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Price And P.K. Lead Team

On one hand it was a very solid 3-0 win over the New York Rangers. On the other it wasn’t, because Carey Price simply shone in goal and came up with a handful of amazing stops to stop any flow or momentum the visiting Rangers tried to muster. But all in all, it was full marks for the Habs in their win, and although New York would come close from time to time, the game seemed under control throughout.

I kind of had this calm and relaxed inner peace from the first drop of the puck. Somehow I knew they’d win and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because this team is SO FREAKING GOOD THIS YEAR.

Michael Ryder scored his team’s first of the night, Tomas Plekanec made it 2-0 after one period, and Brendan Gallagher scored the third on the power play in the second. Ryder, Plekanec, and Gallagher – three guys getting it done. And P.K. Subban notching three assists and continuing to be the best defenceman in the world.

Several guys going good, and Price holding the fort. Now if only Max, Desharnais, and Gionta can step it up somewhat. And they will. Max needs another one of those bouncers from centre ice to go in. He started scoring every night, it seemed, after the last one happened, and now it’s time for another springboard. And with Max going, Desharnais will find himself on the scoresheet more often and he’ll quickly find a nice groove. Things snowball and before we know it, another set of guys are winning games for us when Ryder and Gallagher and the others aren’t.

Although Gallagher especially seems to be a terror pretty well every night.

The Rangers have such high-priced talent with the likes of Brad Richards, Rick Nash, and Marian Gaborik, and when teams struggle when they shouldn’t, it’s usually the coach who meets the firing line. Maybe John Tortorella might want to update his resume. And it only goes to show that having a list of big stars on one team doesn’t always guarantee a powerhouse. Often it does, but not always. The Rangers fit the “not always” part.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Rangers 34, Montreal 26. Price was sensational on several of those 34.

Carolina’s in town on Monday. Of course the Canadiens need this win. Have I ever said this before?

Brandon Prust was still finding his legs tonight, and at one point, took a puck off one of them and he hobbled to the bench. Thankfully he was back soon after, but he might be a bit sore tomorrow morning. I believe, for the sake of the team, Prust needs his gorgeous girlfriend to massage the painful area.

Nathan Beaulieu, in his first NHL game, saw action on the power play and showed he can skate and make smart plays. I’m sure his parents are very proud and Michel Therrien and Marc Bergevin are very pleased.


Blueshirts Blow In

Game day – Habs entertain the Rangers, with Brandon Prust back and Nathan Beaulieu up from Hamilton for his first-ever NHL game. From Hockey’s Future, which was written before his season began in Hamilton, here’s what was said about this 6’3′ defenceman.

“As well as quarterback the play from the blue line, Beaulieu is a highly mobile defenseman, who carries the puck well and can make things happen on the rush. He is smart about limiting the amount of chances he takes. He is still developing physically. Beaulieu is equally adept shooting and distributing the puck.”

The Rangers are currently sitting in eighth-place in the East with 35 points, twelve behind the Habs, and of course this is a game the Canadiens need to win. Is there another option? They need to keep the momentum going from that wild and crazy night in Beantown, and in doing so, continue to make us happy because we’re spoiled rotten now.

There seems to be some issues between John Tortorella and the inconsistent Marian Gaborik – Torts and Gaborik, and it’s nice when the Habs are sailing in calm waters while teams elsewhere battle rocky waves. There’s also apparently no truth whatsoever to the rumour that Tortorella had anything to do with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

In other news –

Luci gave me this chocolate Stanley Cup for Easter but she says I can’t eat it until the Habs win the Cup. So now I have to wait until June before I can dive in. I’m also worried that North Korea might take out much of the Eastern Seaboard, which would certainly play havoc with the upcoming playoffs.

Maybe I should eat it now.


Rangers Tonight


The Canadiens hit Broadway tonight for a meeting with the Rangers, and to keep their win streak alive, they know they’ll have to contain the big five – Rick Nash, Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, Andy Bathgate, and little Camille Henry. They also know they must be aware of the Ranger’s tight defence, with stalwarts such as Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto, Harry Howell, and Bill Gadsby patrolling the back end.

The Rangers sit eight in the east with 17 points, four points behind the second-place Habs, and at this point, N.Y. coach John Tortorella hasn’t announced whether he’s starting Henrik Lundqvist or Gump Worsley in goal.

A big game for the Habs, as they look to blast those Blueshirts and keep us happy.

