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Habs Reign Supreme

Habs 2, Bruins 1. Now that’s hockey!

It wasn’t good when Lars Eller pulled Zdeno Chara off-balance and took a seat in the penalty box with just 57 seconds remaining and his team holding on. The goalie was pulled and it was tense. Even tenser than when Lucy drives in the city.

But they held on, they remain king of the castle, and unless these two teams meet in the playoffs, the Bruins and their fans will have to wait until next fall before they lose again to the bleu, blanc et rouge.

I’d like to thank Milan Lucic for helping out on the Canadien’s winning goal. Lucic gave Tomas Plekanec an extra stick to the head while Pleks was on the ice, and with the big lad cooling his heels in the penalty box, Michael Ryder scored his team’s second goal, which ultimately would decide things.

Unfortunately, Alexei Emelin suffered what looks to be a serious injury after he collided with this same Lucic, who was barreling down the wing. Emelin’s a strong dude but Lucic didn’t budge, and the Habs’s big thumper took the worst of it, maybe twisting his knee in the process, and once again we wait for an injury report on a player.

There’s not too many players in the league who will try to stop a rushing Lucic like Emelin did, and most players would have had their ribs rattled by our big Russian. And Lucic didn’t even go down. I wonder if fans at the Bell Centre could feel the building tremble when that collision occurred. Don’t forget, these guys are the same weight (220 or so), although Lucic has two inches on Emelin.

The Lars Eller, Brandon Prust, Alex Galchenyuk line enjoyed a fine night, and Galchenyuk scored again, his second in two nights. But many guys chipped in. I thought Max played great. Carey Price stood his ground and controlled his rebounds. Michael Ryder continued to light the lamp, and P.K. Subban chipped in two assists.

More and more there’s talk of Subban’s growing chances of capturing the coveted Norris Trophy, and all P.K. has to do is continue to do what’s he’s been doing for most of the remaining ten games and it should be his. You would think the professional hockey writers will get it right, and it’s a good thing P.J Stock can’t vote. What a mockery of the Norris that would be.

Stock needs to be fired from his CBC gig. He’s like a little kid. Even his cronies were snickering. Tonight, it was Stock babbling once again about Subban and this nutty embellishment stuff, and it was Elliotte Friedman stepping in and saying hold on, enough’s enough. This is a guy leading all d-men in  scoring, is in the running as the league’s best on the blueline, and it’s time to stop this innuendo horseshit.

He didn’t say it quite like that, but almost. It’s amazing about CBC. Sixty years doing Hockey Night in Canada, yet they’ve hired people such as Mike Milbury and Stock to talk hockey. The corporation took a true credibility hit when they let Stock open his mouth. How’d the guy get the job in the first place?

But aside from Emelin going down, and Stock opening his mouth, it was a fine and successful night. I’m just feeling bad for Bruins fans. I’ll probably think of them when I’m celebrating at the corner pub tonight.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot the enemy 29-27.

Each team enjoyed just one power play each, which is incredibly weird for a Habs-Bruins tilt. I need to get on Google and see if the planets are out of sync.

Michael Ryder has 18 points in 18 games with Montreal, and Subban 32 points in 32 games.

Next up – Tuesday, when the Caps come a callin’. We can deal with that later. Tonight is a night to savor sweet victory. And again, poor Bruins fans!!!!!!





Mike Milbury Defends Habs?

Listen to a couple of Bruins homers whine like little kids who got their lollipops taken away, and then hear Mike Milbury stick up for the Habs!

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it?

Take the loss and suck it up people. And thanks Mike Milbury. (I can’t believe I said this).

(Thanks to Danno for sending this link that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bruins people, particularly the media, are world-class cry babies).

Here’s the video. Bruins people are such babies

Please pass the handkerchief.


Pre-Draft Pep Talk

The young guys are gathering in Pittsburgh for the big Entry Draft, and I’m sure they’re a nervous bunch. What if I don’t get chosen? they ask themselves. But fear not. Mathieu Darche, Raphael Diaz, Josh Gorges, Martin St. Louis, Adam Oates, Curtis Joseph, and heck, I’ll even throw these in – Nick Kypreos, P.J. Stock, and Mike Milbury, were never drafted either. Although I can understand about the last three.

