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R.I.P. Dollard

A little late getting to this but I’ve been tied up, and not in that good way.

Winner of four Stanley Cups with the Canadiens, including three during that magnificent late-’50s run by the team, defenceman Dollard St. Laurent has passed away at age 85.

St. Laurent, who wore the CH from 1951-52 until 1957-58 before moving to the Chicago Black Hawks, leaves us just after our Canadiens family said goodbye to Elmer Lach, Claude Ruel, Jean Beliveau, Gilles Tremblay, and Carol Vadnais.

Not a good time as far losing great Habs go. But I’m thinking a Stanley Cup this year in their name will help with the healing.

Below, a picture from an old Hockey Pictorial magazine, showing a fine intersection in Hull, Quebec, back in the late ’50s.

And below that, Dollard on the far right, and to his right Boom Boom Geoffrion, Cardinal Leger, Maurice Richard, Butch Bouchard, and what appears to be John McCormack.






Nice Old Set

The title sounds like I’m talking about Sophia Loren.

I have the majority of the 1954-55 Parkhurst set in various conditions ranging from good to excellent, which is a ways down from near mint and mint, but still pretty darn good. The 100 cards were from the Original Six teams, plus some action shots.

This is a nice set to have, considering kids back then didn’t really collect cards, but instead threw them against buildings, playing closest to the wall. They (we) also put them in bicycle spokes and created a nice sound as the wheels turned and cards got destroyed.

Below are the complete Habs, which include, in order, Gerry McNeil, Dickie Moore, Jean Beliveau, Eddie Mazur, Bert Olmstead, Butch Bouchard, Maurice Richard, Boom Boom Geofrrion, John McCormack, Tom Johnson, Calum Mackay, Ken Mosdell, Paul Masnick, Doug Harvey, and Floyd Curry.

John McCormack Is A Bit Scuffed Up

Not exactly a household name, nonetheless, John McCormack played 164 regular season games for the Montreal Canadiens and got himself a Stanley Cup with the bleu, blanc et rouge. He also managed to get his own Bee Hive photo, which I just found recently.

Yes it’s a little scuffed up and has two tiny staple holes in it, but it’s quite rare as are all Bee Hives that feature players most have never heard of. Kids everywhere were sending in their Bee Hive labels for their free pictures of the Rocket and Beliveau and other stars around the league, but no one wanted the non-stars like McCormack, thus making these Bee Hives much more rare and valuable than the stars.

Of the 77 Group 2 Beehive Habs pics, (1944-64), I have 68 of them, only missing Tod Campeau, Murph Chamberlain, Gerry Couture, Ed Dorohoy, John Hanna, Vern Kaiser, Frank King, Ross Lowe, and George Robertson. I expect it to take me a few years but I’ll find them. Maybe.