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The Twitter And Facebook Thing

I don’t know what it is exactly. Maybe it’s my age, I’m not sure. But others my age do it and do it well, so I really don’t know.

I know it’s important in this day and age, especially for someone who maintains a blog like I do, to be active on Twitter and Facebook. I understand this, and as much as I know I should, I realize I’m just not good at it. I just can’t chat online like others can. It probably hurts my overall traffic numbers, but I accept this.

I’m not trying to make a living through my website, I’m doing it out of love and passion for hockey, life, and writing. I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t able to write on a constant basis. I’d be unhappy and unsettled. So I carry on without using Twitter and Facebook as an important part of my life.

Yes, you see my links to my posts on Twitter and Facebook every day, but it’s only because they go up automatically. It’s set up this way. But for me to chat with others, I find very difficult.

I read Hockey Inside Out every day and really enjoy it as folks discuss all things Habs. But I’m in the background, not able to contribute, because I’m uncomfortable and unsure. The few times I venture in, I always worry my words will be misconstrued and maybe I shouldn’t have said this or that. So I stay back because I feel it’s better that way.

Is it insecurity on my part? Probably. Certainly. And I wish it wasn’t.

Inconsequential Habs Report

I wasn’t able to be in Brossard today for the Habs’ on-ice drills, mainly because I’m 4912 km from there. So I missed Alex Galchenyuk do the Hurdy Gurdy on Peter Badaj. It reminded me so much of when I was…….never mind.

You can see young Galchenyuk undress Budaj at three basic places – TSN, Hockey Inside Out, and Darth. I chose Darth.  Galchenyuk shootout

Really, I have nothing more to say. You can read what went on in day 2 of training by people who were actually there, like Canadiens.com and Hockey Inside Out. I was way too far away.

The Vancouver Canucks held their training camp in Powell River back in the eighties and I see no reason why the Canadiens can’t hold their camp in Powell River some day. It’s just too hard to get to Brossard from the West Coast. I’m saying it isn’t fair. Hey Montreal citizens, we’ll let you have the Canucks at Brossard while the Habs come here. Change is good.

The wives are welcome too! I’ll make sure they’re comfortable while the boys are working out.

So it’s settled. Sometime in the next few years, Habs in Powell River, Canucks in Brossard. I’m excited! Thanks Montrealers.

I’ve Been Told

Something happened to me yesterday which I’ll admit has made me sad, because I meant no harm.

Only about once a year, maybe twice, I post a link to my site on Hockey Inside Out. I thought my little story about how players in the old days had to work during their summers was relevant to the HIO piece about the latest word on the lockout. I also do this hoping to introduce my blog to Habs fans who didn’t know it existed.

But soon after, this comment was sent to me, which in the end turned out to be a troll having fun at someone else’s expense.

“Sir, No offense, but we really don’t want you promoting your site on HIO anymore, it’s Not for that purpose.”

Like I said, rarely do I do this sort of thing, but I often read HIO and I see other links on there all the time. I wonder if the link police have sent them letters too.

The last time I posted there was about a year ago, but this person makes it sound like I flood the site constantly with my link. I know HIO is basically for chit chat, but I’ll admit here and now that I’m not able to join in. I find it awkward and uncomfortable to get my thoughts out in this format, and so although I read, I don’t join in. It’s basically the same for me on Twitter too. I’m just not good at it and I don’t know why.

The fellow I initially mentioned, and whose name I’ve deleted, is an innocent victim and I’m sorry all of this has happened. I don’t know why people troll. It’s quite a nasty thing to be doing.