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Just In Case

Only two more sleeps until the big Classic Challenge (original story here), and I’m ready. I’ve made my cardboard shin pads, I’ve bought my protective cup, I have two gloves that almost match, and I’ve got directions to the arena.

However, even though I have an incredibly sculpted and finely-tuned body that I’ve noticed causes women to let out what are probably mating shrieks and then run away quickly because they’re worried about not being able to control themselves, I’m just ever-so-slightly out of shape when it comes to on-ice action.

So if I don’t pull through after this big hockey game that’s capped off with a day off with pay to the winners, please arrange to have my empty Pit Lepine Froz-Ex Gas Tank Ice Dissolver go to one of the legions of Pit Lepine fans out there. Thanks.

Denis S. On The Ceiling

When I was at the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame at the Bell Centre the other day, I had a good look at all the honored members’ images on the ceiling in the lobby. They’re all in circles, so it’s kind of dizzying.

It took me a couple of days to figure out why Denis Savard is part of this. And make no mistake, I though Savard was a great player, a stickhandling demon. A guy with all kinds of slick moves. He’s a Hall of Famer because he was a great player with 17 years under his belt.

But he only played three years in Montreal, one where he scored just 16 goals. His glory years were in Chicago. It was unusual to see him lumped in with Vezina, Morenz, Richard, Harvey, Beliveau, Lafleur and the boys up there on the ceiling.

Ralph Backstrom, on the other hand, played 13 seasons in Montreal and won six Stanley Cups. But he’s not up there.

But after a couple of days, I figured it out. The Canadiens are honoring those who wore the CH and are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. So that was that.

Tony Esposito seems to be the only HOFer not on the ceiling. But he only played 13 games for the Canadiens and it’s not enough I guess. Whatever the minimum number is.