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P.K. For Weber

PK Weber

The Subbanator is now a Nashville Predator, and big Shea Weber becomes a Montreal Canadien.

A switching of star defencemen. A trade that’ll piss off a lot of Habs fans. And who said Marc Bergevin was afraid to do something big?

Weber’s a stud with a shot that makes goalies consider crocodile wrestling. P.K.’s got a cannon too, but not like Weber, who wins hardest shot competitions and blasts pucks that sometimes remind me of my shot when I played for the Orillia Byers Bulldozers midget all-stars.

Weber, at 6’4″ and 235 lbs, hurts when he hits, and P.K. (6′ 210) – not so much.

Weber’s 30 and PK 27, and while both are Canadian, Weber hails from Sicamous BC, a place surrounded by lakes, streams, birds singing, and tranquility, while PK is from Toronto, where Nazem Kadri and the Leafs slither.

It’s a trade that might see some Habs fans furious at management and even quit watching hockey because they loved PK so much. Of course they’ll get over it, but right now they want to punch somebody in the mouth.

They loved what PK brought to the city, his charisma and charm and humour, and of course his $10 million pledge to Montreal Children’s Hospital. They loved his flashiness and his fancy suits, and certainly his way with the microphone and camera. They didn’t love it when he circled with the puck and fell down, but that won’t be mentioned now.

Would they love it if they knew for sure that P.K.’s teammates were sick of his act, that maybe he just might have been hurting his team in different ways?

Would they mind it if they realized that a Shea Weber personality, the polar opposite of Subban, just might be what this team in turmoil needs, and maybe the fact that winning is more important than a charismatic fellow who was great for his community but rubbed certain people at his job site the wrong way?

Subban wasn’t completely loved and accepted by all Habs fans either, but over the next hours, days, and weeks, we’ll be hearing only from those who feel Bergevin and Geoff Molson should be tarred and feathered and their heads placed in a vice.

Whose camp am I in? I’m looking on the bright side, because who knows how this will all play out. It could be terrific, and I’m all for change.

I liked Subban, but the team sucked last year like it’s never sucked before. They’ve been a small bunch, they ranked middle of the pack in scoring, the power play was pathetic, and if Bergevin had basically sat pat I would’ve been more pissed than this.

Yes, they still need firepower up front, but this is a start. Maybe Weber can help with some of the problems just mentioned. I’m expecting him too.

We’ve got a star defenceman with great size and a mighty fine NHL and Olympic resume, and one who sometimes shoots pucks through the netting. I’m okay with this deal, although it cost a big time quality guy to get him.

Think of the fun we’ll have watching opposing players scatter when the Webernator winds up.



Game Day

Game day, with the boys in Pittsburgh to tackle the Penguins, a team that has several good players, although the names escape me just now.

Peter Budaj gets the call, and that’s fine. He’s been a nice surprise this year. But the team in front of him has to show up. Unlike the last two outings.

The Canadiens need to display some serious vim and vigour, with fire in their eyes and jump in their Tackaberrys, with guys who’ve been quiet lately to suddenly come alive.

They can do it. Pittsburgh has a nice team, but they’re not the Orillia Byers Bulldozers Bantam All-Stars.

The last time the Canadiens and Penguins met, on March 26, Pittsburgh won 1-0 on a goal by Sidney Crosby after the Canadiens had just got through ringing a couple off the crossbar, and in looking at my post from this game, I see that I was bitching about how the Habs weren’t scoring, how they couldn’t hit the net, and how they only had one goal in two games.

But Montreal would pull themselves together after that last Pittsburgh game, beat the Bruins 6-5 the next night, and they climbed out of their funk just like that.

Like they have to do now.

There’s only one thing to do. Waltz into Pittsburgh and win big. Play like they did in the past. And then continue to build over the final five games and head into round one with a full steam.


I’d like to veer off the subject for a moment and just say how sad I am that there are people in this world who are evil enough to put nails and metal in exploding pressure cookers and harm innocent people, including a little eight-year old boy who died while at the Boston Marathon with his family to cheer on runners.

Such a senseless act by people whose minds don’t work the way ours do, and may they be caught soon and dealt with in proper fashion.

Habs fans are with the good folks in Boston through this. You’re our friends. We just don’t like the hockey team.







Blew It Again

I blew it then and I’ve blown it now. Once again I’ve missed being in the Olympics. Below is my blog post from four years ago, and from then to now, I never managed to get my shit together.

It’s been such a disappointment for me. I had fully intended to be in the Beijing Olympics, probably as a gymnast, but 2008 just crept up on me and before I knew it, the Olympics are in full swing and I never got a chance to practice or anything.

But I’ve decided to change gears and concentrate on the London Olympics four years from now. This will give me time to train, and find a new sport because my wife and friends finally convinced me that overweight people a thousand years old aren’t usually gymnasts.

But archery, now that’s a sport! And I noticed in the paper a little story about Canadian archer Jay Lyon, who says, “I’m not much of an athlete. I eat a lot of McDonald’s, and I’m probably overweight.”