Relax, have a nice lunch, and enjoy the ride. Eat what young, healthy 19 year old’s eat. Some low-fat yogurt, a healthy sampling of fruits and vegetables, and about 17 plates of spaghetti.

Number 3 pick, whoever you are, please do this – become a star quickly and make fans rise out of their seats, couches, and honeymoon beds. Lead the team to numerous victories, don’t bolt to the KHL, play for more than just money, be prouder than proud to wear the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens, be a leader, don’t be a hot dog, punch out Brad Marchand, don’t dive, don’t get into scraps in bars, don’t gamble, try not to smoke, play tough, don’t make any illegitimate children, find time for your fans, read books about the Rocket, honor thy father and thy mother, don’t talk or spit gobs during the national anthem (tiny spit is okay), and down the road be selected to the Hall of Fame.

That’s all we ask. Good luck in Pittsburgh.


Sort Of Watching The Hawks-Coyotes Game

I managed to see a fair amount of the Chicago-Phoenix game at O’Shea’s on the Vegas strip, but I couldn’t hear a word of course. People cheered when they won a big hand at the tables and high-fived each other and it was all quite annoying, and the normal buzz of the casino drowned out just about everything. And the other problem was that women kept coming in with low-cut dresses on, so my hockey watching wasn’t as sharp as it could be.

You understand, right?

Phoenix beat the Hawks 3-2 in Phoenix, before a white out crowd which is nice but this sort of thing truly belongs in Winnipeg where it started, although I understand. The Coyotes are the original Jets, so I guess two white out buildings are fine now that the Jets are back in business. But only two. If there’s any more, I’m phoning Mike Milbury to fix it.

San Jose won their game in St. Louis, 3-2, and I have nothing to say about this. I didn’t see it because I was at O’Shea’s, remember? And frankly, I don’t really care.

The Rangers handled the Senators 4-2, and again, casino buzz, people winning, low-cut dresses etc.

And Boston shut out Washington 1-0. Could this be the start of another Boston run and yet another Washington flop?

So there you go. A not-so-fine recap of the games Thursday night. It’s not my fault. You know – casino, low-cut dresses, all that jazz.

Is Gomez gone yet?

And just for fun, I thought I’d put the following picture up. I don’t know if this is a doctored thing or not, but if it isn’t, it was definitely the guy’s last photo. And he was going to be that stupid, there should be serious repercussions, don’t you think? I just hope the little furry gaffer was okay.


Breaking News – Habs In Playoffs

I’m still speechless after learning that the Ottawa Senators have had to forfeit their eighth-place finish when it was discovered that Sens’ owner Eugene Melnyk had bribed the Ottawa goal judge who happened to be the illegitimate son of Gary Bettman’s mistress, both of which were uncovered after a police raid in Kanata found a love triangle that included Mike Milbury, Glenn Healy, and fitnesss guru Richard Simmons, who were nabbed in a cross-dressing orgy at the home of Melynyk’s brother’s sister-in-law’s babysitter, who happened to be the goal judge’s mother who had somehow been let out prematurely from the Womens’ Home For Newly-Paroled Streetwalkers.

And because the illegal results were from every single Senators-Montreal Canadiens game this year, it has been ruled in an overwhelming vote from certain owners not wanting their dirty female laundry aired, that the Habs are indeed in this year’s playoffs and will take on the New York Rangers beginning Wednesday night in New York.

And because of the dastardy deeds unearthed, it has also been decided the Canadiens will NOT have to forfeit their high draft pick. So it’s a win-win situation for the Montrealers.

The Canadiens are now scrambling to find their jerseys which they had given out to fans after what they thought was their last game.

“I pense nous can take le Rangers,” said Randy Cunneyworth. “Et when nous do, qui knows que ca will happen?”

And for me personally, all I can say is, it’s about time the breaks went our way.

