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Happy Habby Wives

Of course Carey Price is playing much better. He’s married now. That’s what often happens.

Josh Gorges scored a goal in Vancouver. He got married this summer too.

Women are amazing and mysterious creatures. They turn four walls into a home just by adding a couple of flowers and a table. They help struggling hockey-playing husbands find their game. They open up the fridge door, pull out a carrot and a jar of relish, and half an hour later there’s a gourmet meal sitting there.

Unless your wife’s a lousy cook of course. In that case, disregard the last sentence.

Habs wives need to be happy and comfortable. If the Canadiens have the happiest wives and girlfriends, the team wins the Stanley Cup. That’s how it works and in my next life when I’m smart I’ll go to university and do a thesis on this very subject.

Look at the picture below. That’s Ken Mosdell, Boom Boom Geoffrion, and the Rocket, happy as can be with their really happy wives. Except for maybe Boomer. What’s wrong, Boomer? (Maybe they told him to stop singing).

Habs and wives