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I’d Like To Thank My Parents

After a year in which he’s played a charming stripper blogger, a devoted husband and a goofy, underachieving cop ferry worker, Channing Tatum Dennis Kane has been named to a prominent pop culture honour: People’s “sexiest man alive.”

The Alabama Ontario-born actor blogger said his first thought on hearing the news was: “Y’all are messing with me.”

Known for his breakout role in the dance film Step Up  drama Gomez Sucks, as well as appearances in Stop-Loss, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Dear John Walmart and the Powell River beer store, Tatum Dennis had a busy slate in 2012.

He promoted the commercial release of three movies YouTube movies – the male stripper tale Magic Mike, romance film The Vow and the comedy remake 21 Jump Street. Gaston Typing, Gaston Tours Powell River, and The Secrets Behind The Rubik’s Cube. His upcoming releases include Foxcatcher and 10 Years. Gaston And Jack Schitt Take Hollywood, and Historic Gomez Goals.

Tatum Dennis joins past People honourees such as Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Along with Tatum, Dennis, People unveiled other contenders on its 2012 list, including country singer-songwriter Blake Shelton, South African double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius and actors Damien Lewis, Richard Gere, and Denzel Washington.

Room With A View

I’ve shown this before but a few things have been added so I thought I’d show it again. Hey, it’s a free country, right?

Welcome to my spare room. There’s a high concentration of 1950’s Habs stuff,  the sweaters in the case range from the thirties to the fifties, and you might even see Gaston and Jack Schitt somewhere along the line. Not that you’d want to see Gaston but anyway.

1944-45 Habs, game eight 1972 Summit Series ticket stub, and the Rocket and son Normand


Pretty Sure You’re Going To Have A Great Year

Happy New Year from me, Gaston, Jack Schitt, and Little Dennis.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose ten pounds. If I could just do this, I’d be able to see my shoes again. Another resolution is to win the lottery. Then there’s that plan to walk, just once, the 32 kilometers to work to see if I can do it.

Habs in Sunrise, Florida, not far from Miami, to take on the Panthers and hopefully continue their new and improved play seen in the last two games. Canada’s juniors play the USA at the same time, and although the Americans haven’t had a good tournament, I’m sure they’ll be pumped to play the Canadians.

So it’s a fine night of hockey coming up.

Monday is the Winter Classic between the Rangers and Flyers and they’re talking of mild weather in Philadelphia which could ruin the whole thing. That’s fine by me because I think the whole concept is stupid. Not only are these games at the mercy of Mother Nature, but you’ve got a rink in the middle of a ball park or football field, and the seating starts so far away that those in the first row need binoculars. Those in the upper reaches of the stands need Hubble space telescopes.

Something inside me is yearning for a great thaw on this day. Maybe I shouldn’t think this way. Maybe I’m just miserable. But I think these things are, like I said, stupid.

Once again, Happy New Year. Hope you don’t get the flu even once. And I looked into my crystal ball and saw that 2012 is going to be your best year in a long time. Every night will be like the night you and that special someone found yourself in the back of a Volkswagen van with Barry White crooning through the speakers.



Gaston Doesn’t Know Jack Schitt

This young fellow in the Habs uniform is Jack Schitt, the newest member of the Kane household. He’s from the 1950’s or 60’s or maybe even before, looks like he’s handmade, and right now he’s still trying to get comfortable.

What I’m concerned about is, Gaston doesn’t know Jack Schitt, doesn’t want to know Jack Schitt, and couldn’t care less about Jack Schitt.

I’m worried things could get ugly.