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I’m With Max Of Course

A very interesting story has emerged regarding a disagreement betwen Max Pacioretty and league suspension-giver-outer Brendan Shanahan.

Max says that during his recent hearing for coldcocking Kris Letang, Shanahan compared it to the Matt Cooke/Marc Savard affair.

Shanahan insists he didn’t say this.

So who was it? I’m siding with Max. He says his agent and Pierre Gauthier can vouch for him.

The story can be seen here Pacioretty Disputes Shanahan’s Words, and thanks to both Mike Williamson and Danno for sending it along.

Wade Belak Gone

Another player leaves us.

Wade Belak, found dead in his apartment, becomes the third NHLer in four months, following Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien, to go to that big rink in the sky. It’s always shocking, and it leaves a lousy feeling in my gut.

I didn’t know a whole lot about Belak, but two things come to mind. That he was a hardrock player who knew how to handle himself, and he was a personable, intelligent, and colourful fellow when he was a guest on TSN’s Off The Record.

May he rest in peace.

The Sporting News story can be seen here

Geez, what a day. It began with Jean Beliveau’s joyful birthday, and ends with Marc Savard probably retiring due to concussions, and Wade Belak passing away.

Rooting For Marc Savard

It’s a sad story indeed, this whole head-shot/concussion issue, and now a really fine player is paying a big price. Boston’s Marc Savard, sufferer of too many concussions during his career, won’t play this season and may never play again.

It’s tragic that this has happened, and I hope this classy player comes back as soon as possible for many more great years. And here’s hoping Sidney Crosby, with  similar problems, is also back soon.

The story  can be seen here, from OttawaCitizen.com. (Thanks again, Danno).

No One Likes To Go To Work And Get A Head Shot

If the league really wants to end shots to the head such as what Matt Cooke did to Boston’s Marc Savard the other night, then they have to stop dicking around and just do it. Put the hammer down on Cooke, suspend him for the rest of the season and playoffs, and maybe others will get the message.

If it can be done to Rocket Richard, it can be done to Matt Cooke. And I can almost guarantee there will be no Cooke Riot on St. Patrick’s night to deal with.

What’s the problem? Why is so complicated? Why can’t everyone agree on this?

Just take away what a player loves the most – his video games. Or if that’s not enough, suspend him for at least the amount of time the injured player is out.

And if that doesn’t work, tell him he can’t go out for beers with the boys anymore. Give him what players hate  most – early curfew. Order him to sign his autograph so fans can read it. Put him in charge of dealing with the media after the game. Make him carry his own bags. Threaten to trade him to Toronto.

Just do something. No one likes to go to work and get a head shot. I’m pretty sure GM’s don’t give each other concussions. Maybe the odd stab in the back, but not head shots.

Preparing For Those Nashville Cats

Montreal doesn’t see the Nashville Predators, who they play Thursday night, all that often. This is a team who mostly toils in the west, and aren’t toiling all that well. The Predators have 43 points. (Habs have 56) and sit 12th of 15 teams in the Western Conference. They have one blue-chipper, defenceman Shea Weber, who was a standout for Canada along with Dion Phaneuf at the World Juniors a few years back.


The problem is, they also have Jordin Tootoo, who needs Mike Komisarek to wrap his big hands around his throat a la Marc Savard, and teach the guy to quit wreaking havoc and causing injuries.


The Predators are not to be taken lightly. The Canadiens have been known to be absolutely lousy against lesser teams. Think back to the 3-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning December 11th as a prime example.


I also think some of the boys might be nervous about recent trade talks. Will they stay or will they go.




The Ottawa Senators have now won two straight games, beating Atlanta 3-2 Wednesday night. That means all those people I know in Ottawa who used to be good Montreal Canadiens fans and changed to Senators fans will be popping champagne and kissing women in the street.    

Maybe The Bruins Should Buy Their Goalie A Beer

It seemed like only yesterday that Boston had this guy who looked like an overweight butcher playing goal for them. It was Fatty Arbuckle back there.


Now, instead of Fatty Arbuckle, the same guy in goal looks like an overweight Vladislav Tretiak.


Tim Thomas won the game for the Bruins tonight, stopping 34 big shots, as they handed the Habs a close 3-1 victory in Boston. Even though Zdeno Chara scored two goals, it was Thomas who won the game. Boston didn’t outplay Montreal, not by a long shot. In fact, the Habs had handfuls of great scoring chances.


But they couldn’t solve Thomas.


So it’s not the end of the world. Montreal waltzed into Boston and showed the Bruins and their fans that this is a team to be reckoned with. And I’m sure everyone knows that it was only because of Thomas that the Bruins won this game.


One of the great highlights of the night was when Marc Savard decided to get a little spunky with Mike Komisarek. Komisarek reached out and put his big hand around Savard’s throat. That ended that discussion.


Coming Attactions:


Nashville’s in Montreal Thursday, and Saturday the Canadiens bomb up the 417 to Ottawa to take on the Senators. I’m expecting four big points in these next two games.


Now excuse me while I go slit my wrists.







The Boston Bruins And Some Lousy Boards Almost Ruin A Great Party.

If it wasn’t for Carey Price, the Boston Bruins would’ve fought back from more than a 3-0 deficit. They almost overcame a bunch of Hab greats in the building, an anxious dropping-of-the-puck by Elmer Lach and Emile ‘Butch’ Bouchard that had me a little worried for Butch, a fired-up crowd, and the rest of us in TV land who only had eyes on the Canadiens.


And the Montreal Canadiens got no help at all from the supposedly state-of-the-art Bell Centre.


It began like a Disney movie. The interviews with Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur, the old players introduced – Henri Richard, Larry Robinson, Guy Lapointe and many others, the vintage photos and films, the lavish praise from hockey analysts, and most importantly, three big goals in the first period by Alex Kovalev, Saku Koivu, and Maxim Lapierre.


It was a perfect script. Better start drawing up the parade route plans.


But then, disturbingly, the Canadiens adrenaline, for whatever reason, dried up half-way through, and little by little, only Price was there to keep it close. So much for the classic third-period team I talked about yesterday. Montreal proved that first-period hockey absolutely isn’t good enough.


Shamefully, it was a construction flaw that almost turned a great night into a complete disaster. An innocent shoot-in that hit an obvious seam in the boards that fooled Price, banged in by the Bruins’ Marc Savard, and with only 47 seconds to go, the game was tied.


It’s unacceptable for the boards to have this flaw. Montreal brass better have a good long talk with the maintenance foreman.


In the end, Alex Tanguay scored the shootout winner and the night was salvaged. But it’s not good. Montreal has to play a full sixty minutes. Thankfully it’s early in the season and they can learn a big lesson from this.


This is how the Canadiens almost lost the opening round series to Boston in last year’s playoff, by not keeping the pedal to the metal.


So there’s still some fine-tuning to be done.


But it’s two points. And for now, that’s good enough.




Georges Laraque, in his first game in a Habs uniform, in the first two and a half minutes of the game, had a good scrap with Bruins’ Shawn Thornton. And although it was fairly even, Laraque made his presence felt, which I’m sure is what he wanted to do.


The crowd started to boo Guillaume Latendresse a little tonight. He has to pick it up a little.


Next up – The Phoenix Coyotes visit the Bell Centre Saturday. You can bet the boards will be fixed by then.