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R.I.P. Dollard

A little late getting to this but I’ve been tied up, and not in that good way.

Winner of four Stanley Cups with the Canadiens, including three during that magnificent late-’50s run by the team, defenceman Dollard St. Laurent has passed away at age 85.

St. Laurent, who wore the CH from 1951-52 until 1957-58 before moving to the Chicago Black Hawks, leaves us just after our Canadiens family said goodbye to Elmer Lach, Claude Ruel, Jean Beliveau, Gilles Tremblay, and Carol Vadnais.

Not a good time as far losing great Habs go. But I’m thinking a Stanley Cup this year in their name will help with the healing.

Below, a picture from an old Hockey Pictorial magazine, showing a fine intersection in Hull, Quebec, back in the late ’50s.

And below that, Dollard on the far right, and to his right Boom Boom Geoffrion, Cardinal Leger, Maurice Richard, Butch Bouchard, and what appears to be John McCormack.






Habbing Hot Fun In The Summer

Early 1960’s article in Hockey Pictorial, asking members of the Montreal Canadiens how they planned on spending their summer.

Terry Harper was going on a western tour for Molsons and the Canadiens, and bringing along the wife and kids. Terry was born and raised in Regina, so a western tour would have been right up his alley. Kind of a way of getting home and having Molsons pay the shot, I suppose.

John Ferguson was going to work in a Boys’ Detention Home in Nanaimo, BC, and if I was one of those boys in the home, I’d be very polite around the Mr. Ferguson. The last thing I’d want to do was make him upset. Fergie also plannned on playing some lacrosse while on Vancouver Island, and by all accounts, he was a great lacrosse player.

Ralph Backstrom was going to hang out at the resort he bought near Buckingham, Quebec, a nice little town not far from Ottawa and full of Irish, English, and French townsfolk, and Dave Balon thought he’d sell a little real estate and play golf. The way salaries are today, I’m pretty sure Balon wouldn’t have to worry about selling real estate if he was lacing them up now.

JC Tremblay and his wife were expecting a baby, as were the Claude Provosts. What, these guys had sex with their wives? If they played in Toronto, Punch Imlach would’ve been pissed because they weren’t concentrating on hockey.

Those Wild And Crazy Bobblehead Dolls. Or Whatever Their Name Is

I was going to be so insufferable about this. I was going to say, “What’s this about bobbleheads? They’re not bobbleheads, They’re, ah, mascots, or hockey dolls, or little hockey players in different uniforms with heads that bounce around. I had one when I was a kid that my dad had bought for me at Maple Leafs Gardens. And I have one now. I never thought of it as a bobblehead. That’s so….new. So modern. So….unhip.

Then I see this ad in a 1965 Hockey Pictorial, and they call it, yes indeed, a bobble-head, just below the heading of Mascot Figurines.

Boy, is my face red. (Although mascot figurines seems to be the official name. At least back then.)

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Tex Coulter: The Norman Rockwell of Hockey Artists

This print was painted by a fellow named Tex Coulter. He always signed his works simply as “Tex’ and much of his art was found in Maple Leaf Gardens calendars and on the covers of Hockey Pictorial and Blueline magazine in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. This piece on Jacques Plante and Tom Johnson is from a 1959-60 Gardens calendar.