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The Art Of Brandy Saturley

Below, examples of the wonderful work of Canadian artist Brandy Saturley.

Canuck Days

Desaturated Cherry

Goalie’s Mask: Red, White, and Dryden. This piece is displayed, along side one of Ken Dryden’s masks, in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, with prints available at Goalie’s Mask. Proceeds go to The Hall.

Death of a Rookie (Rise of a Hero)

Saint Kanata

Keep On Dreamin’ In The Free World

Poppies For Louise

Plante Rises

Snowboarding Medal For Canada!

Mike Robertson of Canmore, Alberta has won Canada’s fourth medal, a silver in snowboarding.

Pretty soon I’m going to need a calculator to keep track of all the medals the Canadian Olympians are going to win.

I know Canmore pretty well. For a few years I drove tractor-trailer once a week out of Calgary to Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and various little places nearby, delivering groceries into stores and hotels for a company called Associated Grocers. Every day would be a different part of central and southern Alberta for me.

The work was way too hard.

But Canmore is really beautiful, kind of a working-class Banff.

Hurray for Mike Robertson. Snowboarding is a sport I’ve never done and chances are never will now. Anyway, I have to concentrate on being a gymnast¬†and full-contact curler and probably don’t have the time.