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Those Bruins Bastards

You don’t hate the Boston Bruins more than I do. Looking at them hurts my eyes. Messes with my mind and mood. If they’re about to go all the way, I might walk on nails, get my chest hairs ripped out with duct tape, and visit the dentist, all around game time of the final night.

But I sure respect what they’re doing right now. At this writing, it’s 5-1 Bruins in the third period of game two. Boston also won the first, with both games on the road. They’re playing like they can win it all. They’re shutting the Pens down. They’re tough and disciplined and everyone seems to be on the same page.

It hurts me to write that.

This is what the Canadiens have to become. Tough, with scorers scoring. With a goaltender to be relied upon. With a strong defence. With a few more bigger bodies.

What a novelty act the Bruins have going. Everyone playing well at the same time. I’m not used to that as a Habs fan.

And as much as I despise the Bruins, Matt Cooke plays for Pittsburgh. So what’s a neutral fan to do?

Pittsburgh isn’t exactly on my wish list. And they’re in deep trouble, even though they finished head and shoulders above everyone else in the east during the regular season, with 72 points, nine more than the second-place Habs.

They were unstoppable. They grabbed Jerome Iginla and Brenden Morrow to join Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. They enjoyed a 15-game winning streak late in the season. They were a machine.

And the Bruins are killing them.

Boston was nothing to write home about during the regular season, ending up with one point less than Montreal and showing little of what we’ve become accustomed to in the past few years. Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand, and Zdeno Chara were only heavy winds instead of gale force hurricanes. It was like the Bruins in general had seen better days.

But this team obviously knew what they’re doing, and even though the Habs finished ahead of them, they weren’t about to concede anything. The playoffs are a different animal, and the Bruins seem to have it figured out.

Most of them only made it to grade three, but they’ve got the playoffs figured out.




It’s been a few days now since Sidney Crosby took a puck in the face in which he lost some teeth and had his jaw broken, and I’ve been thinking about it a fair amount since it happened.

For one thing, with a couple of chicklets nestled on his jersey and the painful look on his face, it’s living proof that pucks are hard. It certainly must have hurt like hell, especially after the freezing wore off.

And I thought, this is a fellow with some truly bad luck, who had missed much of last season due to concussion, and he comes back fully recovered and in fine form, and then this happens. Is this payback from an evil clothes dryer he used to shoot at?

It also occurred to me that the Penguins signed Iginla and the other guys just in time, and I figured they’ve almost come out smelling like roses aside from the fact they’ve just lost probably the best player on the planet.

It then went through my head how this could be good for the Habs, as Crosby may not be 100% if and when the Canadiens meet the Penguins at some point in the post-season. How long does it take to recover from eating liquids for a month? I just hope concussion issues don’t arise from this. This is a fellow human being we’re talking about.

The best player in the world needs to play, and if Montreal is going to win it, I want them to win it with Crosby healthy. The Canadiens rolled through both him and Ovechkin in the 2010 playoffs, and this year the possibilities are endless, no matter who it is they go up against. And I don’t wish serious harm on anyone, although I guess seeing Matt Cooke run over by a souped-up zamboni might be kind of fun.

Hopefully, Sid’s healing goes well and he’s back in shipshape form sooner than later. The league needs him, he’s a class act, and that’s enough bad luck for a guy who grew up a Habs fan.









Canada Clips Yanks

Team Canada edged the U.S. 2-1 today and now hold a perfect 3 wins and no losses, while the Americans have put themselves in a bit of a pickle and must beat Slovakia tomorrow to stay alive. So at this moment, it’s good to be a Canadian.

Not so good for me personally though, was the lack of fire from Alex Galchenyuk. Galchenyuk was mostly quiet throughout, although he did earn an assist on the lone American goal. But as a Habs fan, I want the young fellow to dominate this tournament the way Jerome Iginla did in 1996, or Evgeny Malkin in 2006, or Brad Marchand most recently with the U17 ladies squad.

Galchenyuk for the most part was just an ordinary player against the Canadians. Not what I’d expected or hoped for. This wasn’t Guy Lafleur with the Quebec Remparts. It was more like Boris Borzakovsky with the Minsk Marauders.

But Canada won, and this is great if you’re a Canadian like me. So on one hand I’m ecstatic. On the other, a little disappointed.

Next up for Canada – Monday against the Russians, while Galchenyuk and his U.S. gang take on Slovakia.

