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The Original Six In Splendid Quality

I’m out of town for the day and thought I’d just re-post this because it’s so freakin’ unbelievable. Enjoy the Original Six, with Beliveau and the gang, in splendid quality.

I don’t know how often this has ever been in circulation, but it’s one of most greatest ten minutes of hockey clips you’ll ever see.

It’s from 1967, the quality is sensational, like it was filmed today, and we see Jean Beliveau, as smooth as smooth can be, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Jacques Laperriere, Terry Harper, Ralph Backstrom, Terry Sawchuk, and just about everybody else from that time, all from the old Montreal Forum with the pillars in the background.

It’s called Blades and Brass, is set to music of a Mexican brass band, and comes from the National Film Board of Canada. So just sit back and enjoy the Original Six at the old Montreal Forum, in perfect quality.

The Good Old Scrapbooks


Some kids work on cars with their dads, or go fishing together, or play catch. My dad and I fished a little, threw the ball around sometimes, but mostly, made a couple of dandy hockey scrapbooks.

Of course, the big one is the Montreal Canadiens scrapbook that he and I made together and although it’s getting a little ragged, it’s a beauty. I used to phone my friends and ask, “Hey, wanna come over and look at my scrapbook?” My father was a sign painter and he painted the two covers that you see. 

I continued for a few years after he backed off and then the crazy sixties got in the way and I stopped.

But we also made a secondary scrapbook of NHL players from the other five teams and this photo shows the Star Weekly players, which look small here but each are about 10 inches high, from the non-Habs one. The glue has long dried and  I’ve removed the loose pictures and am now trying to decide how to store them.

I recommend any father with a young son doing this together. It’s a tremendous father/son experience and one that definitely gets better with age.