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Whomped In Winnipeg


I’m sure hoping Dustin Tokarski’s family didn’t make the trek from neighboring Saskatchewan to see the young fellow guard the twine on Thursday night.

Because it just wasn’t Toker’s night as he and the Canadiens got kicked 5-2 by the Jets, with several of the five goals stoppable by our prairie boy backup.

4-1 after two periods. With the Canadiens outshooting Winnipeg 31-13. Over three frames, shots were 41-22 for the visitors. It should’ve been a fine win.

But Ondrej Pavelec shut the door at his end and Toker didn’t at his.

But forget about our goalie. Just one goal on 31 shots by the guys up front? Only two on 41? And of course once again the slightly less than magnificent power play blew the proverbial tire and went 0/4,

Another game, another fizzing out with the man-advantage. Sitting 26th overall on the feeble chart. It’s been going on all season and still hasn’t been sorted out. We’re not asking for much, not expecting the number one power play. How about a heady 17th or 18th or 20th?

Thursday’s loss shouldn’t completely rest on Toker’s shoulders, although it’s easy to do because Carey Price has spoiled us. This lack of offense, especially with the man advantage, is just plain ridiculous,  and as tiresome as hearing Don Cherry talk about how smart he is.

Canadiens got goals from Andrei Markov, who sent a wrist shot through a crowd and narrowed things to 2-1. And a close-in blast from Gally in the third made it a 4-2 game.

But soon after, the Jets scored another, and the Winnipeg crowd got their digs in by singing Ole Ole.

Next up – Saturday in Montreal when the Florida Panthers pay a visit.

A lousy night for the Habs, Toker or no Toker. Outscored and outmuscled, and if the Canadiens continue this gruesome lack of finish, even with Price in nets it’ll be tough sledding in the upcoming post season.

This offense doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Only into the hearts of Habs fans.



Budaj Moves On

Eric TangradiPeter Budaj and Hamilton Bulldogs winger Patrick Holland are now Winnipeg Jets and thus, it’s Dustin Tokarski the suits have decided to go with.

Coming Montreal’s way is Eric Tangradi, a fellow I definitely had to look up, considering I’d never heard of him.

Who knows if this left winger will crack the squad, but if he doesn’t it would be a shame, considering he’s a 6’4″ power forward. Just what the doctor ordered, except he seems to have hands of stone.

In 136 NHL games with Pittsburgh and Winnipeg, Tangradi scored a total of five goals, and in a perfect world, a 6’4″ power forward can bulge the twine more than five times. So we’ll see.

Tokarski, as we all know, was tremendous in playoff action last year after Price went down, so the decision is fine with me. He proved he can come up big in relief, which is what we ask for. In fact, anything less is unacceptable.

Toker is also cheaper than Budaj, so management, as is the name of the game, got their payroll down and some extra bucks are now there for when it comes time to land someone like a big guy who can also put the puck in the net.

Unfortunately, Budaj probably remains a backup with his new team, as Winnipeg has Ondrej Pavelec as their main man. Regardless, it’s a great job. Better than yours and mine.




Lousy Way To Start November

A couple of things happened to the Montreal Canadiens on this Tuesday night when the Atlanta Thrashers, minus Ilya Kovalchuk, came to town.

Atlanta’s goalie, Ondrej Pavelec, unfortunately, was healthy and played the game.

Marc-Andre Bergeron, unfortunately, was also healthy and played the game.

Habs lost 5-4 after driving us crazy all night by falling behind, catching up, and then falling behind again. Carey Price had the huge misfortune of being in nets the night Montreal’s defence decided to become the Keystone Kops – batting pucks in the stands for penalties, staggering around like drunken soldiers, forgetting where to be on the ice in front of Price, and fiddling with the puck in their own end like they’ve never seen one before and can’t exactly decide what to do with it.

When clinics show highlight video of NHL hockey to young players, they won’t be showing this one. If this was baseball, you could say it was an error-filled game.

But enough of that. With all the strife and wars and misery in the world, who cares that the Montreal Canadiens are striking fear in no one and that THEY STUNK THE ^%&^$# JOINT OUT TONIGHT.

It’s a good thing Kovalchuk wasn’t playing. It might not have been so close.

Random Notes:

Brian Gionta had two goals

Habs in Boston on Thursday. I’m assuming Jaroslav Halak will be playing but who knows? 

Carey Price played fairly well for the most part, but he seems to lose his composure after he’s let in a few. But he was great early in the game and the crowd was chanting his name. Then the whole thing went crazy.