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19 Left

me typing

Regardless of how the Canadiens do in Anaheim tonight, I won’t be writing about it. And I won’t be writing about the other remaining 18 games either.

I’m shutting down my recaps for the year, as this most pathetic of all seasons winds down.

I’ll still post on here from time to time, but I’ve had it with the recaps.

Not Enough Yellow Lines

It’s tremendously complex and scientific, way beyond the realm of what professional statisticians would even think of attempting, and I wouldn’t show just anybody. But because you’re so darn nice, I thought I’d finally reveal my secret and let you in on how I track the Habs.

It’s a strict formula involving an in-depth program I like to call “a yellow line means a win and no yellow line means a loss.” As you can see, the yellow lines have a lot of non-yellow lines between them.

Yes, I know it’s a complicated way of doing things, but that’s me – Mr. Complication.