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Game Day

Game day, with the Habs in Buffalo to meet a team on the outside looking in as far as a playoff spot goes. It’s also a team that has beaten Montreal the last three times they’ve met, so that nonsense has to come to a screeching halt.

It’s going to be interesting for sure. Can Budaj make it seven straight starts in the win column? Will Montreal rebound from their loss to the Washington Capitals on Tuesday? Will Alex Galchenyuk, now on a four-game point streak, add another? Will David Desharnais enjoy a huge night and get critics off his back? Will the team slip in and out of downtown Buffalo without getting mugged?

Will P.K. have a sensational night and continue to impress professional writers everywhere that he’s deserving of the Norris?

Will the boys look good and bring huge momentum to their Saturday meeting in Toronto, or will they surprise the heck out of us and come out flat and cause us to curse and throw bricks at the T.V. screen?

Game time is 7:30 (I think), and on CBC if you’re interested in hearing whomever it is they have on board to tell it like it is. PJ Stock maybe? If he’s there, the brick might happen before the first puck is dropped.

Name Tags

I’ve always liked this picture, which is in my old scrapbook, even though it’s a little worse for wear. Two fine Habs fans showing off their favourite players the best way they knew how. Good thing their favourite player wasn’t named George Stroumboulopoulos or Ronaldo Konabopopolopolis. It would have to carry on down their legs.

Harvey captured the Norris Trophy seven times between 1954 and 1962, with Johnson winning it for the 1958-59 season. With these guys on the blueline, along with the usual suspects like the Richards, Beliveau, Moore, Geoffrion, Plante etc, it’s no wonder the Canadiens won five straight in the late fifties.


Predictions Are For Gypsies – Toe Blake

I’m with Toe on this, so instead of predictions, I think I’ll just think quiet thoughts about different series, and today I’ll think about the Vancouver Canucks playing the LA Kings because I live near Vancouver and many of my friends, as great as they are, love the Canucks.

They could care less about the Habs, but they love their Canucks.

The Canucks had a good season, better than the Habs (I won’t go into the injury factor with the Habs because as Conn Smythe or Donald Trump or Toe himself probably exclaimed, “excuses are for losers.” The Canucks have the Sedin’s, including Henrik, the twin with a big chance to capture the Hart Trophy for the league’s outstanding player. They have Roberto Luongo in nets, who played a big part in Canada’s Olympic gold medal win. Ryan Kessler is the definitive power forward who shows up every night in a foul mood. And the list goes on of valuable guys people in the east don’t see on a regular basis – Alex Burrows, Mikael Samuelsson, Mason Raymond and others.

The Los Angeles Kings finished just two points behind the Canucks in the regular season (101 to 103), and not only boast several good young forwards like Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Alex Frolov, but also have two of the best young defencemen in the league in Jack Johnson and the guy who should win a bucket of Norris Trophies before his career winds down – Drew Doughty.

And although Luongo is a proven star, his goals-against average sits at 2.57 while LA’s Jonathan Quick is almost identical at 2.54.

So predictions are for gypsies, but when I listen to my gut, I see Vancouver with the possible Hart Trophy winner, and a gold medal goalie. But LA has Drew Daughty and Malibu Beach.

Therefore, I’m picking the LA Kings.

Islanders’ Fans Have To Find Better Reasons To Hate The Habs Than These

      The silliest thing came to my attention the other day. A nice Habs’ fan commented on this site that she’d been reading “Islanders Beat” and some Islanders’ fan was saying that the big reasons Islanders’ fans don’t like the Montreal Canadiens is because Habs’ fans think Bobby Orr was a better defenceman than Denis Potvin, and that we also hold a grudge because the Islanders won four straight Stanley Cups in the early 1980’s.


Other teams’ fans might come up with a lot of reasons to dislike the Habs, but these two reasons are just plain silly. Do you dislike the Islanders because they were great in the early ’80’s? Or did you even think about this?


And about Orr and Potvin. Orr is considered possibly the greatest player ever. Potvin was listed 19th out of 100th best in the Hockey News.


Orr dominated. Potvin didn’t nearly as much.


Orr was popular with his teammates. Potvin’s teammates thought he was arrogant and somewhat phony, which I admit is neither here nor there. I just thought I’d throw it in.


Potvin played 1060 games, racking up 310 goals and 742 assists for 1052 points. He won the Norris trophy for league’s best defenceman three times.


Orr won the Norris eight time and collected 270 goals and 645 assists for 915 points in 657 games. And half of these games he played with bad knees that ended his career prematurely.


What silliness from some Islanders’ fans.


Maybe they’re just mad because Montreal has a better team than them.




I Sort Of Won Rookie Of The Year Last Night At The NHL Awards Show

If the NHL Awards show wants to become more of a flashy and polished affair, they might want to think about replacing host Ron McLean. For as much as he’s a quick-witted and able sidekick to Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner, he comes across on these glittering nights as a bit of a hick. Really hokey. With lame jokes like the Brian Burke bobbing head doll and the cell phone thing. He’s not too funny at all. Maybe he’s overrated?
Gary Bettman looked embarrassed and I felt embarrassed.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one in the world who feels like this.

On the brighter side, there sure were a lot of good looking wives there. It seems that hot women like millionaire athletes! Go figure.

Washington’s Bruce Boudreau beat out Guy Carbonneau and Mike Babcock to win the Adams trophy for coach of the year. For me it could’ve gone either way between him and Carbonneau so this is okay.

Alex Ovechkin won both the Hart for league MVP and the Lester B. Pearson for top player as voted by his peers. This is fine, but my question is, who dresses this guy? He looked so out of sorts with his silly red tie and weird collared shirt that I wondered if he just got off the Red Eye from Moscow.

Niklas Lidstrom took home his sixth Norris for best defenseman. His wife is also right up there for Best Wife.

Gordie Howe was honoured with the very first Lifetime Achievement Award. This is good, but I’m wondering if you have to be alive to win this. Because the Rocket deserves one too. But the Rocket has the Rocket Richard Trophy named for him for most goals in a season, and that’s better than a Lifetime Achievement award in my book.

Last but not least, Patrick Kane beat out Jonathan Toews and Nicklas Backstrom for Rookie of the Year (Calder trophy). I’m happy about this because my name is Dennis Patrick Kane.