice and added a couple of helpers. DD had two assists and found himself in alone more than once. Snakebit Brendan Gallagher came through with a goal and an assist.

Even Travis Moen was in the thick of things, assisting on Eller’s go ahead goal and pummeling Antoine Roussel earlier on.

Josh Gorges was a warrior in the trenches and in my mind is the team’s true captain. Carey Price was excellent for most of the night. Lars Eller was dangerous.

So many guys showed up. A few didn’t but tonight is not a night to quibble.

Maybe that fiasco in Carolina, blowing a 3-0 lead, woke the guys up and they’re going to play like gangbusters from here on in.

The power of positive thinking.

Random Notes:

Dallas outshot the Canadiens 32-28.

Unlike the Carolina game where they took ten penalties and sat back and tried to win by blocking shots, this time they took just three minor penalties (and gave up a penalty shot), and played fire-wagon hockey throughout.

We want more like tonight. Fun to watch. A nice amount of goals. Lots of chances. Maybe the coaching staff and the players will agree that this is good, this freewheeling business.

C’mon guys, do it again on Saturday when the Sens show up at the Bell.

Habs Slay Orangemen

Below, the Philadelphia Flyers congratulate the Montreal Canadiens for being so freaking fantastic.

Bell Centre

Canadiens hand the Philadelphia Flyers a 4-1 loss in game #2, with just 80 more left. The EGG line collects a bunch of points. Carey Price allows just one goal.

I think I’ll just get out the old yellow highlighter and mark a big solid win on my ultra-scientific Habs tracker.

A goal and an assist from Brian Gionta, Lars Eller, Brendan Gallagher, and Rene Bourque. Two assists from Alex Galchenyuk, and singles from Pleks and P.K.

A bunch of guys chipping in. I love that.

Eller has three goals now. Alex Ovechkin has four. Scott Gomez has one.

Carey Price played well, and if I was really picky I’d mention the couple of times he juggled easy shots but I’m not.

It’s a fine win before they climb into the big silver bird and head west for four games. A solid win. Except they went 2 for 9 on the power play.

But I’m in a forgiving mood because they earned two points, which is what it’s all about. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just successful. Like Phyllis Diller bearing a dozen cute and healthy kids.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Montreal 34, Flyers 23.

Max Pacioretty sat it out due to the wrist injury he received while playing the Leafs. Hopefully it’s just one game for Max.

A road roller is parked near our place and I’d like to hot wire it and roll over P.J. Stock. I have such a hard time listening to this person. Tonight he said the Canadiens tried to play the Leafs tough the other night but they shouldn’t because they’re not.

The Habs won most, if not all the fights in that Leafs game, right? Or was it just an acid flashback?

Next up – Wednesday in Cowtown. 8 p.m. eastern. Hope the Saddledome’s dried out.

The Canadiens head out on a winning note. Look out Flames, the Habs are coming. And that goes for the Oilers, Canucks, and Jets too. Try valium if you’re experiencing stress and anxiety.

Luci and I were at the Bell today, but it was for a 2 o’clock game between the St. Hubert Gouverneurs and Toronto Bulldogs. The guys are eight years old, can shoot over the net from above the slot, and the Gouverneurs handled the Torontonians 4-1, just like the Habs over Philly.

Eight years old – they got to play at the Bell, they were introduced player at a time by the P.A. announcer, the game was shown live on the scoreboard, and two zambonis cleaned the ice for them.

Awesome – and slightly different from when I was eight years old.