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Small Habs Aura Thought

If you hate the Habs, you might want to stop reading right about now. Although if you hate the Habs, you’re probably not on this page anyway.

Fans of teams in western Canada must really like it when the boys come to town. I’m pretty sure about that. I used to think it would bug the hell out of them with all the Canadiens sweaters in the crowd and loud cheers and such, but now I think these folks like it, even if they’re ashamed of themselves for liking it.

There’s a cool aura about the Habs, although many say otherwise. It comes up all the time about how the aura is gone. It’s hard to hear that. People who say this sort of thing aren’t taking our feelings into consideration.

This is the team many of these western fans’ moms or dads, aunts or uncles, grandmas or grandpas cheered for, and it doesn’t matter that they themselves grew up preferring Lanny McDonald or the Sedins, they’re screwed and they come by it naturally.

The Canadiens are in their bloodstream and unless they go to Switzerland and get a complete oil change like Keith Richards apparently did, there’s nothing they can do about it.

Of course they want their team to kick ass. But it’s a special visit anyway.




And The Winners Are………

Gaston has once again picked out of the fedora three winners of the Reebok gift packs, and they are; Mugsy (Teeth) O’Clanahan, c/o San Quentin Penitentiary; Dick (Diamond) Slaughter, c/o Sing Sing Penitentiary; and Ralph (Smiley) Shiv, c/o Leavenworth Penitentiary. Congratulations to Mugsy, Dick, and Ralph.

Not really.

The REAL winners are: Robin, Doug, and Danno.

Way to go, guys. Just email me at dlkane@shaw.ca with an address to send your stuff and we’ll get on that right away.

Thanks to Scotia Hockey Club for providing these gifts as part of their See Stanley With Lanny promotion. Whoever wins the big prize of four people going to the Finals game with Lanny McDonald is lucky indeed.

Here’s the haul for our three winners;


Win With Lanny, And Win Here Too!

There’s just a few days left, until the 21st of May, to get your entry in at See Stanley With Lanny and by doing so, you have a chance to win a trip for you and 3 friends to attend a Stanley Cup Final Game with the mustachioed one, Lanny McDonald. Each entry also gets your name in for the weekly draw of Reebok Hockey Stanley Cup prize packs, and in the home stretch of the playoffs, there will be daily prize packs to be won.

Not only that, I’ll choose at random three people who comment on my site, about any subject, and I’ll send them a prize pack compliments of Scotiabank. (And these prize packs are excellent. See below).

So prizes all over the place. Here, there, and everywhere. What a great world we live in!

Here’s a pic of the Stanley Cup Reebok gear packs that you can win, just by commenting on my blog, on any post, until the 21st.

If You Win, Please Grab Me A Program

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who has given away more quality NHL prizes than Scotiabank. Tickets to games, signed jerseys, a Stanley Cup game with Lanny McDonald. There’s just been a whole whack of them.

And you know a whole whack is a lot.

Now they’re doing it again. This time they’re giving away a grand prize of a VIP experience at the NHL All-Star game, along with weekly pairs of NHL tickets to games chosen by the winners.

Here’s the details from Scotiabank. It’s all about high fiving your team whenever they score.

We want Scotia Hockey fans to get show their love for their team. What we noticed throughout the playoffs last year is that our fan base is all over the map and hockey fans across Canada favour teams across the league. We’d like everyone to be able to show off their love for the team of their choice, uniting in an overall love for hockey.

How we’re doing this: We’re asking fans to enter the Scotiabank High Five Contest, signing into Facebook to virtually high five their team every time they score a goal. Check it out here – Facebook/All-Star Game

Why would anyone do this? Because the prizes are awesome, of course!

Each high five counts as an entry. What are fans entering to win? Tickets and a VIP experience at the NHL All Star Game! But that’s just the grand prize and only one person can win that. So we made it sweeter. Each high five also counts as an entry for a weekly pair of NHL tickets the fan’s game of choice.

One Last Shot To Take In A Game With Lanny

The grand prize of taking in a Stanley Cup final game with NHL Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald will be drawn on May 26th, so if you want to try and win this, just go here to Scotia Hockey Club’s Facebook page and give it a shot.

Good luck. Enjoy the mustache. And where will the prize take you – Vancouver? Boston? Tampa? San Jose? Soon it’ll be just two.


Shoot The Breeze With Lanny At A Final Game


 Scotiabank is embarking on a terrific contest with a sensational prize.

You can win tickets for you and 3 friends to a Stanley Cup® Final game with non-other than the dashing and stache-ing hockey legend Lanny McDonald. He’ll sit with you for the whole game and you can talk mustaches, horses, rural Alberta, team beer-drinking contests of which Lanny is an undisputed champion, or whatever.

You can even talk about the game which you’ll be at!
How great is that?

Enter from May 10 at 3pm to June 9 at 11:59pm. EST.
The grand prize will be awarded on May 26th.
Also, every day, a Stanley Cup® prize pack with Reebok NHL gear will be awarded to one participant (until June 9).
The grand prize includes hotel accommodation and spending money.

This is all going down on Scotiabank’s Facebook page starting at 3PM today (Tuesday) at Facebook Scotia Hockey Club
It’s a great prize and will be a wonderful night. Although Lanny played a part in the Flames beating Montreal in 1989 and I wasn’t happy about that at the time.

Lanny McDonald To Play Goal For The Leafs

lannyRetired superstar Lanny McDonald, who was a forward all his life, has been recruited by the Toronto Maple Leafs to play goal for them after GM Brian Burke realized that his existing goalies suck.

