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Game Day – Canes In Town

Like so many other teams, and there’s about six of them, the Carolina Hurricanes are hovering around the eighth and final playoff spot. So they’re going to want to win the game tonight at the Bell Centre.

Of course, wanting, and actually doing, are two different things.

Carolina has won just one game in their past seven, although the win happened on Saturday against the Jets, which means they’re on a one-game winning streak. This team is missing two goalies, Cam Ward and Dan Ellis, due to injuries, so we might expect coach Kirk Muller to possibly don the pads the way Lester Patrick, coach and general manager of the N.Y. Rangers, did in 1928 against the Montreal Maroons at the Forum.

Montreal also has injuries. Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz have concussions, and Henri Richard and Dickie Moore have arthritis.

Random Notes:

And how did the 44-year old Lester Patrick do against the Maroons? He allowed one goal in regulation time and his team won 2-1 in overtime. This was game two of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Rangers would go on to win it all in the five-game series.

Mind-blowing side note:

Lester Patrick, along with his brother Frank, lived for a while in the Slocan Valley, near Nelson B.C., where they played hockey and helped out at their dad’s sawmill. My daughter lives in the Slocan Valley, and I knew you’d be amazed by this incredible coincidence. And not only that, I once worked in a sawmill which was only about 700 miles from the Slocan Valley. Truly eerie stuff.


From There To Here

Just a few days ago I was in L.A., and now I’m in Nelson, BC. Such a distinct contrast. It’s like heavy metal to folk music. A Harley and a Moped. Brad Marchand’s nose and normal noses.

I’m here to see my daughter and my four grandkids, and of course my son-in-law, all of whom I can only see once a year. Once a year, you ask? You try driving the 800 kilometre zig zag involved getting here. And don’t try it in winter.

On another note, I read in a magazine yesterday that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, and the one who wore that lovely tight white dress that accented her curvacious rear end at Kate and William’s wedding, has been seen out on the town with none other than Sean Avery. Imagine what this must do for Avery’s ego, which is already larger than many planets.

If there is a God, please never let us endure the spectacle of seeing Avery waving to the crowds below from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

L.A. to Nelson is like Sean Avery’s ego compared to everyone else’s.

Cruisin’ On Down The Road

I’m alone in my car, driving to Nelson to see my grandkids. I’ve got some CD’s ready for action, some blues and Beatles, John Prine and Eminem and a few others, and if I get bored of these I’ll just sing, or practise my Richard Nixon and Merv Griffin impressions. It’s quite a drive. It takes 11 or 12 hours to get to Nelson, and I’ll be there for a few days before pointing the car the other way to come home again when once again I’ll be either playing CD’s, singing, or doing two lousy impressions.

Is that interesting?

What about this? According to the British newspaper The Guardian, (and I have no idea why The Guardian has mentioned Nelson),  “Nelson was able to make the transition from a typical rural lumber town into a thriving arts and mountain sports hotbed, due in part to the wealth generated by marijuana growers.”

Or this? Nelson doesn’t have a McDonald’s. I thought every town over 5000 people had a McDonald’s.

But enough about Nelson. I’ve got four little rugrats to visit, along with their mom Shannon who happens to be my daughter, and her husband Ryan who I couldn’t be more happy with for a son-in-law, even though he prefers football over the Habs.

I’m on my way. I’m somewhere, maybe on a ferry, or savouring the sweet aroma of chicken farms near Chilliwack, or zooming past Hope, or eyeballing the desert landscape around Osoyoos, or hugging my family and getting knocked around by this big, friendly rottweiler they have.

But please carry on. Just thought I’d mention the trip, that’s all..

Bruins suck.