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Is Cammalleri’s Jersey Worth $1250.00 or $12.50?

Pierre Gauthier must have been some pissed off with Mike Cammalleri after the over-paid, underachieving rich kid called out the team in the waning hours before being sent packing to the wild west.

First, it was Cammalleri being dealt to Calgary midway through a game. Then it was Gauthier not telling the guy right away where he was going. And now we find out Gauthier wanted to charge Cammalleri $1250.00 for the jersey after the player asked if he could have it for sentimental reasons.

I’m of two minds about this. Gauthier refuses to leave the building, weeks after being let go. At least in spirit anyway. Maybe he’s a downright spiteful and immature type. Or possibly just has several screws loose, which many of us have suspected for quite some time.

On the other hand, Cammalleri wasn’t exactly Rocket Richard when it came time for intensity and fire, and doesn’t deserve a free jersey. He seemed overly-concerned with lookin’ good, except where it counted most – on the ice. He seemed to be all about his outside ventures, his brands, his image. When I watched him closely during the Flames-Canucks game not long ago, he scored a goal but also refused to get closer than two feet of opposing players. He played on the perimeter, waiting to be set up. And he performed over-extended fancy sweeps around the boards after whistles so fans could ooh and aah.

I would have dealt him too. Maybe in a slightly different way, though. And in hindsight, it certainly wouldn’t have been for Rene Bourque, which has absolutely nothing to do with Jerseygate but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.

In the last few hours I’ve been trying to figure out Gauthier’s thinking behind the $1250.00 figure. Why so much? Was this jersey going to bring in similar dollars in auction for charity? Did it need the world’s most expensive dry cleaning job? Cammalleri has ten letters in the name and was Gauthier hoping to recoup the dollars spent on such a long name on the back of the jersey? Or was it simply a case of Gauthier being quite an asshole?

And we also must remember this. For a six million dollar guy like Cammalleri, $1250 is chump change he drops in the ashtray when he comes home from the movies. It’s nothing, like a buck and a half for you and me.

So really, it’s come down to this for me. Gauthier is a mental case and Cammalleri, if he wanted the jersey badly enough, simply had to buy it and it wouldn’t have put the slightest dent in his wallet. I’m not taking sides either way here. Neither of them helped my team, and that’s a sin if I ever saw one.

Side note: A few years ago I chatted on the phone with Terry Harper, the old rearguard for the Canadiens in the 1960’s, and I asked him if he still had any of his old Habs sweaters from his playing days. Not a chance, he said. No one was allowed to leave the dressing room with a sweater and it was watched like a hawk by the trainers.


Habs Steamroll Along

It seems like only yesterday the Habs were on the bubble for a playoff spot, playing poorly, winning some, losing too many.

For Habs fans, it was more than depressing. Because these are fans who are tired of mediocrity. It’s been too long.

How things can change. With Montreal controlling the game in Manhattan against the Rangers, winning 3-1, they now find themselves racking up six straight and moving within just one point of the Ottawa Senators.

And part two of “how things can change”, it was only a few weeks ago when the Sens were on a serious roll, that hockey panelists and newspaper writers throughout the land were declaring Ottawa a major contender.

Now, like I said, the Habs are within just one point of this team from the Nation’s Capital. Suddenly, like magic, hockey people everywhere are amazed at what’s happened with the Canadiens and the way they’ve come together while still missing key guys Mike Cammalleri and Marc-Andre Bergeron.

But I think Habs fans knew all along that the team was a good team. It’s only because the Canadiens have been riddled with injuries since day one, and it’s a team almost completely different from last year’s lineup. It’s taken this long to get it together, but it’s happened.

Bob Gainey should be proud for sticking with his convictions and not signing Alex Kovalev and others and bringing in skaters most experts felt were too small. And Pierre Gauthier should be applauded for doing nothing at the trade deadline and believing in what he had, along with having the foresight to grab Dominic Moore.

Random Notes:

Time off now until Saturday when the Leafs do battle with the good guys in Toronto. I don’t have to say anything more about this game.

Habs goals were scored by Glen Metropolit, Sergie Kostitsyn, who is is contributing in a big way now at this all-important time, and Tomas Plekanec who is back on track.

Driving back from Nelson today I was listening to Vancouver Canucks talk radio, and believe me, the radio guys and fans out here are thinking that the Canucks are a bonafide Stanley Cup contender and Henrik Sedin has a chance of winning the Art Ross trophy for league MVP. We’ll see about all that.

Breathing Easier After Habs Win In A Shootout

Yes, they won the game. All it took was shootout, a concussion, several posts, a near head-crunching to Scott Gomez, and great play by the Gomez, Gionta, Cammellari line.

Marc-Andre Bergeron was left woozy and wobbly after a head-slam into the boards by Colby Armstrong. He continued to play after that against the advice of doctors Bob McKenzie, Mathew Barnaby, Gord Miller, and of course, Pierre McGuire, and whether these TSN guys were right or not, I’ve no idea. All I know is, it didn’t surprise me that the guy brought in to help out the power play and add some relief to the Andrei Marlov-less blueline would almost get injured and almost never to be seen again. Didn’t surprise me a bit. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire team came down with swine flu.