But I’m an athlete. I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers Bantam hockey team, for goodness sakes. And I don’t care much for McDonald’s.

However, I like beer and sitting in a chair.

Watch for me in London four years from now. I’ll be the one with the bow and arrow and several beer in the quiver.

Who’s That In The Shootout?

It’s a dark and stormy night. The power went out on this part of the Coast about half an hour after the game ended, thus the later-than-usual post, and the Habs screw it up again, losing 5-4 in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh.

We had them. And then we didn’t.

We had them 1-0, when Lars Eller scored just 34 seconds into the game. We had them 2-1, when Erik Cole converted an Andrei Kostitsyn pass.

Then, most magnificently, we had them 3-1 when Kostitsyn scored a power play goal. Yes, a power play goal.

Then we had them 4-2, when Cole sent a beautiful pass to Max Pacioretty.

Then it all went down the dirty, stinking outhouse hole..

The Penguins chipped away, closed the gap to 4-3, and Evgeni Malkin, a player better than just about anybody in the league, tied it with just 2:43 remaining. And after both teams went scoreless in overtime, the Montreal guys failed to get it done in the shootout, including Andrei Kostitsyn, whose stick broke in half as he was shooting, David Desharnais, and Scott Gomez, who of course didn’t score because he’s Scott Gomez.

Yes, Scott Gomez. Not Erik Cole, who skated miles tonight and was far and away the Canadiens’ best player. Not Max, or Eller or Rene Bourque or any of a half-dozen others. Scott Gomez was one of the chosen three. The guy who……you know.

It’s a blackout here and maybe one in Randy Cunneyworth’s head too.

Peter Budaj was in nets for the Habs tonight, and this could be considered a bit of a surprise, and yet not. Budaj was solid in nets in the Habs 4-1 win over New York a few games back, and Carey Price hasn’t been overly majestic lately.

Might as well go with Budaj. Nothing else is working.

PK Subban has seen better nights. With his team on the power play, for instance, he sent a nice soft no-look pass off the boards, right to a Pens player, which resulted in Pittsburgh’s second goal. Then it became quite interesting as PK stated his case on the bench to Randy Ladouceur, almost like he was putting the blame on Gomez for not being over on that side.

I can just hear the conversation. “He’s supposed to be over there, that’s what we work on”, cries PK. “Doesn’t matter,” replies Ladouceur, “you have to look before you pass.” “Yeah sure, blame it on PK,” yells PK as he suddenly remember that “Blame Subban” Twitter thing.

I’m typing this on Word, with three candles and a flashlight nearby because of this power blackout, and it kind of sucks if I do say so myself. I can’t post it until the Internet comes back.

It’s a real nasty night out there, and what could it mean? Are the hockey gods not happy for some reason? Are they surprised that Gomez didn’t score?

Random Notes:

Habs in Toronto Saturday night. Then it’s up to Orillia after that to see if any of them can make the Byers Bulldozer midget all-stars.

Big Night For Kostitsyn As Habs Edge Canes

Andrei Kostitsyn didn’t fly down the wing tonight the way Guy Lafleur did all those years ago, and he didn’t scoot and skate miles the way someone like Tomas Plekanec might, and he didn’t lift fans out of their seats whenever he had the puck the way I did when I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Orillia’s Byers Bulldozers bantam squad. (Hah!)

But did he ever contribute anyway.

Kostitsyn, on the forecheck in the first period, fought and won a big battle behind the net and spotted Lars Eller for a nice delightful set-up. And in the third period, it was Kostitsyn popping the game winner on the Habs’ one power play chance as the boys win a crucial game against the Carolina Hurricanes and in doing so sort of put themselves back in our good books again.

And not only did they regain some breathing room in the playoff battle, but they also won this 4-3 game with Alex Auld in goal in place of a flu-ridden Carey Price. 

How’s that for a bonus win? A big game, with Auld in nets, and Kostitsyn doing his best Rocket Richard impression.

I think the league should give the Canadiens three points just for these things.

Certainly Auld had his weak moments tonight but his team won the game and he chipped in in the crunch. That’s good enough for me. Auld stopped 28 of 31 shots but I have to admit, he’s not helping my nervous system a whole lot.

Scott Gomez had….nope, no goals, although he did receive a four minute high-sticking penalty in the first period, so at least he got his name on the stats sheet. Scott has all of seven goals so far this year.

Huge win, and now they don’t play until Tuesday when they travel to the home of Coca-Cola – Atlanta.

Random Notes:

Brent Sopel, in his first night of wearing the CH, was fine but not outstanding. But this can be expected. New teammates, new dressing room, new system. It reminds me of when I played my first……..never mind.

PK Subban is playing more and more like a veteran. It seems like a long time ago when PK was making us laugh, cry, and hold our breath. Now he’s into the solid, workmanlike mode.

Habs scorers, besides Eller and Kostitsyn, were Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec.

Montreal sits in 6th spot in the east with 73 points while Buffalo in 9th and just out of a playoff spot, has 65.