I just can’t wait for Wednesday. Go Habs!



In reading various columns this morning, I see the field has narrowed down to a measly 15 or so candidates for the GM job in Montreal.

Names mentioned include Pierre McGuire and Jacques Martin, who need no introduction; ex-Habs Vincent Damphousse, Guy Carbonneau, and Patrick Roy; player agent Pat Brisson; along with Marc Bergevin, Julien Brisebois, Claude Loiselle, Andre Savard, Larry Carriere, Trevor Timmins, Jim Nill, Blair Mackasey, and Francois Giguere.

I’m sure another dozen names will crop up over the weeks to come, but for now, a few have been left off that leave me speechless.

Mike Milbury. This is a guy who bleeds bleu, blanc, et rouge. He’s smart, never says anything outlandish, and is loved by Habs fans around the world.

PJ Stock. Bilingual and knows more about hockey than you, me, and just about everybody, dead and alive.

Glen Sather. Knew how to get rid of Scott Gomez. Doesn’t that count for a lot?

Don Cherry. Don isn’t bilingual, though. And unfortunately, he also doesn’t speak English. But he’d be a beauty, eh? And there would be no more talk of tanking except when the team played Boston and Toronto.

Donald Trump. Knows the business side, and would be able to bring Scott Gomez, Tomas Kaberle, and Rene Bourque into the board room and say to them – “Scott, Tomas, and Rene, you’re fired.”

Jillian Barbarie. Fox Sports reporter. I’m sure she’s qualified in many ways.







Habs And Caps Square Off At The Bell

Almost to the minute after the siren sounds to end the Habs-Caps game today, I have to rush off to work and help keep things going while the rest of you eat, drink, and be merry. So I need to have some sort of game recap all wrapped up before I head out the door.

I guess the only way is for me to babble on during the game, a game where questions linger. Can Montreal win? Will they blow a lead? How many breakaways will Tomas Plekanec get? Will Gomez score? Will PK slew-foot anyone? Will Alexei Emelin send fellow countryman Alex Ovechkin into the third row? What about the lousy power play? And will Molson’s ten-dollar beer sales be up or down?

How will they do? Only Mike Milbury and PJ Stock know for sure, because they know pretty well everything there is to know.

Back in a bit.

The game is underway, Peter Budaj is in nets for Montreal, and the way he plays today will go a long way in deciding whether I fire him or not when I own the team. So far so good.

Both teams are feeling each other out in these early minutes, and yes, I feel it. The Habs will win the Cup. They’re playing that well. Gomez, on a line with Lars Eller and Mathieu Darche, didn’t score on his first shift, in case you were wondering.

Washington’s Dennis Wideman sent a fluff ball over Budaj’s shoulder to give the Caps a flukey 1-0 lead. Budaj couldn’t see it. At least I’m hoping he couldn’t see it. If he could see it, he’s fired. Wideman’s shot reminds me of mine.

Please bear with me. It’s tricky to watch the game and type with two fingers at the same time.

The game’s first penalty goes to Emelin, a bit of a chintzy call, but the Canadiens kill it. It’s one of the things they do well. We have at least that to hang our hats on.

Period’s over, it’s 1-0 Washington, and I feel it’s only a matter of time before this Canadiens juggernaut starts smoking and explodes into a fireball of net-filling.

Period two underway and the Cole line puts the pressure on. I’d like to divide Gomez’s 7 million-plus salary into three and give it to Cole, Pacioretty, and Desharnais. Is that progressive thinking or what?

Gomez takes a shot. Crowd goes ooh and aah.

Habs almost score – Desharnais, Cole etc, then at the other end, Peter Budaj throws his stick which leads to a penalty shot. STOPPED by Budaj. Still waiting for that Habs fireball of net-filling. Should be anytime now.

Montreal’s first power play of the game. Should they decline it? Can they score? I’ll let you know in the next sentence.

Nope. Of course not. What did you expect?

That’s it for the second period. Still nothing from the Canadiens. What a sad sack bunch. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I’m leaning towards laughing.

