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Some Subban

Two P.K. things.

The first, sent by Ian Cobb, is what many hockey fans feel – that P.K. is only about P.K., not about the crest. And yes, I know it’s a business, I don’t need to hear it, but I believe the young fellow thinks he’s accomplished more than he actually has and is worth more than he really is. His time will come. Patience is a virtue.

If we’re going to draw a line in the sand, I’m sticking with Marc Bergevin on this. A couple more years and P.K’s ship will come in. He needs to sign, and he needs the crest on the front.


Subban’s Hyundai Hockey Helpers promo, sent over from Danno.

P.K. says in the piece that when he was a kid, all he wanted was to get in the game. I can’t add to that.