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Habs Ice Caps

It wasn’t the most exciting game ever played, and hopefully many Caps fans took advantage of those seat specials featuring unlimited beer. The ones who didn’t probably feel ripped off, now that they’re slowly waking up..

Canadiens win a big road game, suddenly things are going swimmingly, and for the time being, happy days are here again. I know those L’Antichambre fellows on RDS are simply giddy in a big way after the big game. I wish I knew what they were talking about.

We can only imagine what the two previous years might have been like for the Canadiens if Andrei Markov would have been healthy and played full seasons instead of 7 games two years ago and 13 last year. Things might have been way different, the power play wouldn’t have been nearly so feeble, and who knows what might have happened in the spring. When we see Markov in control, we see one of the finest D-men in the league, and we need him on the ice, not in the infirmary.

As was the case two nights ago against Florida, the Habs came out on top 4-1 against the Caps, with Markov bulging the twine with the man advantage, as he had done twice against Florida. I say the obvious when I say we definitely don’t need another serious Markov injury. He’s the quarterback. He’s the guy helping Emelin and Diaz. He’s the guy getting it done while Mr. Subban sits at home not getting it done.

Carey Price was as solid as can be, again, and came withing just over two minutes of a well-earned shutout. We have to feel good about our goalie. It was obvious not much was going to get by him on this night, he was in full control, although Washington looked full marks for their poor start. They didn’t look quite as listless as the Habs against Toronto on opening night, but they were far from great. They might need some unlimited beer as well.

Random Notes:

Washington may not have been great, but they outshot the Canadiens 31-22. But Price was there, holding the fort.

Montreal was 2-5 on the power play.

The kids, Galchenyuk and Gallagher, were quiet but came up with a small handful of chances anyway. They’re getting their feet wet, and they’re doing just fine.

Ralphel Diaz, with five assists thus far, is the league’s leading d-man point-getter. Markov’s right behind with four points.

Next up – Sunday, when the New Jersey Devils show up at the Bell Centre.

The Leafs were leading the Islanders 3-1 after the first period tonight and ended up losing 7-4.

Jamie Benn has finally signed in Dallas for a reported five years, $26.25 million ($5.25 per year). Now we wonder about Subban again.