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Mystery Solved

The pictures below are of my program from 1925-26 when the defending Stanley Cup champion Victoria Cougars of the old WHL pro league played the NHL Ottawa Senators at the Auditorium in Ottawa.

The thing is, there’s no record of the Cougars playing the Senators in 1925-26, and even though several of us searched high and low, it remained a head scratcher.

Until now.

Not long ago I was at the home of hockey historian and author Jean-Patrice Martel, and after telling him about this program, he asked me to send him photos. I did, and not even half an hour or so later, he wrote back and said he’d found it, which surprised the heck out of me and left me feeling tremendously inadequate.

The Cougars played two exhibition games in Ottawa in November of 1925, with the money going to the Humane Society. The Sens won both games, 6-2 and 2-0.

Mystery solved by an amazing fellow, and I’m very grateful.

Here’s the link Jean-Patrice sent me, from a writeup in the Montreal Gazette after the second game – Cougars and Senators in November of 1925

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Needing A Win Tonight


Habs in Ottawa tonight, and it’s must-win of course.

Because I harken back to the old adage that a slump is three straight losses and a bad bounce from being four.

And seeing how they fell to New Jersey on Tuesday, with the Sens now and then the Leafs on Saturday, we need a win to avoid the old adage and kick off this three-game road trip in fine style, which, by the way, also includes Pittsburgh next Wednesday.



Live, From Ottawa and Orillia

On March 24th I zoom across the country to see some family and friends and finally meet a few folks from these pages like Danno and Christopher and hopefully a few others too. As Don Cherry might say, “It’s gonna be a beauty!”

Late that night I land in the Nation’s Capital where I’ll be for about a week, so people in Ottawa, could you please remove any existing snow and slush and Senators news that might be there at that time?

Ottawa is where Danno and Christopher live, and if anyone else from there wants to get together with us and solve most of the world’s problems, we’re going to try and watch the Habs in a pub on maybe the 29th. (possibly the 30th).

The problem is, the Senators play somewhere on the 29th too and I’m assuming that most TV’s will be showing them instead of the Habs which is ridiculous because why would anyone show the Sens when the Habs can be watched?

You see what I’m up against?

If you would like to join us, just email me at dlkane@shaw.ca and later on I’ll be able to have things better sorted out. In the meantime, if you know of any pubs in Ottawa that televise the Habs even when the Senators are on another channel, please let me know.

From Ottawa I’ll be driving to Orillia to visit my dad who is 90 years old and has just been placed in an old folks home. Orillia, of course, is where I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, where I bought my bubblegum cards and was a paperboy and altar boy, and it was also where I copped my first feel, grew my hair, gulped vast quantities of illegal drugs, and disappointed my parents pretty well every day.

I’m going to bring my dad a bottle of whiskey at the old folks home just to try to make up for being such an asshole back then.

I don’t even know why I’m telling you this now. The trip’s not for three more weeks. Maybe it’s because, with the lifelong itchy feet I’m cursed with, I’m excited. It’s a wonder I’m not already packed.

He Painted The Horse Brown

Tommy Gorman was some kind of mover and shaker. He went from Ottawa Citizen sports editor to owner of the Senators, and later owned the Hamilton Tigers which became the New York Americans. He’d been a founding member of the NHL in 1917, and was also coach and general manager of both the Chicago Black Hawks and Montreal Maroons. And he was general manager of the Montreal Canadiens from 1940 to 1946.

Not only that, he was also manager of Olympic figure skater Barbara Ann Scott.

And on top of all that, he owned and ran thoroughbred tracks. At one point, he came across a really fast horse named Westy Hogan, painted him brown and changed his name to Little Boy. He then put the seemingly unknown horse in races which he won, and bilked track bookies out of a half million bucks.

There’s a lot of stories about Tommy Gorman. These are just a couple.

A Win In Ottawa Means Much

If the Habs can sock it to the Senators tonight in Ottawa, they will catapult themselves right into seventh place, tied with those same Ottawans.

It was only the other day the Canadiens were in twelfth, so seventh is a nice, tidy little spot to be.

Carrie And Mike Enjoy A Quick Dip


Ottawa Senator’s forward Mike Fisher and country music singer Carrie Underwood are photographed in their bathing suits after enjoying a quick and freezing-cold swim at Ottawa’s Dow’s Lake. “There’s nothing like a good polar bear swim to get the juices flowing,” said Underwood.

Some witnesses who were there commented that Underwood and Fisher bear a faint resemblance to Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio, but I just don’t see it.

I had no idea, however, that Carrie is so well-endowed.

