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Breakfast Of Champions

With my busy life I need to start my day right. That’s why I go for Rocket Flakes and a couple of DK Really Freaking Strong Beers. It’s a filling, nutritious and delicious combination, packed with seven essential nutrients and 40% alcohol content, and it gets me ready to greet the day with a big smile on my face.

Yes folks, Rocket Flakes and DKRFSB. Do your body, and your mind, a favour.

Cue the jingle:

“Rocket Flakes tastes really good,
Packed with vitamins, as it should.
Forget the milk, just add Kane’s beer,
You’ll be a breakfast pioneer.
Rocket Flakes, Rocket Flakes, Rocket Flakes.”

Flakes and beer. Now that’s a power play!


Aah, The Cool, Sparkling Taste Of DKRSFB

Please see previous post regarding the neccessary steps we must take to stop the madness in Montreal, which means not drinking Molson’s beer.

And if you decide to drink the beer shown below, I hereby take no responsibility for blindness or any other infliction which could occur after swallowing the contents of two bottles or more, and am in no way responsible for bills presented from anyone living in a mental institution of any sort after drinking said beer. The label gives proper warning, so that lets me off the hook.