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Canadiens Conquer Kings


They’ve been mediocre at best lately, but they’ve still been winning just about every night.

We’ll take that, I guess.

Tonight they not only won again, but they were also quite excellent, at least in my tired, old eyes, as the Habs proved too much for the great big L.A. Kings and their familiar goaltender, Peter Budai.

Another two points banked, to be withdrawn during desperate times.

A convincing 4-1 over the Californians, and the Montreal Canadiens roll along, even though we get mad at them.

We get mad at them and they’ve won their first nine games at home, four of five games in November, and sit 12-1-1 overall.

We’re a tough bunch. Hard to please. Harsh critics. Possibly a bit silly about the whole state of affairs. But we need that Cup contender. It’s only natural.

The Kings did try and make a game of it in the third period, beginning with an Anze Kopitar shot that Carey Price miraculously gloved, and what left the captain shaking his head. But it’s not the first time Price has left a shooter shaking his head, and it won’t be the last.

With Brendan Gallagher serving four minutes in the box for high sticking, the Kings narrowed things to 3-1, and we were mad at Gallagher.

But after Montreal’s penalty killers held on after Andrei Markov was sent to the sinbin for high sticking (which we were mad at him about), Alex Galchenyuk found the empty net and we were happy about that.

We were happy, except for hearing the news that Leonard Cohen had died during the evening.

Probably every time I’ve ever heard a Leonard Cohen song, I’ve wished I could put words together like that.

Random Notes:

The Canadiens were outshot 24-23, which is way better than having 40 shots sent their way, which has been the pattern lately.

Scoring for Montreal were Paul Byron, Daniel Carr, Phillip Danault (who was great on this night centering Max and Andrew Shaw), and Galchenyuk with his empty netter.

Chucky leads the team with 6 goals and 8 assists.

Next up – The Detroit Red Wings hit town.





Montreal Musings


It’s been almost three weeks in Montreal now, and I’m really wishing I owned a car with air conditioning.

Aside from trying to settle in, which is asking a lot considering we came from a sleepy and beautiful little town with not a whole lot of hustle bustle, Luci and I have done some Montreal touring. Toured and got lost. That’s what we do. We’re pros.

We spent some time in Old Montreal with Marjo, who was a delight. A lovely woman full of vim and vigour, who looks about twenty years younger than she is. It’s serious fun when I can finally meet someone from my blog. First Marjo and then Darth. Good people, these Habs fans. Fine Montrealers. I’ll bet they don’t tailgate like everybody else.

We walked through the Montreal Forum, which wasn’t a delight and wasn’t lovely. Unless you’re a fan of indoor malls with hockey mementos scattered about and ghosts of hockey past hovering in the ceiling, pulling their invisible hair out.

We walked the halls of the Bell Centre, and although the doors were locked, we can now say we’ve been there. In a boring and idiotic kind of way.

We took in some blues at Bistro a Jojo’s on Rue St. Denis, which was both a cool bar and a cool street. We walked along Ste. Catherines, spent an afternoon on club-filled Crescent St., (which I’d like to see on a Friday or Saturday night), drove up to Mount Royal and peered over part of the city, but the best view meant paying for parking and I’m tired of getting shafted so we pretended the view was there as we drove away.

We’ve been stuck in major traffic more than once, went to the Bell Complex in Brossard and watched Habs prospects teach kids at a hockey school, and found a Russian grocery store for Luci.

We’ve had people honk their horns at us, and after I almost ran over a guy on a bicycle, he yelled and swore at me and I yelled back, because I’m not going to take it anymore. Even if I did almost kill him and it was my fault. But I was lost and looking around, gawdammit.

It’s been great fun sometimes, and sometimes not. We feel we’re outsiders, not part of anything. Lost souls working on a new chapter. Hoping to become comfortable. A part of things. Become Montrealers, at least for now. Sharing the same city as did Leonard Cohen and Mordecai Richler, Toe Blake’s Tavern, and the Rocket and Morenz.

I just miss my cat and she misses me. But I’ll get her here, come hell or high St. Lawrence water.


A Few More Thoughts On The Opening Ceremonies

Aside from the problems I pointed out in the last post, I’d also like to add that much of the opening ceremonies at BC Place was really beautiful – the dancing, the amazing colours, the northern lights, Sarah McLaughlan, the fiddle players, the mountain rising and orange and red maple leafs falling, and KD Lang singing a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

And friends in St. Petersburg, Russia said it was beautiful from their end too.

I was proud to be a Canadian through all of this.

Claude Lemieux Sings Better Than Me. (And Probably You Too).


Claude Lemieux, that dirty-nosed, blue-collared, sometimes-scorer, sometimes diver/turtler scoundrel who toiled for the Montreal Canadiens from 1995 until1990 and was a big factor in them winning the Stanley Cup in 1986, has surprised the heck out of me.

Lemieux is one of three finalists in Battle of the Blades, the CBC show which pairs hockey players with professional figure skaters. (The other two are Stephane Richer and Craig Simpson).

But with Lemieux, he’s not only holding his own in all the figure skating moves with partner Shae-Lynn Bourne, but when it came time to decide on the music for his program on Sunday night, he skated to his own recording, and he sang beautifully. He did a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece ‘Hallelujah’, and old Claude, yes that one, the guy every player in the league wanted to jam a goalie stick up or down an orifice, was fantastic. Very smooth and silky.

Yes, that Claude Lemieux. Lemieux_Claude_Face_013

This episode hasn’t come on Youtube yet which is disappointing because I wanted to show you. Maybe down the road it will and I’ll put it on then.

Claude Lemieux – figure skater and singing sensation. And not once has he taken Richer or Simpson into the corner and kicked them in the groin.