Marian Gaborik Buys A Shack

Minnesota Wild star forward Marian Gaborik, who becomes a free agent in a couple of days, has just bought a house in West Vancouver. West Vancouver real estate, by the way, is as expensive as it gets.

So I suppose it’s not rocket science to assume that Gaborik is about to sign with the Canucks. And if you were hoping he would end up in Montreal, forget it. Anyway, there’d be no money left for Gaborik after the Habs sign Jay Bouwmeester, Vincent Lecavalier, and the Sedin twins. Holy smokes, what a team we’re going to have!

Ilya Kovalchuk, Stan Fischler, And Your Chance To Get It Off Your Chest

Good guy Tom at The Ryan Coke Experience has gotten wind of a rumour you might want to check out on his site – that both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens are showing interest in Atlanta Thrashers sniper Ilya Kovalchuk, a guy with almost 500 points in almost 500 games in the NHL.


Normally I’d want something like this to happen. A young, fifty goal guy in a Habs uniform. But, like  Marian Gaborik, I want neither player. Montreal has the team now to do the deed. There’s just no sense in shaking up the chemistry, regardless of how good these guys are.


And they need to first let me be flag guy at the Bell Centre before bringing in any more players. First things first.


Anyway, have a look at Tom’s site. He, by the way, lives in Ottawa but, unlike many of my own Ottawa friends, has stayed a Habs fan and hasn’t been swept away by Senatormania in the Senatorium.


And because Tom reads my blog, he’s one of the best people in the world.


Another one of the best in the world is Jordy, who let me know today that long-time hockey writer Stan Fischler, based in New York, says Carey Price is a stiff, cocky, mediocre goalie.


Stan Fischer is not one of the best people in the world. In fact, saying something like that makes him a leading candidate for worst person in the world.


Last, but certainly not least, I’m completely open to having people guest blog on this site. (as long as it’s good.) Anytime you want to send in a little story about anything related to hockey – yes, even the Canucks, Leafs, Sean Avery etc., you’re welcome to do this.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write something. Well, here’s your chance. Just email me with your story at dlkane@shaw.ca and I’ll check for spelling and you’ll be in print. Please, though, not too many f bombs.

Gary Bettman Wets The Bed, And Other Hockey Thoughts

Hockey items you could discuss with your friends after five or six beer:


The Philadelphia Flyers have sent Steve Downey down to their AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Players around the NHL now stand a much better chance of not having their skulls cracked. AHL players, however, are putting extra padding in their helmets and have told their wives to remarry if anything happens to them.

Steve Downey is Sean Avery on crystal meth.


Gary Bettman says everything’s rosy in the the league and so talk of a team in Canada is silly, especially the part about having two franchises in the Toronto area. Bettman may or may not have said this as he overlooked the three franchises around New York from his office window.


This is a guy who probably even makes French-Canadian oldtimers long for Clarence Campbell.

And why are teams like Atlanta, Florida, Nashville, Phoenix etc. so important to the little man, and placing a team in Canada isn’t?

There has to be a reason. I just don’t know what the reason is. Is he getting fat little Christmas bonuses from people?

Was the bully who picked on Bettman in school a transplanted Canadian?


Rumours contimue about Wild star Marian Gaborik being traded to Montreal. I’m assuming Gary Bettman is against this because if it makes the Habs even stronger and even more of a Cup contender, the Stanley Cup could end up in the dreaded backwaters of Canada, one of the commissioner’s worst nightmares.


And one of my worst nightmares is a major trade involving the Canadiens which disrupts the harmony and chemistry they’ve got going now.  If they landed Gaborik for future draft picks only, then great. But they’d need to clear out some salaries to make room for him, which means moving some existing players.

Is this a good idea?


Did the Boomer-Pocket commercial make you smile?


Bobby Clarke says Sean Avery is an idiot and someone should punch him out. Of course, when Clarke played, he was an angelic, gentlemanly fellow whom the whole hockey world loved. But aside from that, I completely agree with him.


This five-game break in the schedule for the Canadiens may or may not suck. Players can nurse their wounds and certain things can be worked out in practices, but geez, they’ve been on such a roll. And don’t forget about the poor wives who have to put up with them for this long. This isn’t normal for the little ladies.

Hope all this doesn’t affect the big game against Anaheim Saturday night.


Is it possible Gary Bettman told the schedule planners to give good Canadian teams big long days off to disrupt their play?