But he came back. Although the power play was zero for a hundred.

The biggest problem was, the Habs ran into some guy with pads on named Ondrej Pavelec who stood on his head and probably played the best game of his life. And of course, it had to be against Montreal.

But I still have a hard time gushing praise on the Habs, even though they won, outshot Atlanta 36-23, and hit two or three posts. They’re still not finishing, they’re still turning the puck over (which Pierre McGuire, when he wasn’t spreading love for Ilya Kovalchuk, wouldn’t stop harping about), and there are still too many players not earning their paycheques.

But I’m in a giving and forgiving mood. They won the game. It’s two huge points. The fans at the Bell Centre saw exciting hockey and went home happy. And Pierre McGuire might have hoped he could go home with Kovalchuk.

Mini Rant on a Night I’m Feeling Good:

In many ways I admire Pierre McGuire. He’s not my guru like he is for some, but I appreciate that he knows his hockey. But sometimes, I wish he’d shut up a little. He just couldn’t help himself in his non-stop criticism of the Canadiens. At one point he said it was unacceptable that the Habs only had ten shots on goal. But he didn’t mention that Atlanta only had half that at that point. He couldn’t stop going on about Habs turnovers, about the power play, the lack of aggression, and probably even off mic about the lousy coffee and hot dogs at the Bell Centre. Very little made him happy when it came to the Canadiens. And there was almost no critique of the other team. Yeah, that one. The one that was outshot and lost.

I just wanted him to stop.

Random Notes:

It will be nice to see Glen Metropolit back. Maybe with his work ethic and leadership, he’d light a fire under some of those who need a fire lit.

Islanders next up at the Bell Centre on Thursday night. Dare we dream of a two-game winning streak?

Jaroslav Halak was solid in net. Will he play Thursday night?

Flames Blog Says Habs Have No Chance

From The C of Red, a Calgary Flames blog that shows absolutely no respect for the Habs. In their opinion, the Canadiens shouldn’t even skate on the same ice as the mighty Calgary Flames.  Heck, we don’t even get a three star. 

GWG: Moss/Prust (1), Gorges/Gionta (1)
PlusMinus: Bouwmeester (3)/Langkow/Regehr/Dawes(Minus2), Gorges (3)/Mara/Gill/Kostitsyn (Minus1)

Record: CGY:2-0-0  MTL: 2-0-0
Points: CGY: 4 MTL: 4
Rank: CGY: NHL: 4 Conference: 4 Division: 2  MTL:  NHL: 2 Conference: 2 Division: 1
PP: CGY: 2 @ 66.7 MTL: 17 @ 20.0
PK: CGY: 6 @ 75.0 MTL: 7 @ 70.0
GF: CGY: 9, MTL: 6
GA: CGY: 6, MTL: 4

The Skinny:

Cammys first game back since he signed with Montreal, look for some hazing from Calgary and possibly an inflated output from Cammy trying to show up his old team.

It’s early in the season and both teams only have two regular season games under their belts, and while both teams do look good, theirs still plenty to work out for each side.

Montreal has the Vancouver Canucks to deal with tommorow, they may want to leave something in the tank.

Expect a multi-supportive crowd, lot’s of Montreal fans around.

Markov is out for four months following a gruesome sounding Tendon Laceration in his ankle, further hampering Montreals attempts at cohesion.

Both teams roll into the Dome undefeated.

Calgary has more goals then Montreal, but Montreal has fewer goals against.

Montreal is a smaller team and needs to work on showing aggression.

Calgary has flashes of a phenomenal defensive system.

Calgary is a big tough team and will end up bullying Montreal.

Montreal has been winning on luck, being outplayed for the majority of the game.

My Predictions:

5-2 Calgary

3 Stars

3. Moss

2. Iginla

1. Kipprusoff

We’ll Take These Two Points, Thank You Very Much

It just warms the cockles of my heart. I feel a glow. Thank you, Mike Komisarek

With Toronto outshooting Montreal by double the margin, and leading 3-2 late in the third period, Mike Komisarek once a Hab, now a Leaf, took one of his classic and ill-timed penalties, and shortly after, the pride of inner-city Cabbagetown Glen Metropolit scored to tie the game in front of probably a bunch of friends and family who don’t usually get $400 tickets presented to them.

And because of Komisarek’s penalty, which he’ll do often this year, the Canadiens changed the momentum, and Josh Gorges, who no one in North America took in their hockey pool, finished it off and the Habs win the big opener.

Thanks, Mike Komisarek. We appreciate it. Things kind of backfired on you, didn’t they?

Josh Gorges is now on pace to score 82 goals this year.

