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Ian’s Weekly Stats

My friend Ian Cobb started sending these stats along last year, and they’re interesting because they give a nice overview of how we’re doing in general. As you can see, our goals against is what we’ve got going for us.


This is where we place in a 30 team league after 14 games played.
Total points-16. We are in 16th place. Last week 16 for 11th place.
Goals For—41. We are in 14th place. Last week 37 for 11th place.
Goals A—–31. We are in 3rd place. Last week 23 for 4th place.
Goals Diff +10. We are in 10th place. Last week +14 for 3rd place.
We are right in the middle of the pack. But our goals against is still amazing! Compared to the other 29 teams. And we can only get better as we get healthier!

Ian’s Weekly Report

30 teams in the league. Here is were we are today compared to last week.
Points……….59, For 4th place. Last week 57, for 4th place.
Goals For….139, For 3rd place. Last week 128, for 3rd place.
Goals A…….120, For 15th place. Last week 100, for 5th place.
Goals Diff… +19, For 4th place. Last week +29, for 3rd place.
Easy to see where the wheels have fallen off my friends!!!

Ian Checks In

Ian Cobb sends his weekly report and as you can see, we’ve regressed ever so slightly. But it’s still pretty darn good in my book.

30 teams in this league.
Points………..57, We are in 4th. Last week 55 for 3rd.
Goals For….128, We are in 6th. Last week 120 for 3rd.
Goals A…….100, We are in 5th. Last week 91 for 4th.
Goal Diff……+28, We are in 5th. Last week +29 for 3rd.

Ian’s Weekly Report

Once again, Ian in Belleville sends his weekly report. It’s been nothing but good news lately.

Here’s Ian:

“We are only 3 points behind Pittsburgh, we have a game in hand on them, and we play them on the 17th for top spot in the conference! Whood a thunk it?

Here is where we place in stats throughout the 30 team league.

Points………55, In 3rd place. Last week 49 points for 4th.
Goals For..120, In 3rd place. Last week 107 goals for 4th.
Goals A…….91, In 4th place. Last week 83 against for 4th.
Goals Diff..+29, In 3rd place. Last week +24 for 4th.

We have come a very long way back this year boys and girls.
We are watching the most riveting hockey played in Montreal in many years.”

Ian’s Weekly Report

From Belleville, home of the peewee baseball team we beat in a big tournament a couple of moons ago, here’s Ian with his latest update.

Weekly report on where we place in this 30 team race to the cup, compared to last week.
Points——49, We are in 4th place. Last week 4th place with 45.
Goals For-107, We are in 4th place. Last week 5th place with 98.
Goals A—–83, We are in 4th place. Last week 7th place with 77.
Goal Diff–+24, we are in 3rd place. Last week +21 for 5th place.
Therrien has this club getting better every week, we will peak at just the right time this year, and are going to make a great noise.
They have finally RISEN boys and girls!

Ian’s Weekly Report

Weekly report on how we are positioned in the 30-team league, opposed to last week.
Points—-45, We are in 4th place.. Last week 42 points for 3rd
Goals F—98, We are in 5th place. Last week 90 goals for 2nd.
Goals A—77, We are in 7th place. Last week 70 against for 8th.
Goal Diff+21, We are in 5th place.. Last week +20 Diff for 5th.
Points are very tight in the standings this year. Any team that goes on a short losing streak coulkd find themselves out of the playoffs. Including the Habs!

Ian’s Weekly Report

As is the case every week, Ian in Belleville checks in:

We are still hanging around on top, but Boston has games in hand and Pittsburgh is on fire, led by the Crosby Kid.
Here are the weekly stats where we sit in this 30 team league.
Points——42. We are in 3rd place. Last week 38 for 3rd place.
Goals F—-90. We are in 2nd place. Last week 84 for 5th place.
Goals A—-70. We are in 8th place. Last week 66 for 11th place.
Goals Diff+20. We are in 5th place. Last week +18 for 5th place.
We play both the Bruins and the Pens twice more this season. Sure hope when they play each other, it is not 3 point games. But it will surely go down to the wire for top seed.
Hope Prust and Bourque are back for the showdown against both Boston and the Pens. We are going to need all hands on deck.

Ian’s Weekly Report

Again, Ian Cobb in Belleville sends his weekly numbers update!

We are sure having a great time this year. And we owe it all to Geoff Molson for reacquiring his family’s famous franchise!
Only a Montrealer, deep with history, knows how it is suppose to be.
Here is where our team places in the 30 team league.
Points——–38, We are in 3rd place.. Last week 3rd place.
Goals F——-84, We are in 5th place.. Last week 5th place.
Goals A——-66, We are in 11th place.. Last week 11th place.
Goal Diff— +18, We are in 5th place.. Last week +15 for 3rd.
All the while remembering that Boston has 4 games in hand, that is a possible 8 points!

Ian’s Weekly Report

Once again, Ian in Belleville checks in:

What a week! The edge of my seat is worn shiny smooth!
Here is where our Hab’s place in the 30 team league this week, compared to last week.
Points…………..32, for 3rd place… Last week 26 for 2nd place.
Goals For………68, for 3rd place… Last week 52 for 8th place.
Goals Against……53, for 8th place… Last week 39 for 3rd place.
Goal Diff………+15, for 3rd place….Last year -14 for 29th place.

Ian’s Weekly Report

Boys and Girls! Is this team for real this year? Or will they fall off the rails.? What ever is going on in Mtl. these days, is for certain a lot of fun to watch.! But now we are on the road for 7 games out of the next 8.
Below is how much we have improved in all 3 categories over last week, in the 30 team league!
Total points—-26, for 2nd place. Last week 19, for 5th place.
Goals for——-52, for 8th place. Last week 40, for 10th place.
Goals against-39, for 3rd place. Last week 34, for 8th place.
I have been a little critical of some of Therrien’s moves, but I can no longer argue with his great results. Except to say that I think he is going to burn out Markov, or get him hurt, if he does not cut his time.