Keep it going, Canada. Smarten up, Galchenyuk.


Iginla Brings Glad Tidings

Just so you’re clear on why I sometimes promote a Scotiabank contest on this blog, it’s because they’ve given me tons of prizes over the years, which I’ve turned around and given to many of you after I picked your names out of my fedora. And because I’ve been able to do that, I certainly don’t mind putting something like this up for them.

But it has to be a nice hockey touch, and I think this is. (Geez, Jerome Iginla would’ve looked good in a Habs jersey. But anyway).

Here’s the video. A lucky lady gets help with her mortgage, with a $25,000 cheque being delivered by Iginla, who is Scotiabank’s hockey ambassador. She had followed Scotiabank’s Mortgage-Free Faster tips, and it paid off.

You can enter to win a $25,000 pre-payment towards your Scotiabank mortgage or $10,000 cash, right here – Mortgage-Free Faster Contest

Habs Flunk Against Flames

As bad as the Habs played, they came close. How’s that for lavishing thick praise on the team.

It became a 5-4 Calgary victory, and for those who went to bed early, all I can say is, you lucky bastards. The two and a half hours I could’ve spent picking my toenails or dreaming about 72 vestal virgins, and instead I see a comedy of errors in a game where both goalies were far from wonderful, all of the Canadiens were far from wonderful, and although the boys scored four times, it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.

The Canadiens stunk in the first period, outshot 18-9, and fell behind 2-0 before Tomas Plekanec scored a power play marker with 4 seconds left in the period. Okay, I thought, they got out of the period down by one, and they’ll talk it over in the room and feel guilty and try harder in the second.

Didn’t happen, even though Max Pacioretty tied it when his weak shot handcuffed Miikka Kiprusoff. The Flames would make it 3-2, then 4-2 when Lars Eller took a late goalie interference penalty when the whistle was about to blow on a Flames penalty. The camera zoomed in on Randy Cunneyworth, and I could read his lips. “&^#^$ stupid,” he said, and he wasn’t talking about the referee.

The lousy night at the Saddledome continued when Carey Price put the puck on a Flames stick and it became 5-2, and I was so envious of folks who were blissfully sleeping at this point.

Eventually, the Canadiens, as I said, would make it close. Lars Eller bulged the twine, and Max got another, but that was that. Goodnight Irene.

Another loss in Calgary – Montreal hasn’t won there since 2002, and I’m not sad or angry or feel much of anything. Just jealous of those who didn’t see it, that’s all.

Random Notes:

Jerome Iginla is such a great player. Would’ve made a fine Montreal Canadien.

Shots on goal Calgary 34, visitors 28.

Next game – Thursday in Edmonton. Oh, if only Scott Gomez was here to help us.

Iginla, Heatley and Troops Thump Norway


The guy in the picture with the sign was at the World Juniors too. Do you think we’ll see him at every Canadian game? And if so, how did he get those tickets?

It took a bit, after going to the dressing room tied at zero after one period. But things began to come together for the Canadians in the second with goals by Jerome Iginla, Dany Heatley, and Mike Richards, and soon it was all Canada against an outmatched Norwegian squad who could do nothing about it. And in the end, the scoreboard read 8-0 after Ryan Getzlaf, Heatley again, Iginla with his second, Corey Price, and Iginla again with his third, capped it off for Canada.

 I’d like to announce here and now that I predicted the score. My wife asked before the game how I thought it would go, and I said 8-0 Canada. I know, I know, I sound like Don Cherry. But it’s true!

Seriously. I feel like Kreskin.

It was a slow start and strong finish for Canada. Next it’s Switzerland, with Habs connection Mark Streit, even though he hasn’t played for Montreal for two years. Any Habs fan will know what I mean.

Iginla Scraps Rumour About Challenging Habs Bench

Story in the Calgary Sun

By Randy Sportak

MONTREAL — Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla denied having challenged the whole Montreal Canadiens bench during Tuesday night’s 1-0 win.

The red-hot rumour making the rounds on the Internet, and amongst the Montreal media, is that Iginla told Habs players in the heat of battle during what was at times a contentious game, “Anybody has a problem, see me any time.”

Former Flames defenceman Joel Bouchard, who was Iginla’s roommate in the early stages of their careers, was between the benches during the game and reportedly said on the RDS broadcast Iginla said he’ll take on all comers.

