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Good Thing I’m A Habs Fan

Like Mario Lemieux, who had such a bad back he had to get a trainer to tie his skates.

I had a professional massage today by a massage therapist in daylight hours. (as opposed to a massage by a professional lady of the night.)

I did a huge number on my back and if I had skates, somebody would have to tie them for me. This massage therapist explained to me that when I picked the object up when the damage happened, my pelvis rotated like it should, but then it got stuck and couldn’t rotate back. So he’s putting it back in place over a period of several visits. He also said the damage made one leg an inch shorter than the other, which he fixed.

For others – Leaf fans or Bruins fans and such, this type of massage would hurt like crazy. Pain from the depths of hell. But because I’m a Habs fan? Didn’t hurt one bit.