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Pure Prairie Sailing

Canadiens won 3-1 in Carolina on Monday night, with goals from Jiri Sekac, Lars Eller, and Max Pacioretty. Max now has 14 in 36 games, which, over 82 games, would amount to……………….quite a bit. More than 30. (You thought I was going to do the math?)

A few things to note:

Lucy, Teesha, and I went from Kenora to Moose Jaw today (860 km), and it’s a tad chilly. Down around minus-25 all day, and -35 or -40 during the night. The car windows never truly cleared all day.

But the roads are dry, which is all I care about. And the price of gas is around 90 cents a litre right now, which is also cool.

I know it’s not nearly over, but so far this drive. that began in Montreal, has been, aside from the three hour snowstorm from the Soo to Wawa, dry roads and smooth sailing. But Calgary tomorrow, then through the Rockies the next day, and who knows what’s in store? Maybe we’ll see a sasquatch.

Moose Jaw TV showed the Winnipeg-Minnesota game and the Canada-Finland World Junior game, but no Habs, which brings to me to the big question. When I reach the coast and am phoning around about getting cable connected, what’s the best option for seeing the Canadiens?

This paragraph is about Teesha the Wonder Cat. Two weeks ago she was near death. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat, couldn’t move. Now I feel she’s at about 70% overall. Her walking isn’t great and she won’t drink water voluntarily, but other than that, she’s doing great and we’re mighty proud of her.

Tomorrow we stay with my son Rory in Calgary. Then it’s Banff, Lake Louise, Golden, Rogers Pass, and Kamloops, but only if the weather cooperates. After that, Vancouver, then up coast.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Right now I’m only concerned about the car starting in the morning.



Crisp Kenora

Blue sky, sunny day, and dry roads meant taking advantage of the situation. So we drove 948 km. from Wawa to Kenora.

Awesome drive. But we didn’t see any moose, which disappointed me. However, if the roads are as nice tomorrow as they were today, we might not see moose but we’ll see Moose Jaw.

A bit of a slight chill in the air here in Kenora, -28 in fact. (-36 with the wind chill).

Prairies coming up.

Below, Teesha the cat.


Naming Names

Dishonest John in Kenora was recently given a signed Habs t-shirt from his niece Megan, who is a friend of Ryan White, and DJ sat down to decipher the tough signatures. He got most of them, and I’ve added a couple after comparing players’ autographs on eBay. But we’re stuck on two.

I’ve broken it down into sections, and you can also double click the large photo to see more clearly. But the bottom line is, I wish these guys wouldn’t scribble.

In the first square below, DJ has it as Ryan White #53 at the top left, Lars Eller #81 below White, PK Subban #76 above and to the right of Eller, and Travis Moen #32 above Subban. Rene Bourque # 27 is below Eller, and I think it’s Michael Blunden #45 between White and Bourque. The one beside Bourque, which looks like “Hefir” is a puzzle.

Below, I think it’s Tomas Plekanec at the top, although there’s no number. Dishonest John has #30 Peter Budaj below that, Yannick Weber #68 to the right of Budaj, and Erik Cole #72 at the bottom.

From comparing on eBay, I believe the square below sees #51 David Desharnais, and Brian Gionta under him with the big swooping letters.

The bottom pic has Alexei Emelin #74 (you can also tell by the Russian signature), Carey Price #31 below Emelin, Max Pacioretty #67 to the right of Price, Josh Gorges below Max, and Scott Gomez at the very bottom. But the guy above Gomez is a mystery. It looks like #51, but it’s not Desharnais.

So I think it’s down to two we can’t figure out – the guy above Gomez at the bottom, and the name that looks like Hefir. If anyone has any ideas, both Dishonest John and myself would really like to know.