Final frame;

Five minutes gone, still no Habs explosion. Not even a trace of smoke.

2-0 Washington. Kaberle plays soft and gives up the puck. Kaberle’s a bum.

At least they’re not blowing a lead, if that’s any consolation.

Gomez rushes, over to Eller, and a 10 mph backhand is stopped by Vocoun. It just doesn’t get any more exciting.

Kaberle f**ks up, which leads to another penalty shot. This time it’s a goal, it’s now 3-0, and did I mention what a bum Kaberle is?

That’s it. I’ll just fast forward the last few minutes and be done with. Shut out 3-0. It’s disgraceful.

Now I’m off to work, which will feel like a holiday in Hawaii compared to watching this bunch.













Shooting From The Lip

A fellow at work brought in a book for me to read called “Shooting From The Lip” (2004), which is a compilation of hockey quotes. Here’s a few of them…..

My brother Dash hit me on the head with five textbooks in a gym bag. Tie Domi, asked about the hardest hit he’s ever received

Man, is that guy ripped. I mean, I’ve got the washboard stomach, too. It’s just that mine has about two months of laundry on top of it. Shawn Burr on Eric Lindros

Every time I see you naked, I feel sorry for your wife. Jaromir Jagr to teammate Matthew Barnaby

They always try to play with our minds. But that won’t work with our club. We’ve got 20 guys without brains. Bobby Clarke in 1976 when Red Army played Philadelphia

I was young and stupid then. Now I’m not young anymore. Jyrki Lumme on his early years with Montreal

You can always get someone to do your thinking for you. Gordie Howe, during a 1970’s appearance on the Dick Cavett Show, on why hockey players always wear a protective cup but rarely a helmet

It’s about 40% technique and about 75% strength. 6’1″ Canadien Patrice Brisebois, on why he lost a fight to Theo Fleury

Everything was set for us to play a real good game. Then we left the dressing room and everything went to hell. Thrashers coach Curt Fraser

The kids just aren’t the same anymore. Canadien Doug Gilmour after asking a rookie to sneak a case of 24 beers onto the team bus and finding out he only got six cans

Only problem is I was going high on the glove side. Senator Lance Pitlick on scoring his first goal of the season with a low shot to the stick side

Guys, I don’t want to tell you half-truths unless they’re completely accurate. Canadiens coach Alain Vigneault after a loss in 1999

It’s not so much maturity as it is growing up. Bruin Jay Miller, asked if his improved play was due to maturity

Jason Arnott will be here as long as I’m here, for the time being. Oilers GM Glen Sather on Arnott trade rumours

He could rile up the Montreal fans in a hurry. God, sometimes I felt sorry for the man. He must have got a standing ovation when he went shopping. Gordie Howe on Maurice Richard

It’s always good to have the building filled, even if it’s with low-IQ Rangers fans. Islander GM Mike Milbury before a home game against the Rangers

I’m the luckiest man alive. I don’t even like the game and I’m successful at it. Brett Hull

I’d rather fight than score. Dave Schultz

Rocket had that mean look on, every game we played. He could hate with the best of them. Gordie Howe on Maurice Richard

Life is just a place where we spend time between games. Flyers coach Fred Shero

Hockey is like a religion in Montreal. You’re either a saint or a sinner., there’s no in-between. Patrick Roy

Hmmm, 600 games? What does it mean? It means I’m that much closer to getting fired. Jacques Lemaire after coaching his 600th game

Playing with Steve Guolla is like playing with myself. Shark Jeff Friesen on his teammate

What I’ve learned so far is that to win the Stanley Cup, you have to make the playoffs. Caps owner Ted Leonsis

Every time I get injured, my wife ends up getting pregnant. Blackhawk Doug Wilson

I don’t care if we lose every game for the next five years and the team goes broke and moves to Moose Jaw. I will not trade Pavel Bure. Canucks GM Brian Burke several weeks before trading Bure to to the Panthers

Brian Sutter said I looked liked Charles Manson. He called me Charlie, then it became Killer. Canadien Doug Gilmour on the source of his “Killer” nickname