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Maurice Richard Sales And Service

The Rocket tried a lot of different things to make a few extra bucks during and after his career because he wasn’t rich like Scott Gomez. They included, along with the usual team duties – beer rep for Dow and Molsons/O’Keefe; a Laurier Life Insurance PR guy; and he owned a pub (Tavern 544/9); General Fishing Lines, which he operated out of his basement; Capri Electronics; and Maurice Richard T.V., a colour T.V. sales and service business. I’m sure I haven’t listed all of them.

Below is an invoice I have from Maurice Richard T.V., from April 28, 1967, to a customer named Yvan Claude Marchand, who had just bought himself a nice, new Zenith for about the same amount as one would pay nowadays.

Television throughout the ’60s had lousy colour. At least any I ever saw. A lot of red and orange, and often, people’s skin would be green or orange or maybe blue. My folks never had a colour TV until well into the 1970’s and I was long gone from the house, but I remember when I was a teen and would see colour sets at friends’ places and was never all that impressed. It’s come a long way baby.



Dear Team

Dear Montreal Canadiens,

In next year’s NHL Entry Draft, can I be one of the little kids that goes up on stage? I was turned down as stick boy and then flag boy, so I’m asking nicely if I can now be draft boy.

Oh, you say you have to be the owner’s son or something? Crap, it’s a big stage and there’s room enough for me too. That’s a lousy excuse. Just kick one of the suits off.

And what has the owner’s son ever done? Has he ever spent thousands of dollars on Molson beer? Does he own a bottle of Pit Lepine Froz-Ex? Has he even heard of Sprague Cleghorn? Hah, I thought not. And he’s up there being a big shot.

Please give me a chance. I’m fairly good at shaking hands, smiling for the camera, and looking kind of goofy, which is what the job calls for, doesn’t it?



And look at these other little bastards.

Wouldn’t A Dow Go Good Now?

The Rocket wasn’t just a hockey player, as he once said of himself. He was also a beer rep, doing public relations work for Dow Breweries, which was owned by Carling-O’Keefe when Rocket was involved. I wonder how Molsons felt about that.

Dow would eventually become owned by Molsons in the mid-sixties, but closed shop after several dozen people who had been drinking at least 24 Dows a day suddenly died from heart failure. It was found that Dow contained cobalt sulfate, which apparently isn’t good for your health.

My thinking is, anyone who drinks 24 beers a day, regardless of the brand, might suffer heart failure at some point. I’ve come to this conclusion even though I’m not a doctor.


Aah, The Cool, Sparkling Taste Of DKRSFB

Please see previous post regarding the neccessary steps we must take to stop the madness in Montreal, which means not drinking Molson’s beer.

And if you decide to drink the beer shown below, I hereby take no responsibility for blindness or any other infliction which could occur after swallowing the contents of two bottles or more, and am in no way responsible for bills presented from anyone living in a mental institution of any sort after drinking said beer. The label gives proper warning, so that lets me off the hook.

Makes Me Proud That Molsons Owns The Team

Here’s where we stand. We’re still in the dog days with another five weeks before Carey Price starts standing on his head and the team begins to collect an amazing amount of points in the standings. I’m on a day off and plan on eating lemon pudding and watching American Justice.

So what do I do when it’s time to post another important post for your reading and viewing pleasure and American Justice is coming on? I come out with the heavy hitter. A no-brainer.

There’s just no need for words:

I’ll Take 75 Cases Please

Danno, who often comments here, sharing his usual thoughtful insights on all things Habs, has come up with a darn good idea, an idea that corresponds with the festivities surrounding the Canadiens 100th anniversary while also quenching our parched throats at the same time.

All he needs is Molsons to think it’s a good idea too. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

It began when Danno was lamenting about the good old days of the stubby beer bottle and it morphed from there. Many provinces, not all but many, sell beer in 24 pack cases. And wouldn’t you know it, the Habs have won 24 Stanley Cups. So, thought Danno, why not do the obvious and get Molsons to package their 24 bottles with Cup wins on the labels. Each bottle with a different Cup year.

Danno has even written to Molsons with his idea.

And would it be possible to manufacture stubbies for this limited edition 24 pack, or is that asking too much?

If I was a marketing guy at Molsons, I’d be all over Danno’s idea.

A person can drink like crazy and then pick up the empties off the kitchen table and floor and have instant collectors items! Or sell them on eBay. It’s a win, win situation.

And as an aside, I have a little stubby beer bottle story here http://dennis-kane.com/the-good-old-stubby-beer-bottle/. And it was only just recently I sent it back to my old friend Mike. I looked after it for 25 years, liked it a lot, but I thought it should go back to its original owner.

Important Message To Christopher, Moey, and The Other Money People

I’m saddens me to announce this, but I have decided to back out of becoming partners with Molsons in owning the Montreal Canadiens. Too many things have come up – I need to get an oil change for my car soon, the price of beer has risen, and my wife has now informed me she wants another fancy hair styling job. So the numbers just don’t work for me, and I am now officially out of the running to partner with Molsons. I hope they’re not disappointed with my decision but I know they will be fine.

I would just like to take the time now to thank all the backers – Christopher, Moey, Yves, and maybe Mike if he would’ve worked a little more overtime fixing elevators. And maybe even a few others. Although they forgot to send cash.

It’s very disappointing to realize that I will not be owning the Montreal Canadiens. I will now never be stickboy, or official guy who makes the players’ wives comfortable.

The money I have raised, more than $190, will either be donated to the local rummage sale, or maybe just beer for me at the closest pub. I haven’t decided yet, but beer is leading at this moment.

Hopefully Molsons will do a fine job and be fantastic owners, even without me in the picture..

Thanks for everyone for supporting me. The blog will continue though.

Sorry for this

Introducing The 2009-2010 Habs Third Jersey

Now that I have more than $150 and several readers willing to take part with me, I’m probably very close to making Molsons an offer they can’t refuse, and buying the Canadiens. And because of that, I need to get ready, so I’ve decided to go ahead and make a few changes – changes I feel will be a nice touch for our team.

Below, as part of the ongoing centennial celebrations, a model displays the new retro uniforms which I will be introducing at a press conference to be held at a later date. I like to call it the game-used look, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other teams embrace my idea and do a version of their own. (And by the way, as owner, I may be the lone wolf who votes to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Canada.)