When You’re In A Slump, The Puck Doesn’t Go In. Habs Fall To Sens

It’s become increasingly clear that Montreal’s biggest problem isn’t on defense like most of us thought it would be after Andrei Markov and Ryan O’Byrne went down with injuries. The biggest problem, it seems, after tonight’s 3-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators, is that the forwards can’t finish. The Canadiens had so many good chances, especially in the first, but couldn’t pull the trigger on more than just one goal. It was the same against Colorado, and in Edmonton and Calgary. If the boys figured out how to bury the puck when the chances arise, they wouldn’t be in this horrific predicament right now.

How bad is it? Five straight losses, that’s how bad. The one small consolation to this whole mess is that they’re still a ways yet from their all-time losing streak which occurred in 1926, when they went down twelve straight times. And the overall record for longest losing streak is shared by both the 1974-75 Washington Capitals and the 1992-93 San Jose Sharks, who hold the dubious distinction of losing 18 in a row.

Only one or two goals every game isn’t good enough. A team has to score more than that, and the Canadiens aren’t getting it done. No one has stepped forward and taken charge, no one has been brilliant, many of them border on supreme mediocrity.  Carey Price is stopping pucks and doing his share, but it’s the 22 guys in front of him who aren’t. Just once I’d like to see them capitalize on many of their chances, take a big lead, and let the other team play catch-up for a change.

It has to be a great job when you’re paid several million dollars and you just work reasonably hard but produce almost nothing. Is it the easiest money you’ve ever seen earned? It’s like a construction worker who sweats hard every day but the building never gets built. And who has risen to the top to deserve the captaincy? No one. But they certainly need some leadership.

Five straight losses. How embarrassing is that? This team should be ashamed of itself.

Random Notes:

I had a friend when I lived in Ottawa named Ian, and he was a big Habs fan. He wore the sweater, we sometimes went down to the Forum to see games, we watched the 1975 Canadiens-Red Army game on TV together, and he cheered loudly for the team we both loved.

Then two things happened. Ottawa got a team in the early 1990’s, he suddenly became a Senators fan and immediately started hating the Habs. How can this happen? He was a mutual friend of my wife and I, and when we got divorced, he stopped talking to me. He took sides as many do, he’d known my wife longer than I had, and I think he heard some untrue stories and believed them. Several years ago I phoned him and he was fairly friendly, and we exchanged emails. I wrote a couple of times to him and in return, he wrote back with only one word answers, like “Oh” or “No.” I wrote him and asked him what was with the one-word answers and he said that’s the way he likes it. So I replied “Oh” and haven’t spoken to him since.

The moral of this story is, this son of a bitch will be happy like hell that his new team beat the one he grew up with and loved for much of his life.

Random Notes:

Alex Kovalev assisted on the Sens’ second goal, and then scored the third. How about this – we trade two or three of the new guys for Kovalev?

Atlanta’s in town on Tuesday. Do you think we can win this one?

Which Alex Kovalev Will Take To The Ice Tonight?

Which Alex Kovalev will we see Saturday night when the Ottawa Senators visit the Habs in Montreal?

Will he control the puck like it’s on a string, like he would do from time to time during his stint with the Habs, or  will he control the puck like it’s on a string, but then lose it after making one too many moves, which we saw too many times?

Will he play like a youngster, with energy and enthusiasm, or will he play like he’s half asleep and you have to check the lineup to make sure he’s actually there or not? Both of which we saw in the past.

Will he be a puckhog who disrupts any flow the Sens might have, or an unselfish playmaker who dazzles both the Bell Centre fans and his own teammates, just like before? 

Will he be good, or just very, very ordinary? Both of what we saw when he was a Hab.

It’s all impossible to predict. Because this is Alex Kovalev we’re talking about.

I’m Not Liking Hockey So Far

The pre-game introductions for the Canadiens’ home opener, with each player taking the mike and saying “Je suis Scott Gomez”, for example, was different and I honestly can’t ever remember seeing this before with any team. So that was good, even though half the players were hard to understand. (but we knew what they were saying anyway – “Je suis….”.

Sadly, this 3-2 loss makes it four losses in a row, and I don’t care if it’s game six or game sixty, losing four straight is very bad. It’s difficult to make ground at any time, but when you really start to fall back, it’s even harder. So they have to turn this around pretty soon. The good news is the Senators, Atlanta and the Islanders are coming in, and to take nothing away from these fine teams, it’s just much better than Washington, Boston and Pittsburgh coming in.  And the Canadiens will probably have lots of trouble with Alex Kovalev and his Ottawa gang.

The Canadiens looked good in many parts of this Colorado affair. Everyone was skating, and the latter part of the third period saw as frantic action as you’ll ever see. But a loss is a loss, and this has to stop soon or Jacques Martin could be kissing his benchboss job goodbye.

Not that I want to be a pessimist.

Random Notes:

The crowd was noisy. This is an excellent example of what you learn on this site.

Josh Gorges is much more offensive this year. He may end up scoring five goals!

Roman Hamrlik and Tomas Plekanec notched the two Canadiens goals.

When are we going to see a big offensive outburst?