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Oh, Did The Leafs Lose?

I’m afraid to say anything regarding the Leafs’ epic collapse against the Bruins in game seven. I’m a firm believer in karma, and I feel if I mention how the Leafs folded like a cheap suit, somehow the hockey gods will take note and give me royal payback sometime next season.

So nuff said.

The Leafs lost. Yes they did. It was wild. Unfortunately, the Bruins won. It was a classic no-win situation.

How was that, hockey gods? You ain’t got nothin on me. I didn’t say a thing. I’m innocent.


It’s A Beautiful Day!

I’m in a good mood. A great mood. I feel like whistling. The sun is shining brightly, birds are singing, I had a good sleep, and my porridge tasted terrific. I hope you have a wonderful day too. You deserve it.

I also hope the Ottawa Senators crash and burn and suck and get blown out and are ridiculed and humiliated and their coach gets his mustache stuck in a combine harvester.

I hope anthem singer Lyndon Slewidge pokes himself in the eye when he does that finger thing at the end of the song.

I hope Senators fans whine and fret and cry and yell at the referees, and in general, feel hopelessly lousy and depressed as their team smells like the sanitation truck that empties out the sewage system on the ferry boat.

I hope Ottawa bars sit deathly quiet as hockey fans quietly nurse their Pink Ladies, long after the televisions have been shut off.

Yes, it’s a fine day. I feel like whistling.


It’s Good To Be A Habs Fan

The Habs are gone, and for now………

No more P.K. Subban wheeling around and rushing like a man possessed, or blasting a missile from the point, or sailing across the ice, fired up, in the moment, to level an oncoming enemy.

No more Brendan Gallagher crashing the net, standing firm as bigger opponents try to figure out how to take his head off without getting penalized, with the young fellow holding his ground as he’s mugged and coming back for more. No more of the little bugger pushing hard against the gigantic Zdeno Chara and other behemoths, and when seeing this, how could it not touch our hearts.

No more Brandon Prust sticking up for his teammates, and sometimes finding himself on the scoresheet after giving the proverbial and impossible 110%. No more choirboy Lars Eller getting better each game, or witnessing 19-year old Alex Galchenyuk slowly make his way to a brilliant future.

No more of the players we cheer for on some nights when they’re on fire, and want to ship to Vladivostok when they’re struggling.

No more beautiful blue, white, and red uniform with the big CH on the front. The uniform the Rocket wore. How it must feel to put this sweater on. Fans of other teams don’t understand, and I guess we don’t expect them to.

No more Pierre Houde shouting “et le but,” or, from any of the English voices, “he shoots, he scores,” as one or another Montreal Canadien lights the lamp, and we celebrate and crave more.

No more anticipation of a big game, especially at the Bell, with a booming rendition of the national anthem beforehand, with the crowd ready and expectations high, with little kids carrying the flag or pretending to light up the ice. I applied for this flag job a few years ago, only to be told I’m about 50 years too old.

No more games, for a few months, for us who cheer for our Montreal Canadiens. We who feel the magic. Magic in the crest. Magic in a big night.

It’s over for now, until they come together once again, when, as we always have, we’ll hope and dream and yell at the referee.

Until then, until we see the blue, blanc, and rouge take to the ice, the games might as well be played in Oregon.

Boring, Oregon.



Cool Playoff Link

Sent to me and I send to you – Cool playoff tidbits, including beards and Don Cherry’s suits, from Sportsinteraction.com.

The Bread Man’s Dad Just Struck Gold

Is this the night the Stanley Cup is won?

In honour of this big hockey day, I’ve decided to mention a small baseball story.

The bread man stopped in where I work to say hello and drop off some bread and he told me what had happened to his father. His dad was renovating an empty house, and while in the attic working on something, found a huge binder filled with mint baseball cards from the 1940’s and ’50’s.

“It’s a huge binder, really big,” said the bread man as he looked around to find a similar size to show the comparison. “And they’re all mint!”

He also wanted to know what to do about finding out the cards’ value and I told him there are books and even eBay to check out.

I think he and his father have no idea just yet what a treasure they have on their hands. But probably very soon they’ll be jumping for joy.

I wonder if there’s a Mickey Mantle rookie card in there.

The Upset Will Commence On……..


#1 vs. #8
Thursday, April 15 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
Saturday, April 17 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
Monday, April 19 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN
Wednesday, April 21 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN
*Friday, April 23 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
*Monday, April 26 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
*Wednesday, April 28 at Washington, TBD TSN

Bring On Ovechkin

The Philadelphia Flyers, after blitzing the New York Rangers with a 47-25 shots-on-goal output, win the game 3-2 in a shootout today which means the Montreal Canadiens finish in 8th spot and play number one seed Washington Capitals in the first round.

Should be good. Can the Habs upset the Caps? I’ll bet there’s not many who think so.

I’m keeping the faith, however.

Who Will The Habs Play? Stay Tuned

To quote NHL.com: ”

The winner of the Philadelphia FlyersNew York Rangers game goes to the playoffs, the loser is eliminated. If the Flyers win, they clinch the #7 seed, the Montreal Canadiens are the #8 seed and the Rangers are eliminated. If the Rangers win, the Canadiens clinch the #7 seed, the Rangers are #8 and the Flyers are eliminated.”

Translated – If the Flyers win, the Habs play Washington in the first round. If the Rangers win, it would be either the Sabres or Devils, who are playing each other, for the Habs.

The Devils would make for an incredibly boring series.

Penguins Dominate Game Four

Geez, I start talking about how good Detroit looks, how much depth they have, blah blah blah, and in game four they look as ordinary as Montreal on most nights this season. So now the series is tied, Pittsburgh’s feeling good, and Detroit might not be as solid as I thought. We’ll see. The Wings needs Pavel Datsyuk back.