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Banquet Boys

Artwork by the great Canadian artist Franklin Arbuckle that appeared on cover of the March 28,1959 issue of Maclean’s magazine.

A bunch of kids at a Catholic hockey banquet bombarding guest Maurice Richard for autographs as the priests and dads stay in the background looking slightly bored.

It makes me smile and it used to make my mom smile too. I have both the trimmed photo, which rests peacefully in my scrapbook now, and the full magazine, which also includes a Trent Frayne article on Chicago Black Hawks coach Rudy Pilous.

Georges Laraque Wins, Hockey Forums Lose (At Least I Say They Lose)

I was reading a year-old Maclean’s magazine yesterday while waiting for my car, and there was an article about the NHL’s greatest fighters, with matchups of serious bruisers over the years and then the ultimate winner. They had Gordie Howe, Stu Grimson, Bob Probert, Stan Jonathan and about ten others, did an elimination thing, and in the end, Montreal’s Georges Laraque beat Bob Probert to win Best Fighter Ever in the NHL.


Isn’t that good? Bring ’em on, tough guys around the league. Big Georges is gonna kick you to kingdom come. And Saku and Tomas and the rest can now sleep just a little more soundly.


In other news:

I don’t know if you ever read these hockey forums where guys give their two cents worth and most are only worth one cent. It doesn’t matter what team site it is, they’re all the same. One guy on the Habs site, for example, will go on about how Bob Gainey has lost his mind, another will show how smart he is by listing a bunch of minor leaguers Bob should either bring up or deal; another will say he’s heard through a legitimate rumour that Mats Sundin is on his way to Vancouver. Etc, etc.


These guys are the absolute definitive armchair quarterbacks. And they get nasty if someone decides the other is full of it.


I’ve offered my two cents from time to time, but I think I come across as boring because I don’t make the outlandish predictions or use players’ nicknames like I know them personally.


I think I’ll stay away from these forums. They upset me.


Or I could just say that Mats Sundin has bought the Montreal Canadiens and will become player-coach, owner, and announcer, but can’t right now because he’s dating Madonna and it’s complicated because Madonna is a Rangers fan that stems from her old relationship with Mark Messier. (Was there a love-child?) And now A-Rod is on the warpath because he’s lost both his wife and Madonna, is now looking for Mats, and apparently Bob Cole and Britney Spears were seen dancing the tango at Spago’s in Hollywood, and the whole thing’s just a big mess.