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Hockey Ladies Stir The Drink

Forget for a moment about suspensions and finger-biting and finger-taunting and stretchers during this Stanley Cup final.  Think for a bit about hockey wives, those beautiful creatures who keep the kids quiet during game-day naps, who have steaks or pasta ready in the afternoon, who listen as hubby goes on about how the coach doesn’t understand him.

The wives and girlfriends are the ones behind the scenes, playing a role almost as important as a linemate. Although Toe Blake might have disagreed.

These are beautiful Habs wives of one of the late 1950’s powerhouse teams that won five straight Stanley Cups. I”ve shown this picture before but it was smaller the last time and I’ve learned since how to make it bigger.

I love this picture. It was taken in the home of Maurice Richard, with many of the wives and girfriends obviously together to watch a game. Lucille Richard, wife of the Rocket, is in the white blouse, fourth from the left. The game looks tense.