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My New Old Mitts

Lyla 2

I read somewhere that’s it’s a certain gene in one’s DNA that makes you want to collect things. Either you have it or you don’t. I have it.

I’m happy to have it, although I’m not interested in modern day stuff. And although I feel that collecting isn’t as important as being a doctor or Habs stick boy, it’s better than shooting crystal meth or hacking computers or any number of things that aren’t good at all and you can’t put on your shelf and look at.

The mitts above are from the 1950s, and if you have the gene you might like them. If not, your life is an empty and meaningless shell and probably isn’t worth living.

Just darn fine mitts and they look great on my shelf. But I also thought that showing a beautiful model wearing them would be good. And it was easy to find a beautiful model.

Lyla 1


Once Again, The Canadiens……….

Bruins 2, Habs 1.

But enough about the game.


Random Notes:

Eight preseason games are about four too many in my book. I’m tired of seeing a dozen or so young guys and a small handful of regulars play in these contests. Four or five games, with about 12 prospects in the mix and not several dozen, is enough, at least for me. 

I’d rather see the majority of the real team get in some serious preseason action so they can gel properly. If fans are going to pay large amounts of money for tickets, parking, beer, and hotdogs, they deserve to have a reasonably fine product to watch.

The more games there are, the higher the chance of injury before the season even gets underway. It’s already a long season. Cut the preseason short, begin the regular season earlier, and have the parade down the streets of Montreal long before summer kicks in.

And while I’m in a complaining mood, I want to point out a very important thing.

Many of you know I’ve been campaigning for the last 48 years to be stick boy, and tonight showed a fine example of why they need me.

Brendan Gallagher, in the heat of action, lost or broke his stick and went to the bench to get another. He waited and waited as the action continued around him. There were four trainer/equipment guys standing behind the bench in their fine blue Habs jackets, and they were so slow to react to finding a stick for young Gallagher, that a player on the bench finally handed him his, which was too big but had to do at the time.

I’ve said many times that I would be lightning-fast in this regard, and the slowness of the trainers is unacceptable. Are you listening, Pierre Gauthier?

Next game – Thursday, the 29th, when Tampa Bay comes to town.