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Those Great Old Habs Jacket Crests

From my collection, three examples of Habs team jacket crests from days gone by, and all made with that cool chenille fabric. Although chenille is notorious for the colour running if washed or in heavy rain.

From the 1950s:

The early 1960s:

And unsure exactly about the era, but it’s a 1940s design with the top right coming up so high:

From Wikipedia:

The chenille yarn is manufactured by placing short lengths of yarn, called the “pile”, between two “core yarns” and then twisting the yarn together. The edges of these piles then stand at right angles to the yarn’s core, giving chenille both its softness and its characteristic look. Chenille will look different in one direction compared to another, as the fibers catch the light differently. Chenille can appear iridescent without actually using iridescent fibers. The yarn is commonly manufactured from cotton, but can also be made using acrylic, rayon and olefin.


Something For Their Walls


Bruins fans and Leaf fans and Senators fans and fans of other teams too, I know what you’re thinking  – that this is probably the nicest picture you’ve ever seen. You just don’t want to say it out loud to your friends and family.

But isn’t it nice?

Go ahead, print it up, put it in a frame, take down the Dogs Playing Poker picture that you’ve been so proud of, and put this up.

Make your house a home. Put up something classy. You don’t need the dogs.




I Won’t Be Eating My Cornflakes With This Spoon


Because this spoon (and I have another) is from the very early years of the Montreal Canadiens, probably within their first ten years or so of existance. You see somewhat similar crests on Habs sweaters from 1910-11 with the old English script, but this has a very slight variation to it.

Maybe Georges Vezina ate his cornflakes with one of these spoons.  But I won’t be. And I won’t be playing the spoons with these either, or heating up some hard-core drug with them. These spoons are living a very boring life.

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