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Nearing The Finish Line





It was Calgary to Chilliwack on this New Year’s Eve, definitely a major haul that saw us wind our way through the Rockies and beyond, and we’ll be in Powell River tomorrow afternoon.

Just an excellent trip that began on Christmas morning in Montreal, and aside from a snowstorm north of Sault Ste. Marie, near perfect weather all the way, which means we were incredibly lucky. It easily could’ve been horrendous, but it wasn’t.

It was nights spent in Pembroke, Sudbury, Wawa, Kenora, Moose Jaw, Calgary, and now Chilliwack, with cheap gas everywhere, including 79 cents a litre in Medicine Hat.

Nearly 5000 km in all, with a lot of lousy food, beautiful scenery, frigid prairies, a visit with my son in Calgary, a cat that never complained, and now the edge of the water just an hour away.

Missed a lot of hockey though. A couple of Habs games, several Team Canada World Juniors contests, and although we get back tomorrow, we won’t have internet or TV until Saturday so more games will be missed.

Missing things is the price paid for going on something slightly bigger than a Sunday drive.

Time to get cleaned up and find somewhere to eat and enjoy the last few hours of 2014. At this time I’d like to wish everyone a fantastic 2015. Hope it’s a happy year for you, with a serious lackĀ  of headaches and bullshit.

And imagine a Habs Stanley Cup in the spring!