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Hi Bert

HOFer Bert Olmstead played for the Habs from 1950 to 1958, and hoisted four Stanley Cups along the way. He’d also pick up another in 1962 when he was with the Leafs.

Bert was a solid, feisty, and smart player with definite leadership qualities. He was also a cantankerous, no-nonsense type of fellow off the ice, and probably not exactly a barrel of laughs at team Christmas parties. No lampshades on his head. The Boomer maybe, but not Bert.

About 15 years ago I was visiting my sister in Calgary and decided to phone him, because I knew he lived there and he was in the phone book.

It went like this:

Ring. Ring.

A lady, his wife I guess, answered the phone. “Hello?” she said.

“Hi” I answered. “Would Bert be there please?”

“Yes, one moment,” said the lady.

“HELLO” growled the voice, and I kind of got the feeling this might be a mistake.

“Hi Bert” I said. I’m old hockey fan, a Habs fan, and I just wondered if you might spend a couple of minutes telling me about those days when you played.”


He hung up on me.



Leo Loves His Team

This photo is like a real life version of Roch Carrier’s classic book ‘The Sweater’. I wonder if they all have number 9 on their backs.

The boy in the middle, in his street clothes, is Leo Brosseau. Leo grew up in Quebec in the 1930s and ’40s before moving west to Powell River to work in the mill and marry a local girl. He’s been here ever since.

He wasn’t able to play with his team for a while because of a broken arm so he became assistant coach to the coach/priest. That’s the priest in the back.

Leo is 84 now and long retired, he beat cancer after telling his doctors to shove their chemo, and for years has flown back to Montreal to see a game, sometimes more than once. And next February he’s off to Las Vegas to see his Habs clash with the Golden Knights!

Leo’s loved his team for almost 80 years. Another Stanley Cup would be nice.


Happy Christmas And New Year To You

Merry Christmas and a terrific 2017 to you.

It might be your best year ever. You could win the lottery! You’ll probably come first in a ‘Best Looking’ contest! The Habs could go all the way! (Or if you’re not a Habs fan, your team will almost win!)

There could even be peace on earth!
(Okay, maybe I shouldn’t get too carried away with the peace on earth thing).

Lots of good things will happen. You just have to believe.

Love from Lucy, Lyla, and me.

I Think It’s Good Anyway

Once again, for your possible reading enjoyment, some drawings from my grade two exercise book done at West Ward Public School in Orillia, and which I’ve managed to hold on to all these years.

Yes, some of you have seen some of this before, but I’ve added more this time, so that’s good right?

And as another added bonus, I include a photo of West Ward school in the process of burning to the ground in 1968.

But first things first, my art from grade two, lots of it, and which includes some Habs, a portrait of my teacher Mrs. Williams, along with Elvis Presley, which I spelled ‘Elive Prisie’.

If all this isn’t enticing, I don’t know what is.





















West Ward



The Tracker Rises

I don’t have the energy, or interest, to be an advanced stats type of guy.

Or maybe I’m just not smart enough. You should’ve seen my math marks in high school.

But I’ve got the S.H.I.T.S., with an added bonus this year – shots on goal!

As you can see, it’s been a dandy start to the 2015-16 season for Les Canadiens. Although you already know that.


And, as an added bonus…..last year to compare! Wow!


And, as another added bonus…..2013-14, when Peter Budaj was helping out!