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Doing The Right Thing With Luke Schenn

A couple of weeks ago I was very hard on young Leafs defenceman Luke Schenn Shocking Admission from Luke Schenn because he had no idea about the Beatles and couldn’t even name any of them. I was quite upset about this.

But lately I’ve been doing some re-thinking, and I’ve decided I feel terrible about this. He’s young. He’s a Toronto Maple Leaf. Not everyone must know the names of the Beatles. And because I feel bad about the way I treated this young Leaf, I’ve decided to just fill him in a little bit about this band that was so many years ago.

The names of the Beatles, Luke, are John, Frank, George, and Curly. They came out of Liverpool in the early 1960’s, originally as a polka band, but when they saw how young people there were enjoying Elvis and Lawrence Welk and the rest, they changed directions and started playing  louder accordian and guitar stuff at Moose Lodge’s in and around Liverpool, going by the name of Curly and the Three Guys.

The band broke in America after they sang the national anthem at Madison Square Gardens before a Rangers-Canadiens tilt, and Rangers fans squealed with delight at the sight of Curly and the others being silly, yet hitting the high notes with funny Liverpudlian accents. Afterwards, the band promptly changed their name to the Beatles when they saw John Ferguson beat the daylights out of Harry Howell and admired the whole “beat” idea.

The Beatles (aka Curly and the Three Guys) split up in 1970 and went their own way. They’ve never been heard of since.

Hope this helps, Luke. I’ve been feeling quite bad lately about all this and I think I feel much better now.

Shocking Admission From Luke Schenn

luke_schenn_165x250I don’t know how to say this. Bear with me while I get myself together.

Luke Schenn has admitted recently that he doesn’t know the names of any of the Beatles. Schenn had taken in a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s “Love”, which is based on the music of the Beatles, playing at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Schenn was asked by an inquisitive reporter if he could name any of the Beatles. “No, not even close,” admitted the young Toronto Maple Leaf’s star.

How can this be? Or, the question is, do most 20 year’s old not know the names of the Beatles?

Say for the sake of argument that he’s never heard of George Harrison and Ringo Starr because he’s young.  But surely he’s heard the names Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Or maybe just Paul McCartney, because he’s still out there working. John was killed in 1980, nine years before Schenn was born, but you have to think that Schenn would’ve at least heard the name growing up.

I’m having a hard time with this.

I suppose there’s only one real explanation. He’s a Leaf.


Draft Day in the NHL. The Biggest Day Of The Year For Scouts: Montreal Grabs Alex Tanguay. Is Sundin Next?

It’s draft day in the NHL, in about three hours from now, and this post will carry on right through the day. I feel there’s no sense trying to predict who will go where because it’s always just a big guess. Lots of first rounders over the years have proved mediocre at best, and others, like Henrik Zetterberg, end up getting picked up in the hundreds.


So I’m just going to wait and see how it plays out. Gary Lupul told me once when he was scouting for the Canucks that this is the one day of the year when scouts get a chance to be stars.


The best thing about the draft is the general managers come relaxed, the stress on most of their faces is gone, and it’s always possible a really good swap could occur. I’m a bit mystified at this rumour of Pittsburgh moving Evgeny Malkin. Because unless the guy’s a major prick in the dressing room, why would the Penguins do this?

He turned it up last season when Sidney Crosby was out for a lengthy time injured. The team and the media have been raving about him all season. He just signed, or is about to sign, a contract worth more than Crosby’s.

It’s a mystery to me. All I can think of is that Malkin stunk in the playoffs. Or that it’s a completely false rumour.


It would be great if the Habs grabbed some kind of major star, even Marion Hossa. It showed in the playoffs that Montreal was missing a couple of final pieces of the puzzle, and maybe Bob Gainey can pull something off. If they would’ve made it to the Stanley Cup finals, there wasn’t a chance in hell that they would’ve beat Detroit. A top-notch power forward would be nice.



Montreal has been given permission by the Toronto Maple Leafs to speak to Mats Sundin. I don’t mind this at all. Sundin’s a tad old but he’d help the Habs.

This is something else that we’ll wait and see about.



Ottawa goalie Ray Emery cut loose. It’s going to be tough for him to land a job elsewhere, so he might want to think about applying at Scott Paper across the river in Gatineau. It pays a little over 20 bucks an hour.



A Russian team in the Continental League may or may not have offered Evgeny Malkin 12.5 million a year tax free to come and play. You see how oil can make some people over there very rich and can afford to make offers like this? If only these tycoons would throw some money to the old pensioners in Russia who are making about $50 a month and often sleeping in the streets, many of them old widows whose husbands died in the war. And over here, we’re paying a buck and a half a litre to help make people very rich.

That’s twice the money Malkin would make here. What will he do? 





Sarnia’s Steven Stamkos goes first to the Tampa Bay Lightening.

AND!   Montreal trades their 25th pick and a 2009 second round pick to Calgary for 28 year old Quebec boy Alex Tanguay. Tanguay’s a left winger, is 6’1, and also spent five years with the Colorado Avalanche before his two years in Calgary.

He’s a good, solid big leaguer (177 goals, 362 assists), and should be a big plus for the Habs. This is exciting. And Sundin’s a possibility too but may take a few days before we know.

Tanguay coming to Montreal has been a rumour for awhile now, long before the playoffs started, and now it’s happened.


The top ten picks went like this:

1. Tampa Bay – Steven Stamkos – forward

2. LA – Drew Daughty – Defence

3. Atlanta – Zach Bogosian – Defence

4. St. Louis – Alex Pieterangelo – Defence

5. Toronto – Luke Schenn – Defence

6. Columbus – Nikita Filatov – Forward

7. Nashville – Colin Wilson – Forward

8. Phoenix – Mikkel Boedker – Forward

9. Islanders – Josh Bailey – Forward

10. Vancouver – Cody Hodgson – Forward

And Chicago, with the eleventh pick, chose forward Kyle Beach who may or may not be a great pick. This guy has the potential to be an impact player, but has a history of being a major pain in the ass, especially off the ice. Will he be the next Sean Avery?



Wayne Gretzky got a nice standing ovasion from the Ottawa crowd when he got up to announce the Coyotes’ pick. (Mikkel Boedker)


Now it’s time to wait out the Mats Sundin, Montreal rumour. I’m hoping this happens.