“No, no, no,” Iginla pleaded after yesterday’s practice. “I think he misheard that. I think I might have said Grats, not me.

“I said ‘Go see Grats.’ He’s the guy. He’s our big man. I think he misheard.”

“Grats” would be Flames enforcer Brian McGrattan.

In today’s rumour-driven world powered by the information superhighway, it’s possible Iginla’s denials are true.

However, it’s worth noting the Flames captain has been known to trash talk with the best of them.

He can scrap with the best of them, too, so he could back it up.

Iginla certainly wasn’t seen openly challenging the whole bench in the manner former Boston Bruins forward John Wensink did against the Minnesota North Stars, or ex-New York Rangers goalie Dan Cloutier did amidst a line brawl with the New York Islanders — after pummelling Tommy Salo.

“I don’t think too many want to see Grats is what I probably said and meant,” Iginla said. “But I didn’t say what they’re saying I said.”

Habs On A Mission, Iggy Pops Sheldon, And Pasquale Souray Serves It Up

edmontonIt’ll be several degrees below zero with a chance of snow this weekend in Edmonton, which means for Edmontonians, it might be the nicest weekend of the whole year.

Montreal’s in this self-described ‘City of Champions’ for an extremely important game (and it’s only the fifth of the season) because we’re now watching with baited breath to see how they respond after the Gruesome Groping on Griffith Way Wednesday night. For Habs fans, it’s all about the team playing better, seeing how Carey Price responds, and of course, winning.

For Edmonton fans, it’s all about setting up a posse to round up Calgary’s Jerome Iginla, who tripped and trampled upon Don Cherry’s boyfriend Sheldon Souray Thursday night.

And for Sheldon Souray, it’s all about mushrooms and pepperoni.

Habs On The Road. Bonding With The Blues

I’m only just now looking at the new schedule because I’ve been battling an eyeball situation, but I see that the Canadiens open up on the road, hitting Toronto, Buffalo, and then a three-city west coast swing which takes them to Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

This might just be what the doctor ordered. All the new faces in the lineup, bonding early rather than later with the old faces on a good old west coach swing. And they get away from the pressure cooker before the pressure cooker is even turned on.

In Calgary, the boys can go out and take in the Calgary Zoo. They can go to the monkey cage and maybe see what myself and a bunch of others saw. A monkey sat behind the glass, looked at us with big eyes, and proceeded to play with himself until his eyes got even bigger. Mothers shielded their kids and scurried off. Japanese tourists talked politely, maybe snapped a few pictures, and carried on in orderly fashion. 

I myself looked at the monkey with great admiration. Imagine all those eyes on you and you don’t even give a shit?

Something like this is invaluable. Scott Gomez and Mike Cammellari and the old and new of the team would have a good topic to bring up in the dressing room when the pressure gets umbearable. Everyone would laugh and loosen up, at the poor monkey’s expense.

In Vancouver, the guys can bond at the Yale Hotel, listening to the best blues in the city, and hoping not to get shot at when they go out on the darkened Granville Street afterwards. Tip to the players – call a cab beforehand and when it arrives, dive into it like you’re Michael Phelps and get the hell back to your hotel.

But the blues is heavenly. And on second thought, that area of Vancouver isn’t seedy and dangerous. Okay, maybe it is.

In Edmonton, the team can band together, old and new, by looking out their hotel window and seeing snow falling lazily from the sky. It’s early October in Edmonton. Almost winter.Very soon it’s going to get so cold you’d think Gary Bettman and Jim Balsillie had just met in an elevator. Or they can go en masse to the West Edmonton Mall at gawk at ladies in bikinis at the wave pool and whisper crude yet very funny remarks to each other that hurries up the bonding process.

Opening on the road is a way to find out if any of the new guys are easy card marks and a new and quick way to make extra money on the side. It’s a chance to find out about players on other teams from which the new guys came from. If Jerome Iginla really likes Michael Bolton or Celine Dion, this can be valuable trash talk on Saddledome ice.

Scoott Gomez can relate Sean Avery stories from New York. Maybe Avery walks old ladies across streets and tips hotel housekeepers. Brian Gionta might show a different side when he punches out the first guy who calls him Tom Thumb.

Very quickly the team will become very close from all these monkeys and snow and the blues. Then they go back for a six-game home stand where they’ll probably kick some serious ass.