McDonald scored 500 goals and added 506 assists in 1111 games with three different teams, the Leafs, Colorado Rockies, and Calgary Flames, and is now 56 years old. McDonald currently makes his home just outside of Calgary and there’s no word whether he’ll be moving to Toronto permantly, or just temporarily. McDonald was the one who roamed the ice sporting a big honkin mustache, a giant of a thing that became his absolute trademark. Did you ever wonder why his wife would want to kiss him with that disgusting furball covering his mouth? And imagine all the relish and boogers that got stuck in there?

McDonald couldn’t be reached for comment but ………

Oh, wait a minute, I’ve just gotten word that the goalie will be Joey MacDonald, not Lanny McDonald.


Never mind.

Guest Writer Has His Say About Roy’s Sweater Being Raised

A guest writer delves into the ‘Patrick Roy’s sweater being retired’ saga. 


Take it away, Jim.


“Pro sports are sexy for a variety of reasons, but perhaps their most attractive quality is that they are so readily apprehended. Things are pretty straightforward, excluding the usual geeky obsession with stats – God bless The Schwab, a brilliant trivia geek, but frankly I have to agree with Noam Chomsky here when he says in effect that the brains of such people could be put to much better use.


A simple concept that I’m interested in touching on here is that of the relationship between team and player and championships. In all team sports, WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS is the ultimate goal, the ultimate measure not only of the team but of the individual player. Aguably, winning the Stanley Cup is the most demanding, most arduous, most difficult championship to capture, and being a member of a Stanley Cup championship team is the crown glory of any player. This simple fact is born out by the players themselves who to a man agree that they would trade any number of individual achievements, any amount of accolades just to win one cup – to my knowledge, no player has yet declared they preferred being a star to winning a cup.


In this respect, Lanny McDonald and Dave Andreychuk spring immediately to mind.


Are individual stats relevant?


Of course they are. For example, Marcel Dionne and Mike Gartner were great players and derserved to be in the Hall of Fame even though they did not win any cups. Conversely, many players such as Mario Tremblay and Rejean Houle, who won several cups with the Habs, do not, in my mind, belong in the Hall.


In other words, membership in the Hall is very much a function of individual accomplishments in the game, although inductees who have won cups are, I believe, a cut above those who did not – the single most significant yardstick for measuring the greatness of a player is how many cups he has won. Period.


However, being inducted into the Hall is not the same as having one’s sweater retired by le Canadien. The Habs are not only the greatest team of all time, they are one of the greatest sports teams of all time. What this means is quite simply that the standards and expectations that apply to other teams and their players are not applicable to the Habs.


My point re Roy? Winning a mere two cups hardly qualifies Patrick Roy to be placed in the company of greats such as Beliveau, the Richards, Cournoyer, Plante, Lafleur, – who each has great stats as well as multiple cups. Note that they are all Hall Of Famers, unlike Houle and Tremblay. And the argument that Roy single-handedly won the two cups and therefore merits special treatment not only flies in the face of the win-as-a-team/lose-as-a-team maxim but it is insulting to the great players on those cup teams – look ’em up!


It’s a cliche, which doesn’t mean it isn’t so, to say that teams only go as deep into the playoffs as their goalies take them. Of course goalies are crucial components on any cup-winning team, but this sure doesn’t lead to the conclusion that all cup-winning goalies should have their sweaters retired. But if we assume that Roy did literally win the cup by himself, then, applying the same logic, it’s reasonable to to assume that he therefore lost many more cups than he won. Hey, isn’t Price getting heat for ‘losing’ to the Flyers? Never mind the goalposts and poor shooting of the rest of the team. Hmmm, makes Roy a big choker rather than a big hero, n’est-ce pas?


Put him in the Hall, sure. Roy was a good goalie and he did have an impact on the game. But he definitely did NOT accomplish enough as a Canadien to warrant having his sweater retired. It’s a cynical marketing play that diverts attention from the fact that we have not won a cup in 15 years! And please, spare me the bs about the modern game and parity.  The Wings have won 3 in 11 years and could easily have won more and we’re supposed to be happy to make the playoffs. What a shameful betrayal of all the great Hab players and builders who triumphed regardless of the era in which they played. Hell, mug shots of Sammy Pollock and Scotty Bowman belong up there, not Roy’s sweater.


In Habland, cups first and persoanl stats a distant second – gotta luv Gainey and Harvey and Robinson and Savard, eh? And yes, the criteria that qualify a player of Hall of Fame induction do apply. As well, intangible considerations other than cup wins are also relevant.: leadership (suck it up, dig down, and play even better), charisma (Morenz, Richard, Beliveau, Lafleur), grit and determination (not a quitter among the sweaters up there now), loyalty (Roy? hmm..), et al.


Re Morenz, okay, I’ll be arbitrary here and say 3 cups is the minimum necessary to qualify to even be considered for having one’s sweater retired. I’ll also point out that Morenz, aka the Statford Streak, was called the Babe Ruth of hockey and as such he transcended the sport in much the same way Ruth did baseball, something that Patrick can not lay claim to. Morenz was a star whose brilliance far exceeded that of Roy. Also, unlike Roy, Morenz did not quit the Habs in the throes of a hissy fit over a chilish spat with a patently hostile and incompetent coach who would have clearly been turfed in favour of Roy. Morenz was a true Hab who died well before his time from an injury sustained while wearing the bleu, blanc, et rouge.


PS  No player will ever publicy say that other players do not deserve whatever honours team and league choose to bestow on them.