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Stars Of The World’s Fastest Game

Maybe if newspapers started doing this again, they might sell more papers.

Peter Hab mentioned the other day about old Star Weekly hockey pictures the newspaper would publish back in the 1960s, great photos usually shot by renown hockey photographer Harold Barkley.

The first four photos below are Star Weekly examples.

The Star, and all the other papers under the same publishing umbrella, weren’t the only ones who showed hockey players. At the same time, the Toronto Telegram, the Montreal Star, and other related papers published different style pictures, like Henri Richard you see below. These pictures were an inch or two longer than the Star’s and always extremely beautiful.

Heck, they were all extremely beautiful.

They weren’t the first either.

Long before these papers were doing it, a five-year period from 1927-28 to 1931-32 saw La Presse in Montreal publish a run of 71 NHL player pictures, mostly of Habs and Maroons, with a sprinkling of Leafs, Bruins etc thrown in. They’re at the bottom.













Red To Relax

Red Fisher, who covered the Habs from 1955 till 1979 for the Montreal Star, and then the Gazette from 1979 until now, has decided to retire. I have no idea why. He’s only 85 for cripes sakes.

And talk about Murphy’s Law. He’s going to be tending his garden next spring while the Habs are going all the way.

Thanks for your great work over the years, Red. Other than Playboy photographer, I think you had the best job on the planet.