I feel it’s not important to dwell on the fact the Canadiens were outplayed and badly outshot. Things can get straightened out. It’s time to look at the good, like the play of Mike Cammellari and Brian Gionta, and especially Carey Price. The team didn’t back down from any of the rough stuff. And best of all, it’s two big points. Like they say, points in October are just as important as points six months from now.

And it was the Leafs.

Random Notes:

Carey Price came through with flying colours, facing 46 shots. His teammates had 27 on Vesa Toskala.

Andre Markov went off with some kind of foot or ankle injury. Not only is it crucial that Markov isn’t seriously injured because of his value to the team, but also because I have him in my hockey pool.

Georges Laraque and Colton Orr pounded each other early in the game. Later on, Travis Moen, who also scored a goal, traded blows with a guy named Rosehill.

Those two rich-looking dudes with the coiffed hair who we see every year it seems, have their same seats again behind the Leafs players’ bench at the ACC Centre. They look like they own a major chain of hairdressing salons.

Canadiens are in Buffalo Saturday night in the second of five straight road games, the last three being Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Habs By Numbers – Knowing When

What’s the opposite of someone who’s good in math?


I was fine in grade school – adding and subtracting and multiplying like crazy when I wasn’t dropping pencils on the floor so I could look up girls’ skirts. But in high school it was different. All those ridiculous fractions and letters and things squared. People who measure the distance to Pluto might need this. Einstein needed it. But why would a bum like me need to understand the theory of relativity or calculate how long it would take me to fly through space?

I’m going to come right out and say it; my algebra marks hovered somewhere around 12 out of a hundred. All the time. I’m the biggest algebra failure in the history of the world. 

I feel bad about this and have decided to exercise my head using numbers. I think it’s important.

Montreal takes on the Leafs on opening night in less than 3,300,000 seconds; the night Leafs’ lug Mike Komisarek begins a season of passing pucks up the middle that become intercepted. Although this is changing by the….second.  

In just under 6 million seconds, Gregory Stewart hammers Milan Lucic for the first time.

Around 9 million seconds, Sean Avery will have turtled for the first time when Montreal hosts the Rangers.

In approximately 16 million seconds, Scott Gomez, Mike Cammellari and Brian Gionta will all have passed the 30 goal mark.

Somewhere around 19 million seconds, the Habs will have secured a playoff spot and Carey Price will be awarded a standing ovation.

In 24 million seconds and counting, Montreal will have just won their 25th Stanley Cup.

And in less than 3600 seconds, I’m going to the pub.

Habs On The Road. Bonding With The Blues

I’m only just now looking at the new schedule because I’ve been battling an eyeball situation, but I see that the Canadiens open up on the road, hitting Toronto, Buffalo, and then a three-city west coast swing which takes them to Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

This might just be what the doctor ordered. All the new faces in the lineup, bonding early rather than later with the old faces on a good old west coach swing. And they get away from the pressure cooker before the pressure cooker is even turned on.

In Calgary, the boys can go out and take in the Calgary Zoo. They can go to the monkey cage and maybe see what myself and a bunch of others saw. A monkey sat behind the glass, looked at us with big eyes, and proceeded to play with himself until his eyes got even bigger. Mothers shielded their kids and scurried off. Japanese tourists talked politely, maybe snapped a few pictures, and carried on in orderly fashion. 

I myself looked at the monkey with great admiration. Imagine all those eyes on you and you don’t even give a shit?

Something like this is invaluable. Scott Gomez and Mike Cammellari and the old and new of the team would have a good topic to bring up in the dressing room when the pressure gets umbearable. Everyone would laugh and loosen up, at the poor monkey’s expense.

In Vancouver, the guys can bond at the Yale Hotel, listening to the best blues in the city, and hoping not to get shot at when they go out on the darkened Granville Street afterwards. Tip to the players – call a cab beforehand and when it arrives, dive into it like you’re Michael Phelps and get the hell back to your hotel.

But the blues is heavenly. And on second thought, that area of Vancouver isn’t seedy and dangerous. Okay, maybe it is.

In Edmonton, the team can band together, old and new, by looking out their hotel window and seeing snow falling lazily from the sky. It’s early October in Edmonton. Almost winter.Very soon it’s going to get so cold you’d think Gary Bettman and Jim Balsillie had just met in an elevator. Or they can go en masse to the West Edmonton Mall at gawk at ladies in bikinis at the wave pool and whisper crude yet very funny remarks to each other that hurries up the bonding process.

Opening on the road is a way to find out if any of the new guys are easy card marks and a new and quick way to make extra money on the side. It’s a chance to find out about players on other teams from which the new guys came from. If Jerome Iginla really likes Michael Bolton or Celine Dion, this can be valuable trash talk on Saddledome ice.

Scoott Gomez can relate Sean Avery stories from New York. Maybe Avery walks old ladies across streets and tips hotel housekeepers. Brian Gionta might show a different side when he punches out the first guy who calls him Tom Thumb.

Very quickly the team will become very close from all these monkeys and snow and the blues. Then they go back for a six-game home stand where they’ll probably kick some serious ass.