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Scenes From His Tavern (And More)

This is the kind of thing I really love. It’s not mine, just a photo online, but imagine how great it would look on a shelf in your house.

A Rocket Richard ashtray from the tavern he owned in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Taverne 544/9



Below, a 66 minute National Film Board documentary (in French) on the Rocket called Peut-être Maurice Richard, and scenes from his tavern can be seen at 18:15, 54:55, and 64:26.

The one at 54:55 shows Rocket arm-wrestling a customer, and throughout the film there are wonderful moments, even if you don’t speak French. Maurice Richard was such a nice and humble man.

(Thanks to Christopher for sending this along).

Peut-être Maurice Richard by Gilles Gascon, National Film Board of Canada