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Vintage Me, Non-Vintage Lyla

Along with the usual health reasons for wanting to lose weight (17 pounds so far) was the fact that I wanted to fit into my jacket again.

This old Habs team jacket from the 1950s was owned by a Northern Ontario scout named Joe Delguidice, and now belongs to me. Team photos from back then show the trainers wearing them, Toe Blake would have his on during practices, and players like the Rocket and Beliveau would sometimes be photographed wearing theirs.

I had one of my kid sweaters from the late-’50s-early’60s for Lyla to wear, but it was too itchy for her. (I remember the feeling). So she’s wearing a non-itchy number from a few decades later.

Below, Toe and the trainers wearing the same type of jacket.



Merry Christmas From Us

habs card 15

Lucy and I, and of course baby Lyla, wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

And we mean it too.


Big thanks to Ed Wolk in Ottawa for creating the Christmas card at the top, using a metal player from a table hockey game.

As for Lyla, Lucy and I are legal guardians, trying to give this little beauty a good, solid life. And down the road maybe she can smuggle in beer for me at the nursing home.

Lyla’s One!

Lyla's 1st

Today Lyla’s a year old, and we couldn’t be prouder.

At this point, along with taking a few steps, she can say “hi, bye, up, cheese, and mama” and I might have also heard “Nice heads-up play by Markov” but I’m not 100% sure about that one.

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.

My New Old Mitts

Lyla 2

I read somewhere that’s it’s a certain gene in one’s DNA that makes you want to collect things. Either you have it or you don’t. I have it.

I’m happy to have it, although I’m not interested in modern day stuff. And although I feel that collecting isn’t as important as being a doctor or Habs stick boy, it’s better than shooting crystal meth or hacking computers or any number of things that aren’t good at all and you can’t put on your shelf and look at.

The mitts above are from the 1950s, and if you have the gene you might like them. If not, your life is an empty and meaningless shell and probably isn’t worth living.

Just darn fine mitts and they look great on my shelf. But I also thought that showing a beautiful model wearing them would be good. And it was easy to find a beautiful model.

Lyla 1


Baby Lyla


She’s the reason Lucy and I cut short our stay in Montreal and headed back to Powell River.

It was 17 round trips between Powell River and Victoria (4 1/2 hours each way, with 34 ferry rides) to get this done, and it was just the other day she finally moved to our home.

This beautiful little girl is Lyla, who just turned seven months. She likes to eat and sleep and read about Rocket Richard.

And yes, in our mid-60s we’re slightly old to be doing this but we don’t mind. We love her with all our heart.