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Sandy Wasn’t Fooling Around

Beatnik sent over this most amazing collection of photos, from Britain’s Daily Mail, of the trail of devastation left by Sandy, who proved without any shadow of a doubt that she is/was an almighty bitch. The bitchiest of bitches. This was a hurricane that got up on the wrong side of bed.

The photos, dozens and dozens of them, are unbelievable. Thanks Beatnik.

Just click here –   Sandy, and be amazed.

John Lennon’s Piece Of Paper Could’ve Made Me A Rich Man. But It Didn’t.

I’d like to go off topic today and tell you a little story about how I turned $120 into $7000. And about how stupid I was not to wait so I could be a rich man today.


In the late 1970’s, I bought through an auction house in New York, one of John Lennon’s bank cards. It was from Barkley’s bank, and it basically said that Lennon was free to use it as long as it was under $200, but over that it must be agreed upon by his two lawyers. I paid $120 for it.


The little card was signed by Lennon and these two lawyers.


I held onto this card for a few years, and then I thought I should sell it, so I put an ad in the Ottawa Citizen, but no one called.


Except one day someone did call. He told me his name, said he used to play in a band in NYC, and was a big Beatles collector. And amazingly enough, he even described the card I had.


He said he didn’t have much money, but would I be willing to trade, and I said I didn’t mind having a look at what he might offer. So I went to his apartment.


His apartment was jammed full of Beatles memorabilia. It was amazing. And he looked at my card and said yes, that’s the one he thought.


He then pulled out a binder of sheets of original John Lennon lyrics written in pencil from one particular album “Sometime in New York City”, one of Lennon’s lesser known releases, and asked me if I would like to choose one of the lyrics sheets and trade.


So I did. I chose the title song from the album, it was original indeed, in beautiful condition, and at the bottom was one of Lennon’s hand-drawn cartoons of him and Yoko.


So I kept this piece of paper for several years. But then my first wife and I began thinking about how nice it would be to turn our dark, musty old basement into a beautiful rec room, and we started getting quotes, and each quote that came in made us more depressed. We didn’t have the thousands of dollars to get this done right.


So I decided to put my John Lennon lyrics in another New York auction, at Sotheby’s, and it sold for $7000. We finished the basement, bought brand new furniture for it, and added a lovely big television. It was here I watched my Habs and Canada Cups and Expos.


That was good. John Lennon paid for my new rec room. But you know what? If I would’ve kept the lyrics and sold them today, it would go for well into six figures instead of a lousy seven grand.


It was just another big mistake for me in a long line of big mistakes.

Days Off On The Road For The Montreal Canadiens.

Montreal players will get the odd day off on the road this season, and the key to all of this is where their odd day off will fall.


For instance, the team is in Tampa Bay on Dec. 30, and doesn’t have to be in New Jersey until Jan. 2, so they can have a New Year’s Eve party. And what better place to have a party than Tampa Bay? Although the last time they decided to do this, Ryan O’Byrne got his mug shot taken.


So maybe Tampa Bay isn’t a good place to have a day off.


In February, the team goes on a west coast swing, hitting Calgary on Feb. 9th, and they don’t have to play In Edmonton until two days later, and it’s only a half hour plane ride away. So they have lots of time to relax.


Is it better to relax in Calgary, or Edmonton? I’m going out on a limb here and saying it’s Calgary. Only because the alternative is Edmonton.


So if the boys want to hang out in bars and wear shorts and golf shirts, it’s good to have days off in southern states. If they love cold and snow and a short but dreary existance in the land that time forgot, then that would be Edmonton.


However, far and away, the best city to have days off in would be New York. By a country mile. It’s the most vibrant, most interesting, most colourful city on the planet.  It has something for every hockey player. Bars, steaks, women, music, sightseeing, street hip hop for the younger players to get down and boogie, and even serious window shopping.


I have a serious dislike for their hockey team, but the city’s great.


Ken Dryden said he loved New York because of all the museums he would spend time in. He soaked up the culture. He probably didn’t even go for a beer in Greenwich Village. So Ken Dryden doesn’t count.


Forget about Philadelphia, Ottawa, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and all the rest. These places are just more stops in a long line of stops. The answer is New York. And after that, maybe Miami. And Phoenix if they want to golf and vegetate.  And of course, the notorious Tampa. And Nashville would be good if any of the Habs like country music.


And the silliest question of the day is: New York or Edmonton. Which is the better city to have a day off in?